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Sometimes, the food you want is a hot, fresh PIZZA. Nothing is more convenient and few other foods hit the spot. The kind from a real Italian restaurant. And sometimes, when you get to the place that makes hot, fresh PIZZA, you say to yourself…”Well, now I can’t leave here without having THAT (something other than pizza).” Such is the case with Amalfi’s in Kernersville. It makes me glad I have kidlets who don’t eat anything but bread, grilled cheese or hot, fresh pizza when we go out to eat (because Mama Foodie will get some of their pizza).

Amalfi’s is a little local favorite in our in-between town. Great for some authentic, yummy Italian and you don’t have to venture to the “big city” to get it. The service is always amazing, prices are reasonable, pasta is creative and just right for what you are craving, and the specials are inventive and fresh. You can’t go wrong with my favorite Smoked Chicken Ravioli or Mister’s fave, Chicken Parmigiana.


If you love spicy, the Shrimp Fra Diavlo provides just the right amount of devilish heat, along with large, succulent shrimp and clams over linguini. It’s one of my favorites at Amalfi’s as well. All of the classical and house specialties will leave you happy and full (and probably with a takeout box) and you rarely find anything over $16, most dinner entree are around $12. If you dig Italian sammies, there’s a large selection, along with terrific, wallet pleasing combos–some specials start at $4.99. And let’s not forget Stromboli and calzones. But what brought us to Amalfi’s in the first place, was hot, fresh PIZZA! And Amalfi’s pizza is fantastic. You can get it round and thin (NY Style) or thick and square, Sicilian. Or try a specialty pizza like Margherita or Chicken Caprese or a White Pizza. We were having camera troubles so here’s a pic of a slice of a traditional cheese pizza. Nothing fussy, and my favorite kind (even though I’m a foodie). I can’t tell you how many times we’ve ordered it, picked it up, brought it home and classed it up with a glass of red wine.

Amafi’s is Italian owned and operated by Agostino & Maria Errichiello- part of the same family who owns Elizabeth’s Pizza of Greensboro & Oak Ridge. They’ve been pleasing Kernersville with that awesome pasta and pizza since 1997. Chef Agostino treated us to a small “dolci” of Italian Donutz with Chocolate. Little balls of dough fried crisp, rolled in sugar and drizzled with chocolate. It tasted like a carnival and the kidlets agreed!


So if you are ever passing through Kvegas and you just have to have some pizza but you don’t want delivery or deFrozen, swing by Amalfi’s. Have a glass of Chianti, or a coke, and a slice and pick up some milk and bread at the store next door. You’ve saved time, money and you’ll probably have leftover pasta or PIZZA (perfect for tomorrow’s breakfast).

Amalfi’s Italian Restaurant
503 Nelson Street (Piney Grove Shopping Center)
Kernersville, NC
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Pegg House Tea Room


I just love girly lunches. So Lil Miss Foodie, MomFoodie-in-Law and I recently took advantage of a Living Social Deal and enjoyed quite the decadent lunch at Pegg House Tea Room in Kernersville.  This charming, old Victorian harkens back to 1885 and the decor captures times gone by.  Our “deal” was for Tea for Two, which is basically double the traditional “High Tea” that they offer during lunch service.  In addition to our High Tea, Lil Miss Foodie ordered the Chicken Pie, which had flavorful chicken in a rich, creamy broth and a flakey crust.  Very old fashioned, very satisfying and homey.  It was served along side a salad.  Our High Tea for Two came with two of everything.  Think finger sandwiches like cucumber and cream cheese, smoked turkey with cranberry spread and egg salad; and chicken salad in mini phyllo tartlets, tiny pastries and fruit and homemade scones.  And of course, Devonshire cream to smear on anything you wish.  We were hungry so it’s a good thing it was a deal for “two.”  Unless you want to eat very light, the normal High Tea for lunch may not be enough to share as it doesn’t have two of everything.  But Pegg House has a wonderful assortment of wraps, sandwiches and salads, Quiche of the Day, a small kids menu and a nice dessert selection.  There are appealing items for men…we did see men there, so guys don’t let that stop you. Imagine taking your lady or your daughter there.  Awww, how sweet.

