The Bistro at Adams Farm

The Bistro at Adams Farm, front, triadfoodies March 23, 2013

I feel like I wasn’t fully prepared for The Bistro at Adams Farm. My foodies have been holding out on me. I’ve heard of The Bistro, LOVED and blogged about sister restaurant, Crafted, in Downtown Greensboro and appreciated that Chef Kristina Fuller had participated in last year’s Fire in the Triad Competition. Why did it take so long to visit?

The Bistro is located inconspicuously in the Adams Farm Shopping Center. It’s nestled between a larger restaurant and who knows what else. But when you walk inside, you get the true experience of a bistro. The chalkboard on the wall says it all:

Bistro:(bee-stroh) A small cafe usually serving modest, down-to-earth, food and wine

The Bistro at Adams Farm IS small and down-to-earth. The ambiance and decor are tasteful and beautiful. Red walls, art, elegant lighting and dark wood just sort of make you feel relaxed and ready for what’s to come. Yet it is still casual and we all felt very comfortable in our jeans.

Bar, Bistro at Adams Farm triadfoodies

The Bar


First we got down to business and ordered a few adult beverages. After all, it’s Friday and the wine glasses were so lonely and needed filling.

Wine from mini carafes at The Bistro at Adams Farm

You can help yourself to extra with those darling little wine carafes

Chef Kristina Fuller’s New American menu is very innovative and full of fusion entrees inspired by Asian and Southern cuisine. From the appetizers, there’s Lobster Mac & Cheese, Mussels, Ribs, Tuna and our choice, Sweet Potato Chips, topped with pulled pork, chipotle aioli and scallions. It was so simple with those 4 ingredients and a good size for 2-3 to share. Amazing.


Sweet Potato Chips with pulled pork, chipotle aioli & scallions

Sweet Potato chips, The Bistro at Adams Farm

The Perfect Bite

We need to speak about the bread. Yes, bread. Pretty much EVERYTHING at The Bistro is made in house. The bread is no exception. And the servers like to have a little fun with the olive oil dipping sauce. The bread was to die for and the olive oil was filled with wonderful fresh herbs but also pink peppercorns and capers. And it was DELISH!!


After much discussion we finally decided on our entrees. I ordered the recommended Grouper, which was wrapped in kelp and served with vegetable dumplings in a citrus soy broth and fried tofu. It was fresh and herbaceous. Beautiful to look at and just the perfect size portion.


Mr. foodie decided on the roast chicken. Now typically, we steer away from roast chicken. I mean it can be so EVERY day. But this was not your mundane roast chicken. It was served with Singapore street noodles (rice noodles) and served with shredded vegetables in a curry sauce. I got a taste and it was awesome. Mr. foodie loved it so much because the skin was rendered to complete crispiness and the inside was still moist. It was totally refined, classed up Asian noodle yumminess.

Roast Chicken with rice noodles, The Bistro at Adams Farm

Roast Chicken with Singapore street noodles

Mom-in-law foodie loves her fried calamari so she ordered the appetizer plus the Caesar salad. Chef Fuller’s take on this classic is lightly grilled romaine hearts, house-made croutons, shaved parmesan BUT with roasted tomatoes and fresh red onion on top. It was plated with a rich balsamic drizzle. Beautiful to look at and very tasty. And the calamari was wonderful, crispy and tender and served with 2 sauces…a sweet soy chili sauce and my favorite, the coconut aioli. I recognize it from Crafted. Chef Fuller, you need to find a way to market that aioli.

Caesar Salad, The Bistro at Adams Farm

Caesar Salad as art

Calamari, The Bistro at Adams FarmCalamari

At this point, we should’ve stopped. I was full already. And then our amazing server, Frankie, offered us the tiniest little sample of the house-made Chocolate Mousse and Pistachio ice cream and then we decided, “what the heck, let’s just share a dessert!” Foodies, the creme brûlée with it’s maple and 5 spices was seriously beckoning me. It just sounded so different. When it came to the table I exclaimed (not in a complaining way) that it was too tiny. The size was fine. I just realized to share it would mean someone was going to have to sacrifice some of their bites for me :). Dizzyingly good!


Perfectly precious Maple & 5 Spice Creme Brulee

It was all remarkable and I really was a fan of the pistachio ice cream and the little cinnamon wontons offered a nice crunch. The ice cream was so dense it was almost like frozen custard.


After all that indulgence, we hung out a bit. We spoke with Chef Fuller about her travels and the challenges and fun of co-owning (with mom, Rhonda) 2 growing restaurants and her passion for quality ingredients, local purveyors and bringing an experience to every diner. The Bistro features special events with half price wine nights, Taco Tuesday and live music several nights a week.

Chef Kristina Fuller, Owner, The Bistro at Adams Farm

Chef Kristina Fuller

Throughout the entire evening we saw Chef Fuller in the kitchen, out in the dining room visiting patrons and generally being hands-on. Foodies, we need to keep a sharp eye out on this young talent. And what she’s done with The Bistro at (of all places) Adams Farm is bring a cozy and intimate cafe in an area that needed something just like it.  The Bistro might have one of the best atmospheres the foodies have ever experienced…it’s quiet and small but everyone is just relaxed and talking. Chef Fuller has also hired a friendly and engaging staff that spoils you. We really didn’t want to leave. But, as it is now one of triadfoodies TOPS in Greensboro, we will be back.
5710-M High Point Rd, Greensboro, NC
Open for Dinner:Tues-Sat 5-9:30pm

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