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Burger Warfare: Strikes A Balance Between Good Food & Entertainment


This is an expanded version of the same story that ran in YES! Weekly on January 6.

When you enter Burger Warfare, you’re immediately struck by the “futuristic” military theme as the name implies. Actually it happens before you enter with the artillery-clad robotic looking sculpture that greets you outside. Inside, there’s military inspired artwork, digital camo throughout, industrial lighting, dining chairs made out of Humvee seats and even military videos in the bathrooms.  It’s pretty manly, but in a sexy, military dude kind of way that won’t be off-putting to the ladies.  Occasionally, throughout your tour, you’ll hear helicopters and military jets soaring “overhead.”  You feel positively embedded.

So we set up camp at our table in our very sturdy seats and started perusing the “food classifications.” Lots of burgers, sandwiches, salads and appetizers and a plethora of shakes made with BW’s homemade custard. I just love custard—way more than ice cream.  If you’ve never had it, give it a try. If you like “adult milkshakes” be sure to check out the Shake & Awe section of menu where you can choose from a spiritous variety of shakes like Fireball and Kahlua and whipped vodka.

Mr. foodie took immediate action and ordered a round of appetizers of Cheese Planks (mozzarella sticks with marinara sauce) and Bot Tots loaded with chili and cheese. Burger Warfare is kind of famous for their Bot Tots, so just assume you will be ordering them. They are terrific with a side of their Warfare Sauce, which is kind of like a comeback sauce or “special sauce.” Even if your tots are loaded, you’re going to dip them into this sweet and tangy sauce made with sweet red chili peppers. It’s that good.



The Fort Bragg was the must-try for me. Double Certified Angus Beef patty cooked to my choosing, with pimento cheese, onions, chorizo chili, coleslaw, and beer mustard using sister brewery Pig Pounder’s Boar Brown. I’m not going to say I could taste every element (I’d have enjoyed a bit more pimento cheese) but it was hearty and satisfying and a great riff on a Carolina Burger (with a touch of Dirty South with that pimento cheese thrown in).


Mr. foodie ordered the Cuban Missile Crisis which loads some chorizo between 2 CAB patties, topped with Paprika Mojos sauce, shoe string potatoes (!!) and grilled onions. Huge. Messy. And devoured. My children aren’t keen on burgers (because who knows why) so they opted for chicken tenders and a side of bot tots. What can we say? They were good. They ate them. But the burgers are the way to go.


You can even turn your burger bunless and wrap it in lettuce or substitute your beef for turkey, chicken or black bean. Why would you, I ask?

Of course with such temptations as milkshakes to go along with our burgers, we went all in. Kids got their choice for a modest $1.50 and we decided to split a shake from the bar. We created our own with bourbon, Frangelica and Kahlua. It came in a tall, slim mug and it was delicious. After that, we surrendered to utter fullness.


Burger Warfare strikes a balance of great food and entertainment. The robotic sculptures in three corners of the building talk back and forth with one another and threaten the patrons with confiscating their tots. If you are paying close attention, you may even recognize them. They’re dressed up in all kinds of get-ups. Here’s a hint: Opponent 1 is named RDMD, he has red and yellow sideways arches, Opponent 2- WND, swirls and freckles, , Opponent 3- wears a crown and stockings– a tip of the hat to the “Burger Wars” that started it all. And the ruler of all of them, AWE. He’s out front with a QR code on his launcher and Burger spelled in “alien type letters.” A tip of the hat to the burger wars that started it all. But really as far as BW is concerned, there’s no comparison.





Burger Warfare is definitely an expandable and even franchise-able concept. Of all developer Marty Kotis’ properties, I think it is certainly the one that is most universally appealing to young and old, and marches to the drumbeat of those that call themselves patriots or happen to have an affinity for the military. It’s a great addition to Kick Ass Concepts’ line of restaurants which include Darryl’s Woodfired Grill, The Marshall Free House, Pig Pounder Brewery & Tap Room and a few more in the hopper.  What makes a great restaurant is a good ambiance and great food and Burger Warfare has both. Marty Kotis shared with us what’s to come in the future. A beer garden downtown with a savory biscuit concept; a Caribbean/Seafood concept for the old Ham’s lakeside location that was recently purchased; and an Argentine/Spanish concept known behind the Village Tavern off Westridge Road, in Greensboro. And he confirms that he’s definitely working on expanding Darryl’s and Burger Warfare to other cities.

