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Bubbly and Brunch at Vin 205

Back in September when we enjoyed a wonderful Chef’s Table with Chef Oren Feuerberg at Vin 205 Farm to Table Bistro, owner Caleb Flint said he wanted to do it again, but this time to show off Chef’s skills at brunch.

Twist. My. Arm.

We decided to kick off the new year with a Bubbles and Brunch a couple of weeks back.  And man, was it delicious. But I expected it to be. The food at Vin 205 is superb and Caleb Flint really knows how to make his guests feel special. And our Chef’s Tables are just filled with foodies and fellowship and we just have the best time. You should join us for one soon!

You’re met at Vin205 with the Wine Merchants shop. I’m not sure what’s more difficult, trying to refrain yourself from being drawn in by the wonderful aromas of the kitchen because you came to do a little shopping, or not taking a seat immediately because you’re interested in the market. Hopefully you make time for both.

Caleb continues to add more and more to the wine market and now shoppers not only can find wines from boutique vineyards from our local region and all over the globe, but also a plentiful selection of Joyce Farms meats and regional cheeses, chocolates and gourmet items.


Chef Oren Feuerberg and Owner Caleb Flint, Wine Merchants & Vin 205 Bistro

Vin205 is certainly gaining ground during the week with dinner featuring live music and wine events. But what Executive Chef Oren and Caleb are endeavoring to highlight is their Sunday brunch. The chef-driven menu changes often with special spins on traditional favorites. And Caleb brought in some of his favorite local purveyors to give them special recognition during our four courses. Batistini Farms, Camino Bakery and Magic Beans Coffee were all special guests at the table and on the palate.

Course 1


Duo of Mini Quiche (Potato & Bacon; Spinach & Mushroom paired with Vin 205 House Salad tossed in Raspberry Vinaigrette with Batistini Farms Vanishing Grape Balsamic, goat cheese

I’d like to think I get out enough but I can’t think of a single quiche I’ve had that has potato AND bacon and to me that just seems like a delicious no-brainer. And I’ve also never had spinach WITH mushroom in a quiche. And of the tasty tasty two, the spinach and mushroom was my favorite. Batistini’s Vanishing Grape is a new favorite of ours and was recently featured in our holiday gift guide. See it here. It’s so worth the purchase as it adds incredible flavor to salads and cheeses. Tom Sephton, imports and bottles the balsamic and oils in Clemmons. “We have basic olive oil and flavored olive oils as well as aged balsamic. All of the oils we bottle are very, very fresh and the harvest date for all oils is right there on the bottle.”

Course 2


Truffled Scrambled Eggs with Camino Brioche Toast

Here we are, days later, and I’m still thinking about those light and fluffy eggs that had been scrambled in truffle oil and topped with truffle shavings…and that bread which Chef and his team griddled so perfectly.

Emily Masters, of Camino Bakery, told the group that the brioche is one of the most popular offerings at Camino. “It’s baked fresh every day, like all our other baked goods. It’s fluffy, buttery with flour from King Arthur Flour, milled in Graham, and milk from Homeland Creamery in Julian.” 

Course 3


Brown Butter Poached Shrimp & Pimento Cheese Grits

A twist on a traditional brunch favorite and charmingly served in a glass jar. The grits were cheesy perfection.  Our guest, Chris Roth, then praised the chef as the best shrimp and grits he’d ever had.

Course 4

House made Raspberry & Blueberry Muffins with Coffee Service by Magic Beans Coffee

The muffins were lightly sweet and fluffy with whole berries throughout and a great little sweet ending to our brunch. Our “dessert” was paired with Magic Beans air-roasted coffee served two ways. The first tasting was with Magic Beans Essence, a concentrated coffee extract that is added to hot water or other liquids. The second tasting was Wine Merchants and Vin 205’s exclusive Magic Beans blend in the French press. Owners Neal and Mary Pruett served each guest . Neal Pruett told us, “Air roasted coffee is so smooth. One of our mottos is that you can ‘drink ours black’.”

