Full Kee Chinese Restaurant

For the first time, the foodies made an “official” visit to High Point….to re-visit a place we enjoyed a few years ago and decided that we had to share it with all the other foodies in the world.  Full Kee is not just Chinese, it’s GOURMET Chinese and it puts to shame just about any other Chinese restaurant, take-out or otherwise.  What happened on this visit, was nothing short of a November miracle.  My. Kidlets. Ate!  They ate the Pan Fried Pork Dumplings and some of the Shanghai Spring Roll.  Who wouldn’t, it looks so appetizing.


       See!! Eating!

Full Kee has many of the Chinese dishes you’ve come to love…Sesame Chicken, Moo Shu Chicken, Beef with Broccoli, Mongolian Beef, etc.  But I implore you to try some of Chef George Yu’s specialties like the Crispy Beef and especially, ESPECIALLY the Full Kee Shrimp.  It’s a combination of Philomena Shrimp, jumbo shrimp in a creamy white sauce (think that somewhat sweet seafood sauce you might like with your Hibachi) and Walnut Shrimp, jumbo shrimp in a sweet tomato, walnut sauce.  It’s served with broccoli and your choice of rice.  Fantastic and beautiful.

We also decided to get something a bit more traditional, something we love…General Tao’s Chicken. Sweet and a touch spicy.  It was perfect.

Now the kidlets (not ready to call them lil foodies, yet) saved room for their delicious Chicken Fried Rice.  It came in this beautiful metal wok with sautéed onions, shredded chicken and some veggies.  There was pretty much nothing left after we all dug in. They also helped themselves to some of our General Tao’s (they call it honey chicken).

    Isn’t it cute?

Full Kee has an elegant setting and bar, a full-service sit down restaurant with great lighting and authentic decor.  Owner, Chef Yu and his wife Sherry opened Full Kee 6 years ago.  They had a renowned restaurant in the heart of Washington, DC but after 9/11, things changed.  They found a restaurant space for sale and jumped at the chance to begin anew in High Point. Here’s Chef Yu visiting our table.  You’ll see him going from table to table AND cooking in the kitchen. I love it when they are cooking 🙂


Full Kee is scrumptious.  There are so many dishes to choose from, things you may have never seen before all in a more upscale setting. They are open for lunch and dinner Monday through Saturday and dinner only on Sunday.  They also cater if you are so inclined.  I can’t wait to go back and the good news is, I know my kids will eat. And that’s saying something.

Full Kee Chinese Restaurant

3793 Samet Drive #140, High Point, NC 27265

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