Pegg House Tea Room is ranked #5 of the 86 tea rooms in NC on TeaMap.com. You can reserve it for parties, showers or luncheons or stop in for lunch during the week.   It’s an appealing departure from the every day lunch.  If you have a job, you’ll probably feel so refined and relaxed that you won’t be inclined to head back to work, but rather your rocking chair…or hammock.  Here are some of the photos we took along with their contact information.

Pegg House Tea Room

Pegg House Tea Room
237 N Cherry Street
Kernersville, NC 27284


Chicken Pie with Pear Salad

High Tea (for Two)

One of the many teas

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Sixty-Six Pizzeria Grill and Bar

Sixty-Six Pizzeria Grill and Bar is a newly renovated eatery right in the heart of Kernersville. I’ve been here a few times and it is pretty hopping for lunch with a wonderful selection on its newly revamped menu. I have to say, it sits on the “other restaurant row” on Hwy 66 (hence the name) and sometimes I forget about it because it’s just not on the way to most other places for me. But it is definitely worth a visit. You pretty much want for nothing on this menu with a wide selection of tempting appetizers, soups and salads, oven-baked subs, wraps, wings and fingers, sandwiches, burgers, entrees and of course, pizza. I could make a meal out of many of those appetizers, but I like to nosh. It would be a great place to watch the game with friends. There’s tasty pizza and awesome combos for a reasonable price, plus you are in and out easily in less than an hour for lunch. One of the unique things about 66 Pizzeria is they offer a terrific combo menu for lunch. Choose an individual pizza with 2 toppings and the salad bar or a baked potato and salad bar for less than $7. Lots of combos go with the salad bar. And it’s a fresh crispy salad bar with lots of choices too. “Sister” TriadFoodies went with the salad bar/potato combo and she was very impressed with the baked potato. It was fully loaded, buttery through and through and rivaled any upscale steakhouse’s baked potato. 66 Pizzeria is also excellent for families, with crayons and paper for the kids, a great kid’s menu with good-sized portions (the spaghetti could be shared) and wide screen TV’s for viewing sports, etc. All in all, TriadFoodies recommends!

You can check out their menu and other details on their website: www.sixtysixpizzeria.com
They are located at 930 Hwy 66 South, Kernersville, NC

J. Pepper’s Southern Grille

We foodies want to make sure we share all the love so why not right in our own backyard here in Kvegas (Kernersville to all you outside of towners).  J.Pepper’s Southern Grille opened with much anticipation and CROWDS a little more than 15 months ago and they haven’t disappointed. Or let up….they actually added onto the space a few months back.  I’ve eaten there many times for brunch, lunch and dinner and it’s usually pretty fab.   J. Pepper’s is the type of restaurant that has a little something for everyone (as you’ll see from the beauty shots below), another local place that uses fresh local ingredients from local farmers and purveyors in our area.  The restaurant is spacious with a great bar complete with community table and a brilliant outdoor patio with umbrellas and a beautiful fireplace.  Perfect for dining al fresco.  And the menu changes to reflect seasonal offerings as well, on top of the great specials any given night.  Last night, I had dinner with my parents and sister’s family so we got to see and try many different dishes, which was super fun.  If you are ever there on the night when the Blackened Drum is offered, it is amazing with its spicy tarter sauce and tomato chutney.  And with TWO sides (I got the petite salad and grilled zucchini squash), it was plenty…um, yes I ate all of it.  Others at the table got the Kernersville Cobb (awesome and different with homemade pimento cheese and roasted beets), Salmon Patties (my Daddy says it was really good and he doesn’t compliment often), Meatloaf (liked and had plenty to take home) and the Filet (sis says OMG).  I can tell you their Mac-n-Cheese is delightful and then you can be real adult about it and ask for the Lobster Mac-n-Cheese…YUM.  My favorite appetizer by far is their Sweet Potato Guacamole.  That could be a meal, but don’t let it be…share it and save room for one of their awesome entrees, salads or sandwiches.  And they have amazing sides that are not just your every day stuff.  Oh and they have a fantastic brunch with these little biscuits that are so fluffy and perfect.  Definitely worth a try…right here in KVegas.  And we really needed a place like that in our little in-between town.

http://www.jpeppers.com, 841 Old Winston Road, Kernersville


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