Caleb told the group, “Folks who know me know I’m a rather enthusiastic coffee drinker and we just love how unique and special Magic Beans is.” Not only does Wine Merchants serve the blend, but the beans are sold in bulk as well as the Essence.


Mary and Neal Pruett, Magic Beans LLC

Though guests at Chef’s Table are usually responsible for purchasing their own beverages, which makes it unlike a wine dinner, what we love about Caleb Flint is that he takes advantage of owning a wine shop and offers everyone a taste of what the shop has to offer. Each of the 27 guests were allowed to share bottles of bubbly rose on the tables. And each setting was made even more charming by the varying coffee mugs at each place. Those attention to details is what keeps me coming back to Vin 205 and what will bring us back there again, possibly in the summer, for another Chef’s Table to let Chef Oren surprise us, yet again.

Wanna go? Vin 205 is located at 205 S. Stratford Road, Winston-Salem. Open for dinner Tuesday  through Thursday 4-9:30pm; Friday Lunch and Dinner 11:30am to 9:30pm, Saturday Brunch 10am-3pm; Saturday Dinner 5-9:30pm, Sunday Brunch 10:00-3:00. Wine Merchants is open Tuesday-Saturday 10am-9pm, Sunday 10am-3pm. vin205.com

PS: Foodies, our next Chef’s Table at B. Christopher’s sold out in 24 hours. We are so thrilled you are supporting our local chefs. We’ll announce a new Chef’s Table soon!  Where would you like to see us?


Green Valley Grill

header2The foodies love love to tell you about hidden treasures in the Triad, but sometimes the big ol’ extended fam likes to gather at a place that is tried and true and big enough to accommodate 14 of us right after church on Sunday. One place that fits that bill is Greensboro’s own treasure, Green Valley Grill. Located adjacent to Quaintance-Weaver’s O’Henry Hotel, GVG has a huge following because it is consistently great and it is definitely one of the popular spots in town. So for you foodies, who’ve been there and done that, please keep reading. If you’ve never been to GVG, well you are going to see many reasons why you should go. Why, just the other day I spoke with a nice lady who’d NEVER eaten there. Maybe by now, she’s taken my advice :).

What we affectionately call the United Nations of the Green Valley Grill

What we affectionately call the United Nations of the Green Valley Grill

First of all, the foodies love that Green Valley Grill boasts lots of local flavor each season. The menu changes often for that reason, plus Executive Chef Leigh Hesling (GVG and sister restaurant Print Works Bistro) has become a bit of a local celeb with his local television appearances with cooking segments and interviews, along with his recent foyer into the Fire in the Triad cooking competition. Perhaps you’ve even seen Chef Hesling driving his London “Farm to Fork” Taxi after a run to the local farmer’s market.  His mantra is the closer to the farm, the better the flavor.


Brunch is quite fun at GVG. There are a good number of creative choices, a few Benedict’s, a special French toast, a chef’s special (you’ll know when you get there) and generally not your run of the mill breakfast items. Plus if you are against brunch, you’ll find delicious appetizers, flat breads, sandwiches, salads and entrees.

The menu has already changed since I visited but the following pics should give you a pretty good idea about the choices at brunch.

Truffle Fries w/ Parmesan Garlic Aioli

Truffle Fries w/ Parmesan Garlic Aioli

I have to stop right here. Those truffle fries are banging. So is the aioli. It is difficult to share. And I had to share with my niece because she’s so cute. And she loves them too…way to much. I went to GVG one night for dessert and Mr. foodie got dessert and I got these. I’d rather have these than chocolate or wine or even chocolate AND wine together.

