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foodie b’eat: Cinco de Muncho at YES! Weekly

Cinco de Mayo is upon us. It just happens to coincide here locally with Hope du Jour so please be sure to eat out at a local restaurant on May 5 as a portion of all proceeds benefit Crisis Control Ministries. You can read more about Hope du Jour and Crisis Control Ministries here.

And if you are having trouble making a decision, here’s a list of faves that are sure to have something to hit the spot this May. We call it our Cinco EN Mayo.

Read all about it in my YES! Weekly blog article here.

What’s your favorite Mexican restaurant?



foodie b’eat: I successfully completed the $20 Challenge at the Farmer’s Market

My friend, Nikki Miller-Ka of Nik Snacks blog, has a $20 challenge cooking show that airs on the City of Winston-Salem’s cable channel. Nikki shops the Dixie Classic farmer’s market and finds the best produce, meat along with other items to make a complete meal for $20 (she can use “staples” from her pantry, like vinegar, flour, seasonings, etc). She challenged ME to do the same at any market I choose. Challenge accepted! So last weekend, I hit my Kernersville Farmer’s Market (located in downtown KVegas) with the hopes of finding some wonderful items to make a glorious meal that my hubby and kidlets would gobble up and never forget.


Our local market is steadily growing. It has PLENTY of jam and bread but the produce is making its way in and though it’s still not as colorful as some markets who have been going for a while, it’s definitely a great place to get some seasonal items for your table. This weekend it was full of squash, squash, zucchini, squash, beets, greens and squash. Oh and green beans, and jam and bread and eggs and meat from…Rebel Ridge Farm.


Love me some Rebel Ridge. The eggs are fabulous and farmer, Bob, has all natural chicken and lamb as well. Now, I hardly ever buy a whole roast chicken. I just don’t enjoy making it. Plus I want an “all-natural, unfooled around with” chicken and they are usually SO expensive and it’s hard to spend the money on ONE chicken. But Rebel Ridge’s chicken was $12 and I’m okay with that. Plus they told me at the market that his chicken was fantastic so I thought I’d give it a try.
Price: 12.00

IMG_1053     IMG_1052

Across the way, I bought some green beans from this nice man. And I didn’t write the farm down, but his green beans were perfect.
Price: $2

IMG_1051     IMG_1050

At the Crews table, I bought a .50 Texas Sweet Onion.


Next table over, I purchased 2 lbs. of baby red potatoes from James Lawson.
Price $1.00


I also purchased some just cut, romaine lettuce and tasted some delicious roasted beets. I’d purchase beets if I weren’t the only one to eat them. I really like them on a salad with spicy pimento cheese. Try it.  🙂
Price: $3


And from my friend, Laura Devonmille, of Simplicity Homestead, I bought some radishes. She’s got way more than that. And zucchinis as big as clubs. And jam and bread!
Price: $1.50


There, that’s $20! I decided to make a roast chicken with green beans and caramelized onions and roasted potatoes. Kind of boring and pretty much a cinch. But ask my mr. foodie how often I make a roast chicken and you’ll find out that in my house, this is “special.” And it really was. The chicken was succulent and, unlike mass produced chicken, the Rebel Ridge Farm chicken’s skin was light, thin and crispy and the meat was tender and juicy (though I could’ve cut back the time…lesson learned).


I ended up saving the romaine for another meal and used the leftover green beans, onions AND the potatoes for a future salad along with the rest of the chicken that I pulled off the bone. Kind of like nicoise..yum!


So now I challenge YOU to make a meal with the major components being purchased from your local farmer’s market for $20. Are you up to it? What are your “foodie finds” at farmer’s markets?

$20 Farmer’s Market  Roast Chicken with Potatoes & Green Beans w/caramelized onions

1 whole chicken
Herbs (I used lavender, rosemary, thyme)
Olive oil or butter

Rinse chicken and pat dry, generously salt and pepper the inside and out, under skin, etc., drizzle with olive oil and top with herbs.

Halve or quarter to make even in size and drizzle with olive oil and seasonings. Place in the pan with the chicken.

Roast at 375 for 1 hour, then raise the temperature to 400 and cook an additional 15 minutes until done. If you’re chicken is smaller, adjust time accordingly.

Green beans with caramelized onions
Trim green beans if needed, slice onions into thin strips. Add butter or oil to pan and saute onions slowly until caramelized. Meanwhile in a pot of boiling water, blanch your green beans for a few minutes, then remove, drain and add to the onions. Saute until they are tender crisp.


If you have leftovers, simply place your beans, remaining chicken and potatoes in a single container. When ready warm (or don’t) and top onto salad greens of your choice with a light vinaigrette, preferably one with a little lemon. And add some bacon while you’re at it–Lunch!






