Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes has become a staple in downtown Winston-Salem. Think Southern, a touch of New Orleans….Unique twists on some of your favorites revved up with what else? Sweet potatoes! Here you’ll find a wonderful selection off appetizers like fried green tomatoes and okra but these little beauties are served with a side of sweet potato aioli. Or you MUST try the Collard Green Dip, with its melted blue cheese and bacon. It’s so different and so amazingly good. On our most recent visit, we took the kids and they loved the chicken tenders, which weren’t on the menu, but suggested by our awesome, server, Jasper. The tenders were dusted in sweet potatoes flakes and fried and were lightly sweet but savory and crunchy outside and perfectly juicy inside. We decided to go all out and get them a side of candied sweet potatoes. Mr. Foodie ordered the Smothered Yard Bird, a pan fried chicken breast topped with country ham, Brie and gravy. And I decided to branch out and try Hoppin’-John with St. Peters Fish and Shrimp. I’m not that crazy about black eyed peas, but the Hoppin’-John risotto with my tilapia and shrimp was terrific and not at all heavy. Now, you cannot leave Sweet Potatoes without trying dessert. They are made in-house daily and if it’s on the menu you must order the Sweet Potato Pie. It’s perfectly balanced with spices and sweet potato. And the Bourbon Pecan Pie is stellar.

One of the things that’s so great about Sweet Potatoes is the staff is so welcoming and the food is so delicious and everyone is just so happy to be there. It’s an award-winning restaurant that the Triad should be proud to have. There’s nothing else like it for miles. They are open for lunch, dinner and Sunday brunch and have burger nights on Wednesday. They don’t take reservations and you may have to wait, but like all good things…well, you know.

Enjoy the beauty shots and check out their website for an inside peak.
Sweet Potatoes (well shut my mouth) a restaurant
529 North Trade Street, Winston-Salem, NC
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