Fresh Multigrain Bread (there's white bread too)

Fresh Multigrain Bread (there’s white bread too)

Parmesan Crusted Chicken

Parmesan Crusted Chicken

Bananas Foster French Toast

Bananas Foster French Toast

Short Rib Sliders (appetizer as entree)

Short Rib Sliders (appetizer as entree)

Grilled Chicken Salad

Grilled Chicken Salad

Beer & Gruyere Souffle

Beer & Gruyere Souffle


I have no idea what this is? It might scrambled eggs and sausage a la mr. Foodie

Another Benedict, this one with Black Forest Ham

A Benedict, this one with Black Forest Ham

Toad in a Hole

Toad in a Hole

Everyone seemed to like their dishes. I loved my soufflé. It was delicious with a couple slices of bacon on top. Everything was in one dish. For some reason I don’t have a pic of one favorite items at GVG’s lunch an that’s the salmon cakes. They are served with poached eggs, hollandaise and the famous GVG home fries. I’ve had the Parmesan crusted chicken before and it’s always a top seller. Yumminess all around.

And there was more food than this to see, but the kidlets basically shared eggs and bacon and there were a couple of duplicates, such as the sliders. And I didn’t take pics of dessert because everyone messed it up before I could get a shot off.

Now, in addition to brunch, which is undoubtedly a popular time, Green Valley Grill also serves lunch and dinner and they never disappoint. Those truffle fries better stay on the menu if Chef Hesling knows what’s good for him. Definitely amazing. The housemade savory pies, aka beef turnovers, are also awesome. Their salads are always fresh with wonderful, creative features. And the entrees are always top notch, once again mostly seasonal and procuring what they can from local farms and sources. The wine list is extensive. I highly recommend a glass (or bottle) of their own Kew Double Ewe (get it?) Merlot or Pinot Noir. The bar is always elegant but casual and the patio is where everybody wants to be.

The foodies hold a special place for the O’Henry and the kitchen that is the Green Valley Grill. I had my rehearsal dinner and wedding reception there and it was the last place Mr. foodie and I ate before we dragged ourself to Women’s Center to have our first baby. So the hotel and restaurant have been there for us during some momentous occasions.

Whether your occasion is momentous or you just have a hot date or you’re hanging with friends or family, it’s definitely a spot that has earned its rightful place as gem among Greensboro’s best.

622 Green Valley Road, Greensboro, NC
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2520 Tavern


What do we call 2520 Tavern? New? Established? Yes, to both. What started over 30 years ago as the landmark Dockside Seafood in Clemmons has transformed into a new partnership that has generated quite a reputation in a short period of time.  Seafood still has a special place on the menu, but now you’ll find more mainstream as well as Greek influences on the menu.

2520 Tavern has become a venue for parties and rehearsal dinners, meetings and family get-togethers all the while maintaining steady restaurant business in a town where chain restaurants are on almost every corner. People come from all over to dine here and it’s not just to avoid Twin City traffic and crowds. It’s casual and comfortable but pretty enough to feel fancy if you are getting dolled up for a date. There’s also a large selection of steak, chicken, salads (lots do them!), sandwiches and other chef’s specialties to choose from. And plenty of great appetizers too. Check out the Spanakopita Roll. It’s Yia-yia’s recipe rolled into an egg roll and deep fried. It was kind of like a spinachy mozzarella stick, but bigger and served with marinara. Definitely a must get.  Also, try the lobster nachos or Duck wings.  Chicken livers, maybe? Yep, those are on the menu too. You can even enjoy their variation of Oysters Rockafeller.  So let’s get on with the fabulousness x 20 (because that’s how many people were in the private dining room).

Now I can only speak for my dish and Sister foodie’s spanakopita and I may have tried a bite of her steak. Other than that, we just have to take my Mama and Daddy’s, aunt, uncle and cousins’ words for it. Behold a lot of pics of food. Everyone said their food was delicious and no one walked away huffy, so I think it’s safe to assume it was a hit.
As an appetizer, I had to try the oyster stew. I hadn’t had it in years and years and this stew was rich and hearty with a puff pastry crouton. Yummy! For my main course, I had East Meets West–a sesame encrusted tuna topped with crab cream cheese, avocado and drizzled with an Asian plum and sweet chile sauce. It was served over their signature rice pilaf and sugar snap peas. The tuna was delicious as was the crab cream cheese, though I’m not sure the tuna NEEDED the topping as it was delicious on its own.