And you heard it here first!

Now, march to Burger Warfare, foodies!

Burger Warfare 
1209 Battleground Avenue, Greensboro


Big Burger Spot

Big Burger Spot, Greensboro, NC triadfoodies 3/16/2013

Big Burger Spot (Front)

How many times have the foodies been asked, “where do I get a good burger?” or “Where’s the best burger joint?” And I answer, “Locally owned? Hmmmm…..” Now that’s a little embarrassing, don’t you think? I can name restaurants that have great burgers and a few chains with great burgers but I’m just getting to know the locally owned burger “joints.” I haven’t been a real strict local burger joint foodie..until recently. Well, we can most assuredly tell you that in Greensboro we have found an AWESOME burger “spot.” Big Burger Spot is the really fun kind of burger joint, total blink and you miss it kind of place. On the side of a gas station and convenience store…not exactly a dive, but almost!

Big Burger Spot has developed a strong following and has been voted Greensboro’s Best Burger. It’s also part of the Destination Guide’s 2013 Best of City Tour. So we figure other foodies must know what they are talking about and it was high time we tried them ourselves and then share with you, foodies, if it lived up to the promise. It does! It does!

Big Burger Spot, Greensboro, Menu, triadfoodies

Menu…uhhh…this is gonna take a sec

Here, it’s all about the burgers. You can get other things like chicken, BBQ, Brisket, or hot dogs and none of my people got that so I can only speak of burgers. The choices are endless with toppings if you want to customize and they also have a whole selection of menu burgers like Pimento Cheese, Carolina, Philly, Mushroom-Swiss, Patty Melt, Backyard BBQ, South of the Border, veggie (as in no meat), you get the idea. You can go Almost Big, Big or Colossal (which is double the meat).

Backyard BBQ Burger w/Fries

Classic Burger w/Fries

Backyard BBQ Burger

Backyard BBQ Burger

Big Burger Spot, Greensboro, NC triadfoodies 3/16/2013 Kid Burger w/Fries

Kid’s Burger w/ Cheese (w/ Fries)

Carolina Burger Big Burger Spot, triadfoodies

Almost Big Carolina Burger

Bunless Colassal Backyard BBQ Burger, Big Burger Spot triadfoodies

Bunless “Colossal” Backyard BBQ Burger (Cheese, BBQ sauce, bacon, crispy onion)

Mr. foodie thought he’d forgo the bun and get fries. He enjoyed the flavor of his burger but the experience is not as enjoyable without a bun. He’s right. These aren’t just any buns. They are deliciously soft and rich BRIOCHE buns, “polished” with melted butter. The Big Burger Spot guys are not messing around with their buns, hon. Everyone really liked their burger. My Carolina burger was excellent. The best chili I’ve ever had on a burger. And I swapped fresh onions for some crispy onions and it was a great complement. Again, you can load up your burger with all kinds of toppings from lettuce and tomato to pesto mayo, roasted red peppers or bacon, pimento cheese, etc.

And you can get all kinds of hand-cut fries. Classic, Sweet Potato Waffle and then top your fries with Cheddar or Bacon and Cheddar or Chili Cheese, Bacon Ranch, Pesto Garlic Aioli, Parmesan Garlic, Truffle Fries, Parmesan Truffle or you can load them up like NACHOS. We got the Parmesan truffle. We still have some left even 4 days later. We will eat them.

White Truffle Parmesan Fries

White Truffle Parmesan Fries

Guy Bradley, Owner--Big Burger Spot, Greensboro

Guy Bradley, Owner (and cook)

Owner Guy Bradley was there, living his dream of a burger spot, just shelling out burgers on little trays as fast as he could. The place was packed but the service was fast and the wait wasn’t long.

Outside patio

Outside patio

There’s not a lot of seating inside…only a few tables but there’s great seating in the pet friendly patio outside.

When you go, foodies, get the full experience and get the milkshake. We didn’t have the guts after all that, but I bet it would’ve hit the spot on a great Spring-like day.

So now I have a “Burger Spot” to recommend and it couldn’t be named any better.
3750-A Battleground Avenue, Greensboro, NC
Open 7 days a week, Lunch and Dinner
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