Foodie B’eat: Welcome Dishcrawl to Winston-Salem!


Guess what? I’m the new Dishcrawl Ambassador for Winston-Salem. Very cool and right up my alley. Why? Because Dishcrawl is all about supporting our local restaurants and the chefs and owners behind the signature dishes. It has been my mission at triadfoodies to get behind LOCAL restaurants. Local isn’t a proximity…it’s a philosophy! We are so excited to have Dishcrawl in Winston-Salem after months of waiting. Here’s a little bit more about Dishcrawl and the founder, Tracy Lee….

Dishcrawl, Founder, Tracy Lee, triadfoodies

Dishcrawl Founder, Tracy Lee

Dishcrawl started in 2010 as a means to bring the community together. Tracy, who worked in the high-tech world, also had a food blog. And she says she found herself spending “3-4 hours a blog post writing epic love stories about restaurants.” (Sound familiar??) So, realizing that sharing this love was a passion, she started taking folks on these “dishcrawls” of 4 restaurants in a single evening. It took off, she started advertising and soon people were paying her to take them on these tours, thus Dishcrawl was born.

 Suddenly, the emails started coming…”People from all across North America started emailing me saying they too wanted to do something similar in their own cities.” They walked people through the business model and that eventually led to the Ambassador Program. “It gives folks the chance to be entrepeneurs and take life into their own hands.”

So what makes Dishcrawl different from a typical food tour? Here, it’s all about the gathering and bringing business and future business to the local restaurant scene, particularly the featured restaurants. Tracy says, “While some tours may have just a small taste at a number of restaurants, at Dishcrawl, you’re getting pretty much a full meal at each location.” (not to mention dessert). Plus, when you gather a group of 25-40 of your “neighbors”, things are bound to get fun, while still being intimate. It makes for a great date night, girls night out or even a guys night out. Tracy said she has had groups of men and women “alternate” their Dishcrawl experience, with the moms staying in so the dads can go out and then the next Dishcrawl, it’s the ladies’ turn.


I hope you join me on the debut of Dishcrawl Winston-Salem. Tickets will sell quickly so I hope you are at the front of the line. It will be so much fun meeting you and sharing with you a taste of these awesome restaurants we’ve lined up for you! I know you will love them as much as I do! To buy tickets or to learn more click here.

Until then, happy eating!  Find out what folks are saying about Dishcrawl here!


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