Donuts or Donutz? Battle of the Fried Dough Confectionary


What prompted this battle? Well, Kernersville, NC was blessed late last year with its first doughnut shop. Then about a month and a half later, its SECOND doughnut shop. Donutz vs. Donuts in the war of Doughnuts (this spelling is the dominant spelling in the US and I will use it when I speak of these delightful rings). I figure the first one took so long to open and had its little “coming soon” sign up for so long that someone got wise and thought they’d join them in a little friendly competition, lol.  The first to open was the super popular, Intown Donutz. They got a lot of buzz and Facebook “likes” very quickly because they were so friendly, they just handed out free doughnuts right and left (especially to kidlets) and have locally roasted coffee. Then along came Granny’s Donuts and Bakery. The only thing I’d heard about them is that they were really good too and that they have locations in High Point and Thomasville. So today the kidlets and I decided we’d visit BOTH, do a little taste test and give our foodies the rundown on who is we think is #1 in Kvegas!

The competitors…these guys are literally a half mile from one another:   


Intown Donutz

Granny's Donuts
Granny’s Donuts

The service:

Intown Donutz and “T” were friendlier. A great friendly staff that promotes, promotes, promotes! And they still offer free doughnut holes when you come in. I don’t know if it’s because I’m always with kids but if that’s the reason, then I will always bring them along 🙂

The Goods…for this test we did Battle: Glazed! And, Battle: Lemon-Filled!

Granny's on Left Intown on Right

Granny’s on Left
Intown on Right (a little deeper in color)

Battle: Glazed! result: No discernible difference. Whaaa? Sorrrrryyy.  Maybe Intown tasted a bit fresher. I kept having to go back and try and by the time I was done I’d eaten 2 doughnuts almost and still no real winner.  Next, Battle: Lemon-filled!—I can’t believe I’m saying it because before today Intown had the BEST lemon-filled ever but Granny’s filling was lighter and a little more lemony fresh. Both still beat KK and DD. By a MILE.

Granny's Lemon-Filled

Granny’s lemon-filled

Intown's lemon-filled

Intown’s lemon-filled

Really this was just an excuse to buy twice as many donuts/donutz/doughnuts as our household needs. We affectionately call them “do-NOTS” because that’s what kidlet #1 used to call them when she was a wee little one….”Mommmmyyyy…can we get a ‘do not’?” I thought it a most appropriate name. We bought a few extra varieties too (chocolate glazed with sprinkles, chocolate glazed with chocolate chips, Old-fashioned). Both locations have a great selection and these incredibly delicious, ridiculous apple fritters that are to. die. for. Mr. foodie said I should’ve tested them out as well so if I do so, then you’ll see an update within this blog post. I will let you know, foodies!

Intown's case

Intown’s case

Intown's case

Intown’s case


Granny’s case

Granny's case

Granny’s case

Granny’s has a few more cakey, innovative doughnuts like red velvet, coconut and some with funky icing. They also have a large selection of baked goods like cookies and macaroons.  Both have coffee and blended coffees.

Granny's baked goods

Granny’s baked goods

Granny's Red Velvet

Granny’s Red Velvet

So, since they are so close, depending on the direction you are driving, perhaps you just stop at the spot is convenient for you. The traffic is not as bad at Intown and they are easier to see from the road, because East Mountain Street is not as busy as Highway 66. Both have just a few parking spots. Both make doughnuts to order for your party or event. I hope there’s enough business to go around. And though I know that one big chain is still locally owned (and they will always have our hearts), these little locally-owned doughnut shops give them a run for their money. In the end, Kernersville is the winner of this battle. Now, wouldn’t it be fun if they really start playing with flavors. Like Maple Bacon? Chocolate Stout? Who knows!

You know what else we have a lot of? Coffee shops! We have 3 Starbucks across the street from one another and 2 independent coffee shops (that I know of—one’s just a drive-thru) not to mention the coffee bars at chains AND the coffee at these two little doughnut shops.

I hope it’s not bad “business” to put these guys’ addresses in the same spot, but my people deserve to be informed. Neither place has a website but both have Facebook pages.  Have you tried either one of these shops? What’s your favorite?

Intown Donutz on Urbanspoon
Granny’s Donuts & Bakery (no Urbanspoon review for the Kernersville location). Their address is:
806 NC Hwy 66 South, Kernersville,NC 336.992.9595

A J. Pepper’s Easter Brunch

When my family refused to eat at my house for Easter Brunch…and you know it’s not because of my cooking…I couldn’t stay offended when the vote was to have Easter at J. Pepper’s Southern Grille. We promised months ago some pics of a future brunch so take a look, foodies.

Biscuits. I kid you not they are just about the best anywhere in the Triad. Fluffy. Today they were bigger.


Side salad with lemon horseradish vinaigrette


Southern Egg Breakfast




Cobb Salad


Here’s something you don’t see every day. A lobster BLT. Leave it to J. Pepper’s to put some spin on a BLT.

Trust me, the lobster meat was there 🙂

Kid’s French Toast


One of the day’s specials was a top round with caramelized onions with potatoes. Nice Sunday after church food.

And Chef John Jones was running the place and saying hello and “chef-ing.” Here’s a beauty shot with him and his portrait. 2 in 1 right here for my foodies!

