I really don’t know where to begin with this extraordinary restaurant except DELIGHTFUL. Truly exquisite sushi awaits you here. Now, I and my dining partners have only ordered sushi rolls and sushi for the most part though my little ones shared a plate of chicken hibachi and it was delicious. And my friend, Heather, said it was the best ginger dressing she had ever eaten. But, Foodies, I’m telling you the sushi at Mizu is nothing short of genius. It is everything it should be: fresh, beautiful, inventive, fresh, creative, outstanding. Did I mention fresh? And it’s so beautifully plated you almost hate to eat it. I really could go on and on. It is the kind of place you could easily pass by. It doesn’t have a traditional exterior because it’s in a strip mall on Robinhood Road, albeit it is in good company with Burke Street Pizza and River Birch Lodge and is across the street from The Fresh Market. Blink and you miss it. But boy will you miss it if you do. Some of the more notable rolls are the Mizu Eel Baguette, Amazing Tuna and Peacehaven Roll. If you want, ask for the Sean-rise Roll. They made it up on the spot based on our friend Sean’s request. And last I heard they were adding it to the special menu. It has salmon and tuna topped with very thin pieces of lemon. Amazing and fresh and different. Unlike many places that stuff their rolls with cream cheese (which is fine but I opt away from it in my sushi), Mizu really makes an effort to create very different and wonderful plates of fusion sushi that can suit the tastes of even the less adventurous. I’ll be making another stop there soon and I promise to upload pics. Until then you can catch a peek of what I mean by visiting their website: Mizu Japanese Restaurant

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