Walkertown Seafood Shack


There are few places that foodies can go here in the Triad to get some fried seafood. Sure, you can get a fried fish or entree occasionally at a restaurant or pub but I haven’t run across many actual seafood restaurants that float my boat. About 4 years ago, we were told that we simply had to try the Walkertown Seafood Shack.

At the Shack, I felt like I finally found a place that could get a lot of fried seafood right… great fried flounder, baby shrimp, perch, crispy oysters and even broiled items. Admittedly, The Seafood Shack might get some mixed reviews on some of those online searches, but I’ve never been disappointed once and it must be true for a lot of folks because The Seafood Shack is constantly packed. Even on a Sunday at 5:00, there might be some wait time. But there’s plenty of space to hang out comfortably.  All that being said, I’ve run into plenty of people who’ve never even heard of Walkertown Seafood Shack.

IMG_2553This is a covered, enclosed porch with lots of seating and standing room, in addition to the indoor waiting area.

Now there’s a constant debate about what is FRESH and what is FROZEN in the restaurant biz. Some restaurants get seafood coming through the kitchen every day. Some get a large order one day a week. Some seafood is going to be frozen no matter where it comes from because it goes on ice as soon as it’s on the boat (that’s a blog story for another day….stay tuned). Don’t you freeze your fish if you have a lot of it? The Seafood Shack has always tasted just right to us. The seafood offerings are plentiful. You name it. In addition to the above mentioned products you can get really great crab legs, stuffed crab, clam strips, stuffed flounder, tilapia, scallops. Then there are daily features and you can get a lot of the items broiled. I did the stuffed flounder feature a while back and it was delicious. The crab legs were something we had on our first visit and they did not disappoint. But when I come here, I’m craving the fried, so fried is what the foodie gets.


Fried Baby Flounder/Jumbo Shrimp Combo

Fried Baby Flounder/Fried Oysters Combo

Fried Baby Flounder/Fried Oysters Combo

Child's Fried Popcorn Shrimp

Child’s Fried Popcorn Shrimp



The youngest kidlet loves these hushpuppies. His exact words were “Oh, my goodness, they melt in your mouf!”

There are daily specials and plenty of NON-seafood items to choose from too. And they are open for lunch as well. Almost everything is under $15 and most items are around $10.  You can get out of there plenty satiated at dinner for about $8-9. That’s pretty awesome, foodies!

I love the casualness of Walkertown Seafood Shack. I love that I can be at the park down the street playing on the playground and then just show up in my t-shirt and shorts. It is very easy going and laid back. When you go, be sure to take in some of the great art on display. We love this handmade license plate map.


IMG_2556 IMG_2555 IMG_2574

You’ve got fried seafood, gingham table coverings, paper towels, sweet tea, fast service and Walkertown pricing. When you’ve got the craving, what can be better?

Walkertown Seafood Shack
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