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Backyard Flavor: How the Pros Smoke ‘Em Out

Hi, foodies!

I don’t plan to make a habit of posting and linking every story I do for YES! Weekly. But I thought this is especially timely and such fun chatting with some local chefs about how they celebrate the perfect backyard experience.

I  penned the opener of this week’s issue of YES! Weekly. Read it here!

Then click on the CHOW icon for my chat with the local chefs. Talk soon, foodies!



triadfoodies named Top NC Bloggers to follow by FlipKey

Hey, foodies!

Long time no chat. Been busy traveling and eating while we travel. Stay tuned for some recaps which are way overdue and deserved.

I got a note today that triadfoodies was just named a top NC-based blog to follow by FlipKey by tripadvisor. Pretty cool since when we travel across NC and beyond, we love to let you know about the greatest local eats.

I’m in some great company in this list. Check it out!

We’ll talk soon!