Marozzi’s Pizzeria


So the microfoodies and my mom-in-law foodie were looking for a local place to eat that everyone would enjoy as we were leaving the Palladium Theatre in High Point. As you may know, that area is surrounded by lots of chains. But after a quick scan, we noticed a local pizzeria that was highly reviewed on Four Square so, I excitedly dragged everyone there. 🙂


Map of Italia...what else?

Map of USA AND Italia…what else?

Marozzi’s Pizzeria is down the street from a major Italian restaurant chain and hidden behind some other retail establishments. And it is facing The Palladium. So there’s you reference point. We simply wanted pizza so we walked up and ordered half cheese for the kidlets and half special for the grown-ups. They bring the order to your table. They have real NY Style and Sicilian pizza along with pasta, calzones & stromboli, heroes and salads. What more do you need?

Here’s the owner, Mike! And here is giving us a pizza show. He’s very nice so make sure you say “hello” when you visit and tell them you read about his pizzeria on triadfoodies!

IMG_6135    IMG_6148

The pizza was delicious. Crispy and slightly chewy crust, the cheese was melted perfectly on the kidlets side and the veggies were slightly al dente on the adult side. Both were great. I’ve said before that regular ol’ cheese is really my favorite pizza but the “specia”l side was very enjoyable and felt a little healthy since the veggies weren’t cooked to mush. Just forget about the pepperoni, right?

Omygoodness, doesn’t it look delicious???


microfoodie will eat pizza

microfoodie will eat pizza

Now, Marozzi’s probably owns the title of biggest single slices in the Triad. These things are enormous. I don’t have a picture of one because diners don’t like it when strangers ask to take pictures of their dinner. Go figure. But I did catch them making a 26-inch (26-inch!) pie. I’ve never seen a pizza that big. That’s what they make for their slices. You should see the box. I don’t know how it fits in someone’s car. 

IMG_6153 IMG_6154 IMG_6156  He has to fold it over to fit on the peel. HUGE!

So when you are surrounded by all those chains on Eastchester at Wendover, be sure to look around a bit, you might find hidden treasures that are owned locally, and you can get a “slice” that’s almost as big as a pizza. But just go ahead and order the whole thing, because you are going to want to take some of that home and have it for a midnight snack later. Marozzi’s also delivers if you live within their delivery area and catering is available.
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