Foodies Service Announcement

I swore my blog was not about food bashing, but Foodies, I owe you this solid.

We discovered a town in great need of locally owned restaurants and that is Beckley, WV, After many attempts, we discovered that anything with a good rap is closed on Sunday. SO because it was way past lunch and we wanted to get a salad and appetizer and get in and out we stopped at Applebees. I know a crime…for which I quickly lived to regret. Let me paint you a picture.

Waited several minutes for a table
Waited several minutes for server to greet us and take our drink order.
Mr. Foodie ordered unsweetened tea, she brings him sweet tea.
She took his tea away. He didn’t get a new tea until she came back 10 minutes later and said, “Do you need anything? Another drink? ”
Waited 36 minutes for our appetizer and salad. Even Kidlet said “Our food should’ve been here by now!”
Server did not return after she eventually replaced the tea until she brought food.
Food was just okay. Big shock….sigh.
Charged us for kid drink when it actually comes with the meal. We didn’t bother to argue the $1.
No manager came to speak with us though he did stop by to bring Kidlet #2 his toast. Yes, toast.
Kidlet #1’s Kraft Mac-n-cheese was overdone and sticky. It looked old. But she loved it. Whatever.
In the end we’d been better off with fast food. Taco Bell for 1/4 of the price. I hear the Cantina Bowls are great. Live and learn! I speak for the Foodies, bypass the Beckley Applebee’s.


2 thoughts on “Foodies Service Announcement

  1. Pam Black

    It was so great to see you last night! I totally agree with your choices of the best dishes – loved that first dessert. My husband said he’s still full today!


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