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I’m a Southern Foodie girl and we Southerners LOVE our barbecue. We will argue to the death that it’s a food and not a verb and don’t get some North Carolinians started on what’s better…Eastern style or Western style. I, myself, have never been able to come to an absolute decision since it depends on the Pitmaster and his/her talent. Bib’s Downtown in Winston-Salem has figured out a way to get around all that…for their BBQ is not Eastern and it’s not Western. It’s “Bestern.” Is it ever, and it’s not just the BBQ.
Bib’s Downtown is one of the area’s newest BBQ joints, opening in 2008, and it has grown in popularity as well as space. You order at the counter and your piping hot BBQ and sides are brought to your table. The pulled pork BBQ is awesome but you also must try the Beef Brisket. Perfectly smoked with that beautiful pink smoke ring and a caramelized edge. Smoked Chicken is fabulous as is their smoked sausage. They also offer pork tenderloin. It’s easy to do a sampling because you can do a combo plate of 2 or 3. But, wait! There’s more. The HUSHPUPPIES. Now we know that a BBQ place worth its muster has to have AMAZING hushpuppies. Bib’s pups are just glorious. Glorious! They are round and crispy and a little sweet and speckled with lots and lots of black pepper. YUM City. All of their sides are homemade and tasty ..the usual fare, green beans, baked beans, mac & cheese, fries, collard greens. They have baked “taters” that you can load to your liking, wraps, salads, wings and if you don’t like BBQ, you can be sure you will be plenty pleased with their Grilled Cheese Sandwich (on Texas Toast), something my non-Foodie kids enjoy. Then for dessert, you can choose from a selection of house recipe cobblers or banana pudding.
The menu:

The smoker:

Located in the old Firestone Auto Care building on 5th Street, Bib’s Downtown is available for catering, has a banquet room called the “Hickory Room” on site and takes their pit on the road to you, if you so choose. And like most BBQ joints, you can order bulk items and take them home or to a potluck. Have you ever made nachos with BBQ? Try it.
Once you visit, you might decide you aren’t Eastern or Western, you are “Bestern!”
Bib’s Downtown
675 W. 5th Street
Winston-Salem, NC
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