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foodies! Get yourself to the Wine v. Beer Luau at 1703

When we say you should, we so mean it.  I wouldn’t steer you wrong, foodies. Chef Curtis Hackaday is showing how he’s inspired by his former Hawaii with another 2nd Supper Wine versus Beer Dinner…this one Luau focused. We just know it’s going to be great!

1703 Restaurant & Catering is continuing with their 2nd Sunday Supper, this time with a rematch of their Beer v. Wine Dinner. The dinner will be paired with a Luau as Chef Curtis roasts a whole pig. The event is this Sunday, September 11 at 6:30pm.

We went to the last one and omg…it was amazing. We had to judge how each of the 5 courses paired with beers from Mystery Brewing of Hillsborough versus some hand-picked wine selections. Overall, it was a tie. Kind of strange. But it was so fun to really taste the nuances in the wine or beer and how it complemented the dishes. For instance, part of the dessert really liked the wine. But another part of the dessert liked the beer. Plus we got a great education from the rep from Mystery Brewing. After declaring a tie, it only makes sense for a rematch. “I’ll continue to do the versus dinners because I want both beer and wine drinkers to come. It seems to bring a happy discussion to the table,”Curtis told me today.


From last month’s dinner, porchetta with deliciousness like watermelon and fried okra straws

As for the Luau theme, it just seems natural. Curtis says Hawaii is near and dear to him as he lived there for four years as a child. “It has had the most impact on my style of cooking. Visions of whole ducks and sides of pork in the window at a mall eatery are still entrenched in my memory. Hawaiian food is a melting pot of the Pacific and a Luau is their version of a party or feast so this should be a lot of fun.”

suckling pig

Chef has already given his new Latin style pig roaster a trial run by cooking a suckling pig and handing out free pork sandwiches. Everyone who endured the heat to see the unveiling and tasting of the pig says it was fantastic. Chef Curtis Hackaday is arguably one of the most creative chefs in the Triad and we’re sure this event will be no less impressive. He’s like the chef you watch on Chef’s Table, but it’s not hundreds of dollars per person. 😀

Seating is limited, $55 per person. Call for reservations (336) 725-5767.

1703 Restaurant & Catering: A Re-visit and foodie b’eat for CHOW at YES! Weekly


1703 Chef Curtis Hackaday

Recently we re-visited 1703 Restaurant and Catering to check out Chef Curtis Hackaday’s Tapas Tuesday that he “pops up” in addition to the normal stellar menu at the restaurant. I’ve often said that Chef Curt is one of the most daring and creative in the Triad. We dined out with 7 friends and we really had Chef just throw at us whatever. AND we enjoyed 1/2-price wine too.

Can’t beat it with a stick!

Anyway, the food was amazing and we ate everything from Chicken of the Wood Mushroom inside squid ink steamed buns and lamb heart tartare and duck hearts and fava beans and chanterelle pate….all I can say is WOW!

Check it out here in my CHOW Column in YES! Weekly. And do yourself a flavor, foodies and please visit 1703 Restaurant in Winston-Salem. Tell them you couldn’t stay away after you read all about the deliciousness in triadfoodies and YES! Weekly.

It would be true.

triadfoodies “Hit List”–a good one!

I’ve been kind of getting a stockpile of places that I’ve tried and loved and been kind of busy to post them all individually so I’m going to take some time here to share some great places that you must try. A few new ones, some old faves that I’ve not mentioned on this here blog and pics and accolades to go along with them. Links and addresses are included.

Outwest Steakhouse, 1185 Highway 66, Kernersville

I must start with a restaurant in the town in which I live. A place that it’s been so long  that I had eaten there that I didn’t even want to go. It’s kind of packed on Saturday and my parents, sister…all of us and our kids got together for birthdays. I must admit, I wasn’t keen on visiting Outwest. But I was pleasantly surprised by great steaks, hot food, and all that you’d expect from a steakhouse. Believe it or not, I decided to NOT order steak because I’d heard the Tuna was delicious and I’ll have to agree. So, if you need an “in-between” the cities meeting spot that’s casual and you get there early enough, you won’t be waiting in all the revelry that seems to arrive around 7:30. It does get busy Outwest.

