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Lindley Park Filling Station

I wouldn’t normally do this, but let me skip right to dessert. Lindley Park Filling Station has a delectable Tiger Brownie Sundae. It’s actually a chocolate chip blondie. It’s encrusted with toasted coconut, served warm with chocolate drizzle and cinnamon ice cream. What?? It is smack your Granny good. It’s reminiscent of the Girl Scout’s Caramel Delight a.k.a Samoa. Eye rolling fabulicious. Now that THAT’S out of the way, let’s talk about the rest of our meal.

The Filling Station is the sister restaurant to acclaimed Josephine’s. Many wonderful appetizers, salads, wraps and sandwiches abound. We showed up for a packed Sunday Brunch and were seated in less than 20. There are so many choices for burgers and sandwiches that it can be tough to decide. As my dining partners all chose brunch items, I decided to go with The Springwood which was hot pastrami with a spicy Dijon, Swiss cheese and marbled rye. I love a great deli sandwich and it hit the spot. Mr. Foodie got lip smacking Eggs and Hash with pulled pork, sweet potato and poached egg. Yum time! My sister loved her omelet with caramelized onions, bacon, ham, cheese and her hubby and son enjoyed the French toast with a pineapple raisin compote. The brunch menu items change often and they all look delish.

I’m thrilled that I got to test out this super hip place. The restaurant is open until 11 most nights with a happening bar that’s open until 1 am. And it’s situated at a intersection that has 3 other local places that deserve to be Foodied. So I’ll definitely be back in the neighborhood. Enjoy our “Foodie” shots!

Here’s the address and link:
Lindley Park Filling Station
2201 Walker Avenue
Greensboro, NC
Lindley Park Filling Station

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes has become a staple in downtown Winston-Salem. Think Southern, a touch of New Orleans….Unique twists on some of your favorites revved up with what else? Sweet potatoes! Here you’ll find a wonderful selection off appetizers like fried green tomatoes and okra but these little beauties are served with a side of sweet potato aioli. Or you MUST try the Collard Green Dip, with its melted blue cheese and bacon. It’s so different and so amazingly good. On our most recent visit, we took the kids and they loved the chicken tenders, which weren’t on the menu, but suggested by our awesome, server, Jasper. The tenders were dusted in sweet potatoes flakes and fried and were lightly sweet but savory and crunchy outside and perfectly juicy inside. We decided to go all out and get them a side of candied sweet potatoes. Mr. Foodie ordered the Smothered Yard Bird, a pan fried chicken breast topped with country ham, Brie and gravy. And I decided to branch out and try Hoppin’-John with St. Peters Fish and Shrimp. I’m not that crazy about black eyed peas, but the Hoppin’-John risotto with my tilapia and shrimp was terrific and not at all heavy. Now, you cannot leave Sweet Potatoes without trying dessert. They are made in-house daily and if it’s on the menu you must order the Sweet Potato Pie. It’s perfectly balanced with spices and sweet potato. And the Bourbon Pecan Pie is stellar.

One of the things that’s so great about Sweet Potatoes is the staff is so welcoming and the food is so delicious and everyone is just so happy to be there. It’s an award-winning restaurant that the Triad should be proud to have. There’s nothing else like it for miles. They are open for lunch, dinner and Sunday brunch and have burger nights on Wednesday. They don’t take reservations and you may have to wait, but like all good things…well, you know.

Enjoy the beauty shots and check out their website for an inside peak.
Sweet Potatoes (well shut my mouth) a restaurant
529 North Trade Street, Winston-Salem, NC
Sweet Potatoes on Urbanspoon








Sixty-Six Pizzeria Grill and Bar

Sixty-Six Pizzeria Grill and Bar is a newly renovated eatery right in the heart of Kernersville. I’ve been here a few times and it is pretty hopping for lunch with a wonderful selection on its newly revamped menu. I have to say, it sits on the “other restaurant row” on Hwy 66 (hence the name) and sometimes I forget about it because it’s just not on the way to most other places for me. But it is definitely worth a visit. You pretty much want for nothing on this menu with a wide selection of tempting appetizers, soups and salads, oven-baked subs, wraps, wings and fingers, sandwiches, burgers, entrees and of course, pizza. I could make a meal out of many of those appetizers, but I like to nosh. It would be a great place to watch the game with friends. There’s tasty pizza and awesome combos for a reasonable price, plus you are in and out easily in less than an hour for lunch. One of the unique things about 66 Pizzeria is they offer a terrific combo menu for lunch. Choose an individual pizza with 2 toppings and the salad bar or a baked potato and salad bar for less than $7. Lots of combos go with the salad bar. And it’s a fresh crispy salad bar with lots of choices too. “Sister” TriadFoodies went with the salad bar/potato combo and she was very impressed with the baked potato. It was fully loaded, buttery through and through and rivaled any upscale steakhouse’s baked potato. 66 Pizzeria is also excellent for families, with crayons and paper for the kids, a great kid’s menu with good-sized portions (the spaghetti could be shared) and wide screen TV’s for viewing sports, etc. All in all, TriadFoodies recommends!

