Fire in the Triad

This might just be heaven for us Foodies.  What an opportunity to see some of the Triad’s great chefs go at it in the kitchen for BIG time bragging rights.  Perhaps you’ve heard of Fire on the Rock, which has been happening in the NC High Country featuring great chefs from the Boone and Blowing Rock area.  This year, founder Jimmy Crippen, of Crippen’s Country Inn in Blowing Rock brought the idea across the state.  Now the Triangle, the Beach and Triad get to take part in this exciting series.  How does it work?  Each chef is given a secret ingredient as they prepare 3 courses of a 6 course meal that will be judged and weighted.  The winner of each head-to-head competition will then meet the winner of the following competition. Here are the results to date:

Lucky 32 v Bistro B               Winner: Bistro B

Josephines v Noble’s Grille     Winner: Josephine’s

Southern Lights v. Meridian     Winner: Southern Lights

The winner of the Southern Light’s competition will meet the winner of August 20th’s battle:

UPDATE!!! 1618 West v. Spring House    Winner: 1618 WestSeafood Grille

And here are the remaining match-ups:

Green Valley Grille v. Emerywood UPDATE: Winner: GVG

Undercurrent v. Mozelle’s

The Bistro (at Adams Farm) v. B.Christopher’s

For more information or for tickets visit


What say you, foodie?

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