foodie b’eat: Keepers of the Tavern–A Look Inside The Tavern in Old Salem for CHOW at YES! Weekly

Tip of the week…heck, tip of the YEAR:

Let the chef just send out from the kitchen whatever he wants. You’ll be glad you did!

This could be the story about a new fun way to dine out called, “Let The Chef Send Out Whatever.” But actually it’s a look at all the happenings in this new era being ushered in by the owners of the Tavern in Old Salem.

But it is still a little bit about the chef sending out whatever. After a couple of very fun occasions dining out with friends, it’s become my new favorite way to go. Imagine four to five (or six or seven) plates of food among four to five people. It’s fun and you might just get to taste something you might have been apprehensive about otherwise.

We decided to go this route a couple of weeks ago at one restaurant and then a few nights later at The Tavern in Old Salem. Chef Jared Keiper has just rolled out a new menu and we were able to get a preview of creative dishes that highlight not only our local area but the heritage of the most historic area of Winston-Salem. First, some history. Read more at YES! Weekly here!


What say you, foodie?

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