Have you heard about Summerfield Farms?

Can’t wait to learn more about this awesome farm #foodie #greeneats

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As you may have heard we are opening an event venue out in Summerfield, the Barn at Summerfield Farms (post to come).  What you may not know is Summerfield Farms is a picturesque yet fully functioning farm the captures the essence of the beautiful Carolina countryside and we want to tell you a little more about it.

The Farm was started in an effort to bring health, responsibility and ethics back to farming and land management. They believe this is an important move as people take a greater interest in knowing what goes into our environment and into the production of our food. They care about the animals they raise and the land they grow on. Happier animals are in turn healthier animals from birth to harvest. They believe their model produces healthier beef and poultry that is flavorful.

Summerfield Farms is located at 3203 Pleasant Ridge Road in Summerfield…

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