IMG_3127  Oyster Stew
IMG_3137   East Meets West
IMG_3128 Grilled Chicken Teriyaki

IMG_3131   Salmon Scampi

IMG_3130 Popcorn Shrimp

IMG_3132  Kid Burger with Fries

IMG_3134 A steak. Not sure which, sorry, Foodies!

IMG_3143  Another steak!

IMG_3144   Chicken Bowtie Pasta in a rose cream sauce

IMG_3142 IMG_3141  Salad with the ever famous “HOT PUPPIES”. A 30-year recipe from Dockside

IMG_3139 Marinated, grilled chicken w/ sweet potatoes

IMG_3138   Cran Apple Chop. Lovely chargrilled bone in chop with a spicy apple and cranberry chutney. Pretty, huh?

IMG_3136  More shrimp from The Dockside

IMG_3129  Fried Flounder

My family loves its fried seafood. Anybody got a cardiologist?

IMG_3133   Kids Chicken Fingers

Okay. That’s not totally 20 plates of food because some people got the same things.  There are lots to choose from. You can get your seafood fried or grilled or topped or plain. The variations are endless. And of course there’s a marvelous selection of desserts including the Greek classic Loukoumades…lightly fried dough dusted with cinnamon sugar and drizzled with honey on chocolate creme anglaise…might have to go back for that! My people brought in dessert, so I wasn’t able to test out any specialties, oh well. 2520 Tavern is also open for lunch as well as Sunday brunch from 11-4. The Gallins, Gianopoulos and Pappas families have a combined 100 years of experience as well as sister restaurant, Sammy G’s in High Point. So they pretty much have their act together. And opening soon, an Italian Steakhouse in the old Staley’s location on Reynolda Road in Winston-Salem. Both current locations offer catering and special event dining.

2520 Lewisville Clemmons Road, Clemmons
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J. Pepper’s Southern Grille

We foodies want to make sure we share all the love so why not right in our own backyard here in Kvegas (Kernersville to all you outside of towners).  J.Pepper’s Southern Grille opened with much anticipation and CROWDS a little more than 15 months ago and they haven’t disappointed. Or let up….they actually added onto the space a few months back.  I’ve eaten there many times for brunch, lunch and dinner and it’s usually pretty fab.   J. Pepper’s is the type of restaurant that has a little something for everyone (as you’ll see from the beauty shots below), another local place that uses fresh local ingredients from local farmers and purveyors in our area.  The restaurant is spacious with a great bar complete with community table and a brilliant outdoor patio with umbrellas and a beautiful fireplace.  Perfect for dining al fresco.  And the menu changes to reflect seasonal offerings as well, on top of the great specials any given night.  Last night, I had dinner with my parents and sister’s family so we got to see and try many different dishes, which was super fun.  If you are ever there on the night when the Blackened Drum is offered, it is amazing with its spicy tarter sauce and tomato chutney.  And with TWO sides (I got the petite salad and grilled zucchini squash), it was plenty…um, yes I ate all of it.  Others at the table got the Kernersville Cobb (awesome and different with homemade pimento cheese and roasted beets), Salmon Patties (my Daddy says it was really good and he doesn’t compliment often), Meatloaf (liked and had plenty to take home) and the Filet (sis says OMG).  I can tell you their Mac-n-Cheese is delightful and then you can be real adult about it and ask for the Lobster Mac-n-Cheese…YUM.  My favorite appetizer by far is their Sweet Potato Guacamole.  That could be a meal, but don’t let it be…share it and save room for one of their awesome entrees, salads or sandwiches.  And they have amazing sides that are not just your every day stuff.  Oh and they have a fantastic brunch with these little biscuits that are so fluffy and perfect.  Definitely worth a try…right here in KVegas.  And we really needed a place like that in our little in-between town.

http://www.jpeppers.com, 841 Old Winston Road, Kernersville


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