A J. Pepper’s Easter Brunch

When my family refused to eat at my house for Easter Brunch…and you know it’s not because of my cooking…I couldn’t stay offended when the vote was to have Easter at J. Pepper’s Southern Grille. We promised months ago some pics of a future brunch so take a look, foodies.

Biscuits. I kid you not they are just about the best anywhere in the Triad. Fluffy. Today they were bigger.


Side salad with lemon horseradish vinaigrette


Southern Egg Breakfast




Cobb Salad


Here’s something you don’t see every day. A lobster BLT. Leave it to J. Pepper’s to put some spin on a BLT.

Trust me, the lobster meat was there 🙂

Kid’s French Toast


One of the day’s specials was a top round with caramelized onions with potatoes. Nice Sunday after church food.

And Chef John Jones was running the place and saying hello and “chef-ing.” Here’s a beauty shot with him and his portrait. 2 in 1 right here for my foodies!

We wanted to honor our promise and get these pics up of a J. Pepper’s brunch. So check them out and if you are lucky, that omelet with the pimento cheese and fried green tomatoes will be there.
841 Old Winston Rd, Kernersville, NC


What say you, foodie?

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