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Recipe from the triadfoodies test kitchen: Power Truffles


It’s my first ever RECIPE on the ol’ triadfoodies blog. I’ve had a few requests to start adding recipes from our “test kitchen.” So today, as I felt a chocolate craving come on, I decided it was time to restock my little refrigerator supply of what I call “Power Truffles.” They make a great snack when you have a chocolate craving plus they have a satisfying crunch and a little bit protein to keep you going.

This is my recipe. I whipped it up one morning trying to get rid of some yucky protein powder. The particular brand used in my first power truffle recipe tastes YUCKY in a smoothie or shake but is completely okay in power truffles and energy bites and something heavy like a nut butter. Today, I totally forgot about the yucky powder in my pantry and used my good stuff (oops) but any protein powder will do (since a yucky one did fine, I’m assuming this to be true).

Here are your ingredients. You’ll need a cocoa almond butter (I bet a chocolate peanut butter will do fine), peanut butter or almond butter in an original flavor, flax seed, coconut and your choice of protein powder (our choice is Body Fortress which we find at Wally world).


Take a few tablespoons each of the nut butters and place them in a large mixing bowl.  You’ll need room to really get in there and mush it all up. IMG_3156

That’s about 4 tablespoons each or so. Then add a good scoop of protein powder. This is going to be  your binder so you may use more ( I did–you’ll see).  It will blend completely after a little elbow grease.


Next add your flax seed. Mine is the toasted kind from Trader Joe’s. It has a wonderful nutty texture from the toastedy-ness.


Here’s where your “option” comes in, to add or not to add the coconut. I love it because it reminds me of an Almond Joy. But you don’t have to do like I do. If you do use coconut, you can use unsweetened. I had sweetened on hand so that’s what we used…only a little…or a lot. Hey, they are YOUR calories so do what you want.


Now, it wasn’t quite getting to the texture of being easily rolled into balls yet, so I added a little bit more protein powder and flax seed. Just add it a little at a time until you can easily form balls.


Once mixed, it goes into the refrigerator for about 30 minutes to an hour.  As you begin forming into truffles, it will start to soften once your start working with it so you’ll have to work quickly.  There was no photographer on hand while I rolled these and I dare not touch a camera with goopy hands so…use your judgement here.IMG_3167

You’ll see mine are not perfectly round. They are kind of ugly even. My kids like to eat them with a spoon. And the little one wouldn’t eat them if I prettied them with cocoa powder.  I like to bite them so the kids will get those soft little mushies you see and Mr. foodie and I will eat the ones that are more intact. 🙂  The recipe makes approximately 10 truffles, the three you don’t see were promptly scooped away. You can also add a little salt, nuts or other spices to make it your own. What about oatmeal or granola? Or rice cereal?

We hope you enjoy these tasty little treats that are a lot more filling and have much better nutritional value than just a piece of chocolate.

triadfoodies power truffles

4 tbs. cocoa flavored nut butter (almond is best, peanut is fine)

4 tbs. peanut butter or almond butter (original flavor, salted or unsalted)

1 scoop protein powder

1 tbs. toasted flax seed

1 tbs. coconut flakes, sweetened or unsweetened (OPTIONAL)

Mix the butters together with the protein powder and blend until smooth. It will be slightly grainy. Add flax seed and coconut (if using). Blend together adding more protein powder and flax seed until the mixture reaches the texture you desire and/or until you can easily form a ball. Refrigerate for 30 minutes to 1 hour. Roll tablespoonfuls into a ball. Refrigerate immediately.

I entered my recipe into MyFitnessPal for the nutritional info.

Nutritional Information per truffle: Calories: 117; Protein: 7; Carbohydrates: 8; Fat: 8; Sugar: 5; Sodium: 14; Fiber: 2