Southern Roots

This Southern girl sure loves true Southern cooking. There are plenty of restaurants that offer entrees that are Southern inspired but not many mid-to-upscale that specialize in it. One of the few is Southern Roots. As Southern as their name and with a touch of refinement. A glance at their menu will tell you why this lovely little Jamestown restaurant is so popular.

Southern Roots is tucked neatly off Main Street in downtown J-town. They used to be in the JH Adams Inn in High Point but moved several years ago to a place that is, as owner Lisa Hawley describes it, so much more  “them.” It’s a cozy, yet open restaurant with a truly awesome patio complete with fireplaces and heaters (and blankies) for those chilly nights or fans for the summer. When live music is playing on the patio, you might not want to leave.


Bar at Southern Roots


The patio


We were there on a day that Chef Wes Patterson was teasing us with his butt. His smoked butt that was still smoking outside and NOBODY could have it for lunch which was terrible because it smelled so heavenly.


The butt that was “smoking”—a few flames here due to high winds that day. Wes kept the lid closed 🙂

Alas, different Southern fare would be our lunch on this day. What to choose? A shrimp BLT with fried green tomato? Wedge salad? Meat loaf? Pimento cheese? Okra pizza? Southern baby!  There’s a whole slew of pizzas, salads, sandwiches and appetizers to choose from.

My mom-in-law chose the Thai style shrimp (not so Southern) and a side of their famous sautéed okra. This okra is literally sautéed in some olive oil and salt and pepper and it is divine. I get it every time I’m there. Her shrimp were plump and sweet and spicy, but not too much so. She also added the sweet potato fries for the table. By the way, Southern Roots might be one of her top places to eat in the Triad.

Thai shrimp, okra, sweet potato fries

Thai shrimp, okra, sweet potato fries

Her friend got the Beef Tenderloin. She was quiet about the sandwich. I trust she liked it since she said it was “pretty good.”  I try not to question people too much….they may not be as into food as I am ;).


After thinking it over I decided to order the fried cajun catfish, which came with 2 sides. I got, yes, the okra and a side of eggplant fries. Sounded good and they were! They were reminiscent of onion rings but with a little heartier texture inside. The catfish did not disappoint with its lime caper tarter sauce. It had a light crusty exterior and the inside was delicious and juicy.


Cajun Catfish

Kidlets shared some chicken tenders and mac & cheese. They were fab. And eaten so that’s saying something.


I’d been wanting to go back to Southern Roots since I started my blog but something always got in the way of my plans. I was especially excited to go back since meeting Chef Wes Patterson in Competition Dining’s Fire In The Triad and experiencing his awesome dishes in Rounds 1 and 2. I’d still love to see him do a bluefish and beer BLT like he did in the quarterfinals. Awesome!

Chef Wes Patterson

Chef Wes Patterson

You definitely should check out Southern Roots if you haven’t had the chance. They also do catering and you can find prepared foods in their large refrigerator case at their entry. They take reservations for lunch but NOT for dinner, so sit down at the bar and enjoy a beverage while you wait. Enjoy the music too. And get your Southern on!

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2 thoughts on “Southern Roots

  1. Samantha Simons

    My sister jumps over there from work at GTCC regularly and took me there on a visit home from Japan last summer. LOVE the food there! Been trying to replicate the pimento cheese (very unsuccessfully) since then!

    1. triadfoodies Post author

      They are awesome! I’ll see if they’ll share that recipe. I know they use Gouda. A tip I learned was adding some softened cream cheese to the mixture. That helps with texture and keeps it from being too mayonnaise-y. Not sure if that’s what they are doing, but it’s worth a try. Thanks for reading!


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