Willow’s Bistro

IMG_4487Hi, foodies! Long time no blog. I’ve been spending a lot of time with Competition Dining’s Fire in the Triad and just generally very busy with kidlets out of school and some travel so I’ve not had a lot of time to chronicle our culinary adventures…but we HAVE had them (you know it’s been a while when you have 84 pics to transfer to your gallery…mercy!). So here’s the first in quite a few snippets of places we’ve dined and loved….and this one was all about brunch…with just Mr. foodie and me. We love our kidlets, but as a couple with a couple kids, one of our greatest luxuries is having brunch on a Sunday all by our lil selves. And this was at Willow’s Bistro.

Now one thing triadfoodies loves to do is let you know about places that maybe you haven’t heard of. Today likely isn’t it. You’ve probably heard of Willow’s and the place was packed out so lots of people love it obviously. I’m glad to have finally had the chance to go because I LOVE Will Kingery’s other downtown restaurant, King’s Crab Shack (see previous post here). I’m telling you, King’s has the BEST lobster roll. Ever.

The old depot location that houses Willow’s maintains that vintage charm that was a part of earlier establishments that called the address home. It’s small and casually intimate. Perfect with friends or on a date. There were no available tables when we arrived so we took a table on their front porch which has ample cover with a roof, umbrellas and ceiling fans. A great al fresco ambiance.

Just like Willow’s lunch menu, there are great starters, salads and sandwiches to choose from. And for brunch mr. foodie got the 3 egg omelet (the du jour version came with peppers, onions, mushrooms) and I got the crab cake benedict.

Omelet, Willow's Bistro, triadfoodies

3 Egg Omelet (with steak and peppers)


Mr. foodie enjoyed his omelet a lot…he’s way more of an omelet person than me. I don’t get them because I don’t like them with even a hint of that browning on the outside. Doesn’t bother my Mr.  My crab cakes were delicious. Very meaty, not a lot of filling and the poached eggs and hollandaise were spot on. I only ate one english muffin but they were very nicely toasted. The shallot vinaigrette for my salad was delicious and a great blend of tangy and sweet. We should all eat more shallots…or do more WITH shallots.

I had to wait until mid-lunch to get my much-longed for Mimosa. I forgot in NC they make you wait til NOON to get your libations. Isn’t it a pretty thing though? IMG_4495

Yeah, I instagram’d it ;).

All in all, we are so thrilled we got to have brunch alone (sorry, kiddos) and so happy to say we really enjoyed our brunch and I can’t wait to check out Willow’s for lunch and/or dinner.  When you check them out, let us know what YOU think.

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What say you, foodie?

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