We wanted to honor our promise and get these pics up of a J. Pepper’s brunch. So check them out and if you are lucky, that omelet with the pimento cheese and fried green tomatoes will be there.
841 Old Winston Rd, Kernersville, NC

Bistro B and Wine Bar

IMG_1923 In the heart of downtown Kernersville, ’round the corner from the “enchanted” Korner’s Folly, lies another enchantment. It’s a kitchen, led by someone who’s become a bit of an urban legend. Is he the Gordon Ramsey of the Triad? I don’t know about any of that–I’ve never had a complaint about the food! I think Chef Tim Bocholis is awesome and man, can he cook! His Greek heritage is all over his Mediterranean and Latin Fusion menu.

Bistro B is without a doubt near and dear to my foodie heart. It is one of the inspirations for triadfoodies.com. I got excited about eating at Bistro B. I would tell everybody. I’d social network about it. And people would encourage me to start a blog and so, here we are.

The B has had an interesting time of it, the past few years….Sometimes a little too quiet in the dining room, but they have endured and endeared themselves to the local folks and some who come from afar. It’s situated at the Shops on Main in downtown Kernersville. It’s a lovely, intimate setting with a nice ambiance. Quiet? Depends on who’s there. The Saturday night the foodies re-visited was jam-packed. As in standing room only. We had reservations and got comfy at the bar, enjoyed the live music and after a drink and the last few minutes of the SEC championship, we were at our table, trying to narrow down our choices on the menu.

Bistro B’s specials menu changes often and some items on the menu are limited. But the food, oh my goodness, amazing. They have a large selection of tapas plus a few special entrees which can be offered as a “mezze” or small plate. There’s also a lovely assortment of salads, cheese and meat plates on their daily menu which remains unchanged. The Dayboat Scallops Romesco are amazing but sadly, they were “86ed” by the time we sat down. Before I even ordered my water, I ordered a White Salad. My favorite salad. Ever. It’s small but so packed with flavor. It has Napa cabbage, white asparagus, hearts of palm, jicama, feta cheese tossed in a toasted almond dressing and beside it is an oh-so-wonderful bacon-wrapped almond-stuffed date, a very lonely date…I need 2 3 more :). Take a little bit of the sweet date and mix it with a bite of that tangy chopped salad. Happiness!
photo 2

Then we followed that with a Mole Poblano con Pollo. It was rich, spicy, meaty, the chicken juicy, the black beans had a hint of citrus and spice. It was served alongside a beautiful saffron rice and the freshest, softest corn tortillas. Mmm!
photo 3
Next, the lamb sliders. Chef Tim takes sliders to a whole new level with these delightful babies. Fresh ground lamb with Baba Ganoush, English cheddar and caramelized onions. They were served with shoestring fries. Don’t get me started on those fries. Perfect.
photo 1
Our server, Nolan, suggested we try the Tombo Canapé. It’s wasn’t on the menu, but when he described it, we had to try it. I can tell you that Tombo is albacore tuna. I’m not sure what else was in it. They were served on something like plantains and they were kicking with heat. Get these if you like heat. If you LOVE heat, keep the seeds and ribs on those pretty little fresh jalapeño garnishes. I like heat, but I needed to stay pure for the next two tapas so I removed some of those little wacky seeds.
photo 2
We decided for our next two courses to stick with what was working for us…TAPAS and chose two staple items from their regular menu. First, the Garides Saganaki. The description: a Greek small plate, with shrimp, scallions, tomatoes, Ouzo & topped with Kefalograviera cheese. This was something I got at my first visit ages ago and it NEVER disappoints. It’s served with little toasted baguettes. I dug in so fast I almost forgot to take a picture. So here’s a close up so you don’t see the desecration of the presentation caused by the foodies.
photo 3.

And last but not least, one of the most delectable items on the menu and priced so awesomely at under $10 (!!!)…PEI Mussels. You get your choice from 3 varieties and we chose the spicy Thai red curry with apples. Let me tell you, they are amazingly good. So fresh. I’ve tried all of the varieties (one is a cream, wine and garlic sauce and the last is a tomato, garlic and wine). The Thai is my favorite. I could lap up that broth like soup.

photo 4 photo Ladle please???

IMG_1915 Chef Tim has had a nice rise to local fame, what with his well-deserved win through the first round of Fire in the Triad, then being filmed for The Destination Guide-Best of the Triad, as well as an Open Table Diner’s Choice Winner. And you know what the foodies also love, that it’s not just locally owned, but this guy is COOKING. And you don’t just see him in the back “chef-ing”, because he also comes out, chats up the customers and yes, like some owners must do, he’s helping set up tables, bringing out food and generally keeping an eye on things. Sometimes the boss does it all. Nice to see someone take that much care and passion. Kernersville is blessed to have such a glorious place to eat. Upscale enough for a nice date, great with friends or clients and they’ll even accommodate your younger foodie if they tag along. The B also has monthly wine dinners and wonderful opportunities to learn about pairings, etc. It is no secret that Bistro B is one of my most recommended places. The service is excellent, servers are knowledgeable and well, you pretty much can bet the food will be incredible.

IMG_1899 IMG_1896 IMG_1910
Bistro B & Wine Bar on Urbanspoon
Bistro B
126-G South Main St, Kernersville, NC 27284
Open Monday-Saturday, Lunch/Dinner
Closed Sunday
Reservations are highly recommended.