In addition to being a TriadFoodie, I’m also a bit of a coffee snobbie.  I like my coffee strong, like my man.   A few  years ago at at the Arts D’vine event in Kernersville, I ran across local Roast Master, Kyle, who was roasting beans and making special deliveries to several businesses across the Triad as Performance Coffee Roasters.  I got in on that action and have not looked back.  There’s something about a bag of coffee that has its own roast date on it.  You know it’s fresh and delicious when its best by date is one month from the day of roasting or better yet, when you can SEE the coffee roasting right in front of you.  Kyle’s dream of having his own coffee shop has become a reality as Greensboro’s only Coffee house and Micro Roaster.  He sources his beans from all over the world, bringing the best beans to the Boro.  And he carries with him a knowledge of the bean, its flavor profile and what happens when it’s roasted for any length of time.  Beans Boro (love that name!), has WiFi, craft beers and wine, desserts and sandwiches and has a great line-up of live music each Saturday as well as a “Wine Down” wine tasting on Fridays.  They even offer fundraising programs for churches, schools and organizations.  Plus you can order your coffee online and pick up in the store.  Beans Boro is well worth it….just bypass all those shops with the who-knows-how-old-they-are beans…and you won’t miss the “bucks” either (pun intended) with its comparable prices.

Take a look at their website for your shopping delight:

Beans Boro is located at 2604-A Horse Pen Creek Road, Greensboro.
(336) 285-6589.


What say you, foodie?

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