I KNOW that the Competition Dining Series’ Fire in the Triad has their own blogger, but can I just tell you, I’d LOVE to be the OTHER blogger.  This past week must’ve been “KILLER-NARY” heaven.  This week’s winners were the great John Milner,Milner’s American Southern and Kristina Fuller, The Bistro at Adams Farm.

Last week’s Battle Bison has everybody talking as Undercurrent’s Michael Harkenreader (another Greensboro restaurant) eeked past Mozelle’s Janis Karanthanas. That was such a close battle, with just a point between the two.  Oh to have been a spoon in a dish….anyway, I’m daydreaming.  Not to be outdone, bring on this week’s last of the preliminary rounds.  I was just SICK when I realized I’d missed my opportunity to see one of my faves, John Milner (Milner’s American Southern) go head to head with one of my other faves, Taylor Brett of Bin 33.  Milner’s finally put a Winston-Salem restaurant in the running and joins Bistro B’s Tim as the only 2 winners from Forsyth County.  Those of us on western side of the county line know that we are surrounded by culinary genius so it’s nice to see a couple winners from over “h’ya.”  So happy for you, John Milner! You have a special place in our heart at Triadfoodies and you still hold the #1 best brunch I ever had (Pork tenderloin Benedict).  And your catering and service are top notch.  And, Bin 33…righteous.

The last of the prelim’s featured Kristina Fuller of The Bistro at Adams Farm (GSO) and Chris Russell of B. Christopher’s (Burlington).  This foodie has never eaten at either place.  A sin, I know…I’m but ONE person (on a budget, no less).  The battle: Poulet Rouge…loves me some chicken.  And they even managed to work in dessert courses with this French beast.  Fuller edged out Russell by another close point.  What I am finding interesting is, in some cases, the “public” vote differs from the “pro judge” vote.  But it’s weighted to be as fair as possible.  Really, they are all winners.  And we win by eating at their restaurants.  Check out and take a look at the results.


Bistro B v. Josephine’s

Southern Lights v 1618 West

Maybe someone will ask me to be a pro judge. That would be a dream come true 🙂


What say you, foodie?

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