Lindley Park Filling Station

I wouldn’t normally do this, but let me skip right to dessert. Lindley Park Filling Station has a delectable Tiger Brownie Sundae. It’s actually a chocolate chip blondie. It’s encrusted with toasted coconut, served warm with chocolate drizzle and cinnamon ice cream. What?? It is smack your Granny good. It’s reminiscent of the Girl Scout’s Caramel Delight a.k.a Samoa. Eye rolling fabulicious. Now that THAT’S out of the way, let’s talk about the rest of our meal.

The Filling Station is the sister restaurant to acclaimed Josephine’s. Many wonderful appetizers, salads, wraps and sandwiches abound. We showed up for a packed Sunday Brunch and were seated in less than 20. There are so many choices for burgers and sandwiches that it can be tough to decide. As my dining partners all chose brunch items, I decided to go with The Springwood which was hot pastrami with a spicy Dijon, Swiss cheese and marbled rye. I love a great deli sandwich and it hit the spot. Mr. Foodie got lip smacking Eggs and Hash with pulled pork, sweet potato and poached egg. Yum time! My sister loved her omelet with caramelized onions, bacon, ham, cheese and her hubby and son enjoyed the French toast with a pineapple raisin compote. The brunch menu items change often and they all look delish.

I’m thrilled that I got to test out this super hip place. The restaurant is open until 11 most nights with a happening bar that’s open until 1 am. And it’s situated at a intersection that has 3 other local places that deserve to be Foodied. So I’ll definitely be back in the neighborhood. Enjoy our “Foodie” shots!

Here’s the address and link:
Lindley Park Filling Station
2201 Walker Avenue
Greensboro, NC
Lindley Park Filling Station


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