IMG_1727 IMG_1728 IMG_1729 IMG_1730 IMG_1731


98 Asian Bistro, 1800 North Main St., High Point


This place is gorgeous. So dimly lit to completely prepare you for your Asian fare. The food is really great too. Our table had fresh Spring Rolls, Fried Spring Rolls, Pad Thai, Chicken Stir Fry, Black  Pepper Beef…and you know Mr. foodie got Curry. Each and every dish was fresh and tasty. It’s located in a little center that used to be a car dealership. Check them out when you’ve got a craving for Thai cuisine. You won’t be disappointed.

IMG_1321 IMG_1320 IMG_1319 IMG_1327 IMG_1326 IMG_1324 IMG_1322

Sushi Republic, 329 Tate Street, Greensboro

Arguably THE BEST sushi in Greensboro. There’s no other place that offers such interesting and innovative sushi with its fusion inspired rolls. And whatever you do, you MUST get the Garlic Edamame. It is incredible. The Vegetable Tempura is also very pleasing but what I do miss at Sushi Republic is the slight sweetness that typically comes with the dipping sauce that goes with tempura. It’s still really good and the sushi…I’ve never been disappointed. My favorite is still the Black Tiger Roll.

IMG_1299 IMG_1298


Hops Burger Bar, 2419 Spring Garden Street, Greensboro

It’s been a long time coming…eating here. Every time I’ve tried there’s been a line out the door. So we arrived on Sunday at 4:30 because the other place we wanted to try had a line out the door. And we didn’t feel like waiting (which is weird because it was only 4:30) so we told ourselves, “Hops might not have a wait!” But they did. It wasn’t out the door…we were 2nd in line but we did have to wait. So that tells you they might be worth it. So after about 20 minutes or so we were seated. I don’t have many pics here but we all got burgers (except the kidlets, who shared chicken fingers). Mr. foodie ordered a burger with Chevre and Pepper Jelly…YUM! I ordered the French Onion with caramelized onions, gruyere cheese, garlic and thyme aioli. It came with its own jus/gravy…I didn’t think it needed it and only dipped a couple of times. I highly recommend the Garlic Rosemary Fries. Presentation is awesome and service is great. Burgers best served with any of a plethora of NC Craft Beers.

IMG_2279 IMG_2272

Kabobs on Fourth, 214 West 4th Street, Winston-Salem

You get your naan to ORDER. I mean, I could stop right there! But the soups are delicious, the meats are perfectly cooked. There are a few folks who say it’s pricy for kabobs but the quality of the beef and lamb are the reason you’ll pay a tiny bit more. And I promise, you won’t leave hungry. We don’t all need enormous plates of food. Fresh and healthy and made to order naan are where it’s at here.
IMG_1608 IMG_1612 IMG_1606 IMG_1611

West End Cafe, 926 West 4th Street, Winston-Salem

I really don’t even have to put them in here. The loyal customers that flock here on a daily basis know that one of the best places in WS to get a great value for lunch is at West End Cafe. It’s been years since we visited so on a dreary afternoon we headed there for lunch. By far, my favorite item at WEC is the Potato Pancakes. They’re served with sour cream and applesauce and they are just total yummiliciousness. I could just eat them only. But you must try the Reuben if you are there and any number of special soups for the day. Sandwiches are great and salads are hearty. There’s a reason why they always have good crowds.

