Foothills Brewing


Where do you go when you can pretty much have your pick of any type of beer to go along with your eats?  Foothills Brewing. This is definitely one happening place during holidays and weekends.  And the many food pairings with the great beer selection make it pretty much a different experience every time you come. I visited Foothills Brewing a couple of times in December. And I got to know the menu fairly well and the foodies are ready to share the love.

There are way too many yummy appetizers to choose from. What you SHOULD do is start off with the Soft Pretzels. They are wonderfully soft on the inside with just the right amount of chew. A sprinkle of salt on the outside is perfect with the cinnamon spread. But the beer cheese is my favorite condiment. You can put it on anything (like a burger). The pretzel loves the beer cheese. Foodies love the cheese! You also can’t go wrong with the Ale battered Asparagus (with dijonnaise) or the Ale Battered Mushrooms (with horseradish sauce and ranch). The foodies are fans of anything ale battered. My kidlets who don’t eat anything actually enjoyed the ale battered asparagus.  I mean, “wha???”

IMG_3257 IMG_3071 IMG_3070

Now, the BEST thing I’ve ever had at Foothills Brewing has to be the Fish and Chips. You would expect a place that specializes in brews to be pretty good at Fish and Chips. This fish is excellent. Light, not at all greasy.  It’s huge. You COULD share if you feel like being a blessing to someone else.  There is plenty of it. Marvelous. I love Fish and Chips and I get it a lot of places and Foothills puts some Irish pubs to shame. And their hand cut fries are outstanding. Make sure the server brings some of their homemade, beer-infused ketchup. MMM-mmm!

IMG_3073 Look at that!  It’s a HALF portion!!

Mr. Foodie went on the recommendation of the server who suggested the Buffalo Chicken wrap. He liked it. It’s pretty self explanatory. Here’s a pic.


But to be honest, he wishes he had gotten MY dish. Or a burger. Which brings me to a pre-triadfoodies visit and then my second visit in December (because we were craving burgers). Foothills Brewing makes a banging burger. My personal fave, sorry no pic, is the Pub Melt with the onions and mushrooms, served along fries. There’s also a traditional burger that you can customize with toppings and your choice of cheese (try to Beer Cheese), Ostrich Burger or Buffalo Burger. Trust me, you will not be disappointed in a burger. It’s one of the few LOCAL places that serves burgers all the time that you can depend on.

For the Little Hops (your kids) there’s a good selection. My kids almost always go for a grilled cheese when given the opportunity.  Then they just eat the fries. Here’s their “shared” portion.


So, foodies, there you have it, sans beer pics. The beer is lovely but on my last two occasions at Foothills I did not indulge in beer. I find it makes me to full to really enjoy my meal, but if you go, please do try a beer sampler. It’s quite the right amount of brew and you’ll have fun pairing it with the apps, fries, your meal, your companion’s meal. That’s what makes beer pairing fun. You can see how the food improves the beer and how the beer improves the food.

Foothills Brewing is definitely a great place to go with friends or with large groups as they have several rooms to accommodate private parties.  And if you want to just go and nosh away the evening, there’s certainly no shortage of delicious bar food and apps to make your night. They are also open 7 days a week. Plus, it should be no surprise that they are open late night with a menu to match.
638 West Fourth Street, Winston-Salem; 336.777.3348
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