foodie b’eat: Rooster’s A Noble Grille and a Noble Pursuit

jnobleA few years back when mr. foodie and I lived in Greensboro, our favorite restaurant was Chef Jimmy Noble’s Lo Spiedo de Noble. True farm to fork awesomeness. To this day the BEST dessert I ever had was there. It was a panna cotta with maple soaked figs. It sounded so weird to me at the time and we weren’t such adventurous eaters yet…but it was so amazing. So different…creamy, smoky, fruity, sweet. Perfect. Mr. foodie and I also spent a few bible studies after chef and his staff closed up for the night and it was nice getting to know him better. A love of locally owned restaurants was born.

Fast forward about 10 years later and here we are with triadfoodies. But not before Lo Spiedo is closed (property issues, not business issues) and chef takes much of his business to booming Charlotte. We still have Noble’s Grille in Winston-Salem, however.

I spoke with Chef Jim Noble a couple of weeks ago about some of the changes taking place at Noble’s and how it is transitioning to Rooster’s, his concept that’s so very successful in Charlotte. And how the restaurant business has been a catalyst to help him do so much more than feed the body.

Read it here. in  YES! Weekly.

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