IMG_1872 IMG_1873 IMG_1874 IMG_1875

DiLisio’s, 301 Brookstown Avenue, Winston-Salem
Ahh…DiLisio’s. Awesome Italian, great prices, comfortable atmosphere…and Tony and Maria. You kind of get it all here. Check them out often
because they have specials that change nightly. They have traditional entrees like Chicken Parm and Veal Marsala…kind of famous for their Lasagna. The Shrimp Fra Diavlo will make your eyes water and your tongue tingle…but just enough to make you appreciate it’s devilish heat. Also, you must check them out when they have monthly Sunday Wine Dinners. I hear folks who’ve attended rave about them. And Mary Haglund of Mary’s Gourmet Diner said his clam soup almost made her cry. Which tells me I definitely need to try it. And so do you!  Also, please enjoy some Fried Ravioli. Yes….

IMG_2095 IMG_2096 IMG_2097

Irie Rhythms, 3252 Silas Creek Parkway, Winston-Salem
Well, well….if you need a little kick in your lunch or dinner, look no further. I am a FAN. One of WSNC’s newest additions and it’s Jamaican fare has been well received. The Jerk Chicken is SPICY…so delicious and tender that the meat falls right off the bone. I highly recommend the rice and peas and make sure you get the cooked cabbage as a side—it is crazy good. The collards are delicious too. And the fried plantains. I need to go back. I’m getting a craving already. A little bird told me to get the Mango Cheesecake (after I’d already left—not like I had room to eat dessert though). Check them out. They are great for lunch because they have specials, which include a drink. There might be a bit of a wait…it seems longer than it actually is because it smells so good in there. But it’s so worth it.

IMG_2642 IMG_2643 IMG_2649   IMG_2705


So that’s a good size list for now. Now, foodies…you’ve got some eatin’ to do! Let me know what you think. And as always, if you know of a place that we must check out, don’t hesitate to tell us.

Until next time, skip the lines at the chains and eat local!

1703 Restaurant and Catering


Allow me for just a moment to get on my high horse.

Ahem…It is absolutely unacceptable that the restaurant that is about to be foodied was NOT filled to capacity on a perfectly beautiful Friday night at 8:30. 1703 Restaurant & Catering should be slammed. As in busy slammed. So, we are going to make it our mission to give you a reason to get out to the West End in Winston-Salem and not miss out on this oft forgotten area of the Twin City. Located at Robinhood and Reynolda Roads, 1703 is coming off a month-long hiatus and immediately jumped into a holiday weekend so that could be a reason, but I figure what’s really happening is a lot of people are heading into happening downtown and some of you (and you know who you are) are hitting up some chains, maybe?  Stop doing that…the chains anyway.

Mr. foodie and I decided on 1703 for our anniversary after some high recommendations and because if you could see some of the pictures that they post on Instagram (CurtisHackaday1703) and on their Facebook page, you would not delay in having brunch, lunch or dinner there. I mean, it is food art. But edible. The kind of jump into it food that is so fun to find when you are dining out. It’s not fussy. It’s just remarkable.

So when we walked in, there was one table. Of two. Yikes. Our server blamed the holiday. It was pleasant and quiet and another table was sat while we were there. They looked like regulars (good!). Now I did not worry too much because I’d heard from others that this place was totally a score.

We ordered a glass of wine each and started on the Spinach salad which was topped with poached pears, sugared pecans, crumbled stilton, and brown sugar vinaigrette. The kitchen split it for us to share. It was the perfect beginning.

Spinach salad

Spinach salad

Lots of yummy creations are on the menu. Some of the selections had a Middle Eastern slant with delicious sounding curries and chutneys as sauces and toppings. Then we had a few Southern choices like trout with three-cheese grits. Or NY Strip with potatoes and mixed vegetables. I chose the Rack of Lamb with a pumpkin seed cranberry butternut squash hash, asparagus and blueberry demi-glace. Wow. Is all I can say. That lamb was perfection. Seared beautifully. Cooked just the way it should be, medium-rare. And the racks were lollipopped, if that’s a word, but I stayed ladylike (for the most part) and used my fork and knife. At the end, I picked that baby up!

