The District Roof Top Bar & Grille

IMG_3285The District is relatively new and a popular spot, but the foodies decided to tone it down and try it one day for lunch. We’ve been here a number of times with friends (for drinks and dinners) and kids (for a tour of appetizers) and each time has been above par, so we expected the same for lunch. The District is another downtown Winston-Salem eatery that fits in well with that lively downtown scene, where you feel comfortable hanging with friends after a busy work day or as a hangout on the weekend. The claim to fame is the roof top bar, which you must take advantage of one nice comfortable evening so you can enjoy the gorgeous downtown views and maybe a sunset. If the top of the house is too full, there’s plenty of space for dining al fresco. And if you don’t eat outside, rest assured the beautiful interior is comfy and pleasing with its wood beams and exposed pipes. Very industrial and it ties in well with that area of the city.

But what about the food? I can tell you the lunch menu has been obviously pared down recently as a few favorites are not on the menu or at least are now only on the Dinner menu. No matter, it’s lunch, who has time to peruse a menu forever? I went with a burger because I’m kind of on a quest to make sure I know where the great burgers are in WS. This is the only burger on the menu and it includes a cheese of your choice, lettuce, tomato, mayo and fried tomato “chips”. Not fitting in well with my fitness plan but sometimes I have to take on more calories so you’ll know what local food to love ;). I fitnessed it up by adding a side salad with a vinaigrette rather than fries. I often feel Ike that breaks a cardinal rule in the foodie world but I knew I’d have a chance to try fries that came with a kids meal. It IS a delicious burger. Cooked perfectly on a pretzel bun. Pretzel buns are fab!! Oh and it’s not REALLY the only burger on the menu because they have a black bean burger too IF you REALLY believe that black beans can make a burger. Just kidding. I like black bean “burgers.”

IMG_3282  Not Black Bean. That’s a BURGER.   IMG_3283  And the salad….

As far as we could tell, the chicken tenders were great. My big time foodie niece ate it up.
Sister foodie had a Camel City Dip. Think French but BBQ style. Chopped BBQ with bacon, caramelized onions and muenster cheese with eastern BBQ sauce for dipping. It’s a mighty big sandwich. She said it was delicious. Probably enough for 2 people.


As this was lunch, we didn’t go big with our ordering options but I can go on memory for a few other choices. The District has a great spinach and blue crab dip app. Lots of chunky crab on top of a cheesy dip with healthy spinach to take out some guilt.  It’s served with toast points. One of my favorite apps is the sweet and sour sticky shrimp. Think General Tso, mmmmm with brown sugar chile sauce. The fried green ‘maters have a truffled cheese spread and the chicken nachos are great for sharing. There are good lunch specials and combos and a nice selection of salads and sandwiches to please just about anyone. There’s also a good selection of specials each night. The District Roof Top Bar & Grill is a great place to visit with friends and dine outside. Downtown Winston-Salem is a site to behold on a nice spring or summer night. And even if it’s a bit chilly the heaters will warm you up in the evenings. Private dining and even catering are available. Try them on the roof for a date or when you have a big group. You’ll have a ton of fun!

770 Liberty View Ct, Winston-Salem, NC 27101

Open for lunch and dinner Monday-Saturday. Closed Sunday.

Phone: 336-462-8882
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