You can check out their menu and other details on their website:
They are located at 930 Hwy 66 South, Kernersville, NC


In addition to being a TriadFoodie, I’m also a bit of a coffee snobbie.  I like my coffee strong, like my man.   A few  years ago at at the Arts D’vine event in Kernersville, I ran across local Roast Master, Kyle, who was roasting beans and making special deliveries to several businesses across the Triad as Performance Coffee Roasters.  I got in on that action and have not looked back.  There’s something about a bag of coffee that has its own roast date on it.  You know it’s fresh and delicious when its best by date is one month from the day of roasting or better yet, when you can SEE the coffee roasting right in front of you.  Kyle’s dream of having his own coffee shop has become a reality as Greensboro’s only Coffee house and Micro Roaster.  He sources his beans from all over the world, bringing the best beans to the Boro.  And he carries with him a knowledge of the bean, its flavor profile and what happens when it’s roasted for any length of time.  Beans Boro (love that name!), has WiFi, craft beers and wine, desserts and sandwiches and has a great line-up of live music each Saturday as well as a “Wine Down” wine tasting on Fridays.  They even offer fundraising programs for churches, schools and organizations.  Plus you can order your coffee online and pick up in the store.  Beans Boro is well worth it….just bypass all those shops with the who-knows-how-old-they-are beans…and you won’t miss the “bucks” either (pun intended) with its comparable prices.

Take a look at their website for your shopping delight:

Beans Boro is located at 2604-A Horse Pen Creek Road, Greensboro.
(336) 285-6589.

Bernardin’s Restaurant at the Zevely House

Bernardin’s is known for its exceptional food and impeccable service in a historic building that used to be an upscale restaurant institution in Winston-Salem.  It’s one of the Triad’s only five-star establishments and considered a category unto themselves.   Mr. & Mrs. TriadFoodies celebrated 12 years of marital bliss by visiting Bernardin’s for the first time.  We do this research for YOU, my fellow foodies.  It’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make for you.

First of all, Bernardin’s Zevely House has a beautiful, rustic, cozy atmosphere, perfect for a romantic anniversary dinner. But there’s plenty of space for dining with friends as well. We decided to start off the evening with the Calamari…which was perfectly flash-fried and served with a wonderful spicy aioli and a sweet and spicy Chinese mustard.  For me the measure of a great meal to come is if the Calamari is great and it was awesome.  There are truly wonderful choices for dinner and a few specials didn’t make it easy to decide.   There was KANGAROO on the menu this evening.  I was intrigued but decided to taste something from the main menu because these items are staples and you will likely find them on the menu if you visit here.  I chose the Muscovy Duck breast with root vegetables and a walnut fig sauce.  I love duck.  The little diced up veggies were crispy and caramelized, like veggie confetti.  It was served with a side of creamy polenta, which interestingly,  was in a triangle….crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside…don’t know how they did it.  Wonderful, amazing, succulent.  Mr. Foodie chose the Mongolian Australian Lamb Chop drizzled with an Asian BBQ sauce, with a crispy sticky rice cake and asparagus.  Gorgeous, perfectly cooked.  It Bernardin’s were a less refined place, I’m sure we would’ve been gnawing on the bones a little more. His back was to the room, so they got plenty clean.  And for dessert…it’s our anniversary after all, we went with the recommended Chocolate Mousse Cake and the Raspberry and Peach Cobbler.  Hubby chose the cake.  It was so rich and moist and decadent. Perfect with a cup of coffee.  And my cobbler was wonderfully tart and sweet with a light crust and a delicate praline ice cream and oh so beautifully presented.  See our TriadFoodie beauty shots for peak.

All in all, Bernardin’s was for me, a long-awaited experience.  Prices for dinner are under $30.  But they are also open for lunch with glorious entrees, sandwiches and salads.  People, a fast food salad is $7.95.  For two bucks more, you can eat at Bernardin’s and have an amazing meal and service, all the while supporting a local restaurant with an amazing history.  Do you see why I’m so passionate?

Here’s the link! Bernardin’s Fine Dining

They are located at 901 West Fourth Street, Winston-Salem, NC  (336) 725-6666

Bernardin's Fine Dining on Urbanspoon