Image 3

Rack of Lamb

Mr. foodie ordered the special which was a flank steak that they allowed you to pretty much pair with any of the items on the menu so he grabbed the accoutrements from the duck entree to go along with (roasted sweet potato purree, grilled asparagus and fig bordelaise). Awesome. But I still won. 😉

Image 1

1703 is not very big so there’s no way it can get noisy. It has a comfortable bar area and it’s tastefully designed. Of course, the owners, Joe and Molly Curran are known for catering. Lunch and dinner are served daily, with brunch on Sunday. And they change their menu often. Their chef, Curtis Hackaday, knows how to plate some food. He’s been back and forth between Roaring Gap and here but fear not, his chef in the kitchen has it down. So, let’s not let this delicious spot in the West End have any more empty seats, okay, foodies? And when you go, tell them we told you it was awesome!

What restaurants in Winston-Salem are you surprised isn’t more “slammed”? Let us know and we’ll check them out.

1703 Restaurant on Urbanspoon

1703 Restaurant & Catering
1703 Robinhood Road, Winston-Salem, NC
(336) 725-5767
Open for Lunch and Dinner (closed Monday)
Sunday Brunch

Hoots Roller Bar & Beer Co.

The already "iconic" bar backdrop

The already “iconic” bar backdrop

What do you get when you cross 3 dudes, craftmanship, history and beer? You get the new Hoots Roller Bar & Beer Company. They are the topic du jour, even though I felt like I was following them before they got all hot and popular :). I can’t wait for Hoots Roller Bar to open in mid-September. It is really a feast for the eyes and it has nothing to do with food. Everything added into the old Hoots Roller Mill warehouse, which stood vacant, is completely hand-made. What’s more, you’ll see old wood from family collections, reclaimed restaurant booths and an old piano and the detail and care that has been placed into each and every item, well you can tell it’s a labor of love. That labor comes from the hands of owners and friends Eric Swaim, Eric Weyer and Ralph Pritts. You may know them from around town, Krankies, the stage, etc. But their new claim to fame will be Hoots Roller Bar in the Historic West End, at West End Millworks, formerly Hoots Roller Mill.


Hoots Roller Bar is in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign with 6 more days to go. Their open date is sometime in mid-September with the brewery to follow in the fall.

When we arrived last week, we saw Ralph sawing away and Eric S showed us the place and what they envision the bar and brewery to be. There are intricately laid wood accents. There are portholes in the bar that give glimpses inside the future brewery. A true work in progress that’s being worked right down to the wire. And these pictures are a reflection of that. No beauty shots here. This is the Hoots Roller Bar life in pictures.


The Brewery side



The Old Piano


Reclaimed Restaurant Booths


The Erics and Ralph are also excited about their address and that they will soon be followed by other businesses including, Winston-Salem’s first distillery. And The Porch Kitchen + Cantina, where you can get food to go, or order and hang out (there’s also a kickstarter campaign for that). The old mill house and the rustic look of the area is sure to draw a certain crowd. A crowd that loves that old, yet progressive look and a casual greenspace that is so inviting for just having a cold one and relaxing with friends.


Future Distillery

Future Distillery

Hashbrowns...just kidding. It's saw dust. And there's a lot of it.

Hashbrowns…just kidding. It’s saw dust. And there’s a lot of it. It’s also known as insulation.

This is a local lovie’s dream. You see what used to be progress. It turned to a shack, left forgotten to just sit there and deteriorate. But it’s in the midst of a transformation and that is VERY exciting to see. And it is even more thrilling to see 3 young men shaping their dream into a reality, while turning something that could’ve been nothing, into something really special.

This is just the beginning for Eric, Eric, Ralph and property owner, John Bryan, whose vision is transforming this area into a place of community, arts and business. It is definitely a place to keep our eye on.

We’ll see you there in September!

Click here for the Kickstarter Campaign for Hoots Roller Bar & Beer Co.

Click here for The Porch Kitchen + Cantina (part of Dinners on the Porch) Kickstarter.