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There’s nothing I love more than visiting local produce stands, markets and generally, places of foodie fabulousness. Take a look around town at some of my favorite places to peak into when I have a little extra time on my hands….

Washington Perk & Provisions (Winston-Salem)
228 West Acadia Avenue
Downtown Perk/Fourth Street


The name says it all. One look inside and it’s like part coffee shop, sandwich shop, part convenience store…only the way cool kind of convenience store with its everyday necessities (like ketchup, mustard, mayo and honey), to gourmet chips,  Chad’s Chai & Tea and local milk from Homeland Creamery, local grass-fed meat from Meadows Family Farm and local and regional craft beer and a great wine selection. They just opened their “Downtown Perk” Fourth Street location last Friday, May 3. And what a welcome site it is. Here are pics from my recent visit to their Acadia Avenue location.

IMG_3865     IMG_3862

IMG_3872    IMG_3868

Virgilio’s Premium Vinegars, Oils & Edibles (Kernersville)

210 North Main Street


This awesome addition to Kvegas recently moved into a cherished spot in The Factory Shoppes downtown. It’s a beautiful store with wonderful gift ideas. Every flavored vinegar imaginable and flavored olive oils to boot. Try the Chocolate Balsamic vinegar drizzled around a steak for a little added flavor, or on strawberries, or waffles, or, or…wait, back to the shop. There are edibles and jellies and accompaniments too but the stars of the show are the olive oils and vinegars and Margarita herself. Check out their Facebook page or website for “happenings” like cooking classes and wine tours. They are also a part of Beach Music Party on Friday, May 17 with music, drinks, gelato, etc. Did I mention they also sell wine? And Beans Boro coffee? Well, they do!

IMG_2875      IMG_2877 IMG_2881      IMG_2886

Let It Grow Produce (Winston-Salem)
4825 Country Club Road


I don’t just shop at gourmet places with fancy schmancy oils and wines. I really love shopping for beautiful, in-season, produce provided by our local farms. And Winston-Salem has a few of local produce markets that are open week-long if you can’t get to some of the weekend ones. Let It Grow Produce provides produce from local farms and some certified organic items too. You’ll find local jams & jellies, Red Clay Gourmet Pimento Cheese and a really lovely and large variety of produce and even a freezer of meat . I even enjoyed some of the best dry pasta I’ve ever had from Pasta Wench.

IMG_2584     IMG_2583

IMG_2581     IMG_2588

For more information on all of these great spots, click the links on their business name. Happy shopping, foodies!


What say you, foodie?

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