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Giveaway!! triadfoodies finds for Valentine’s Day

From the latest Chow in YES! Weekly….

Can you feel it? That’s love in the air. The love of local food. We just loved putting together our Holiday Gift Guide and thought it would be lovely to do the same for Valentine’s Day. And once again a lucky reader will win this entire basket. We chose items that we thought celebrated this much-hyped “holiday” in a slightly different way. Sure, we’ve got some token chocolate, but we tried to think a bit out of the heart-shaped box too, all the while celebrating some wonderful North Carolina purveyors. 

Foothills Brewing Sexual Chocolate Imperial Stout

Photo Jan 29, 11 38 47 AM

This is one sexy lady. Foothills Brewing releases this vintage annually, to much fanfare. The night before the release (which was this past weekend) Foothills throws a pre-release party. The party then heads outside where people literally camp out to be one of the first to get their hands on a coveted bottle. The Foothills team encourages the fun with swag. Then the doors open at 8:00 am with the tap flowing (with breakfast even) and then bombers go on sale at 9:00 am. Foothills Marketing Director Ray Goodrich says, “it’s really a fun party. And it’s become such an experience that it’s gone from a craft beer tradition to ‘Winston-Salem tradition’.” You can get Sexual Chocolate at the tasting room and at the pub and most local beverage stores for a limited time (and often limited sales customer). What to pair it with? Foothills’ Dave Goliszek says, “Grilled meats because the char of the meat pairs with the roasted barley. But also any dessert that would go great with coffee. Think molten lava cake or especially a raspberry cheesecake because the bitterness cuts the sweet, just like coffee.” foothillsbrewing.com

Cloister Honey (Ghost Pepper)

Photo Jan 31, 9 41 27 AM

Why not add a little heat to your night?  Produced in Charlotte, Cloister Honey’s Ghost Pepper was named Southern Living Magazine’s Honey of the Year. The honey is many a favorite of chefs around the state. Ghost Pepper will bring a bit of heat to your flavor party. How we love it….Drizzled over some goat cheese or brie, it has a sweet and spicy kick to jazz up whatever it touches.  Or warm it up and drizzle it over a pizza with some arugula and pancetta or sopressata. Owners Randall York and Joanne Delarionda have also dressed up their other honeys with lavender, bourbon, vanilla, cocoa and cinnamon. If you are not quite sure what to do with your flavored honey, they can help you with that.  Says Randall, “We have recipes on our website that are easy and the flavors are very interchangeable.” You can take a look at the full line of honeys on their site and find it on the shelves of several local retailers. Savory Spice Shop in Greensboro for one, almost always has a good variety. cloisterhoney.com

Two Triangles Sparkling Wine

Photo Jan 31, 4 33 32 PM

The signature sparkling from Carolina’s Vineyards & Hops. We’ve featured CV & H before as the destination to enjoy North Carolina Wine and craft beer with local menu items like charcuterie and panini, plus desserts. In addition to the celebrated vineyards across the state, CV & H produces their own line called Two Triangles. This sparkling is is one of the first wines they created and bar manager Ashley Jones says it’s a top seller. “This wine is a toast and tribute to North Carolina. It’s not too sweet and not too dry and a reminder of how balanced our state is from the mountains to the coast and the two triangles that represent the Triad and Triangle.” This wine features tropical flavors, peach and honeysuckle and a hint of effervescence.  What we love it with….artisanal cheeses like a creamy brie or something spicy with jalapeno. Chorizo would be marvelous, as would a great spicy curry dish. 111 S. Marshall Street, Winston-Salem; carolinasvineyardsandhops.com

Brasstown Chocolate

Photo Jan 31, 9 41 51 AM

Named after the town in Western, NC because it’s home to one of the premiere folk art colleges in the country (John C. Campbell Folk School). Brasstown Chocolate’s founders Rom Still and Barbara Price wanted the name to be a reflection of the artistry of their chocolate. Still is an award-winning chocolatier tempering and molding handcrafted chocolate in Winston-Salem since 2010, when it simply started out as a hobby. His bars have won International Chocolate awards for the past few years running. We love this chocolate because of the complex flavors imparted by the native region from which the bean hails. Our winner will enjoy Ecuador, awarded the Whole Foods Market Good Food Award and the bronze winner in the 2015 International Chocolate Awards. The bar is made from organic Nacional beans from Manabi and has flavors that are more floral than fruit, with spice and the natural taste of honey. These bars average $8 retail. Obviously meant to be savored.  brasstownchocolate.com 

Granny Roselli’s Pasta Sauce & Pasta Wench Fettuccini

Photo Jan 31, 9 40 54 AM

What’s more decadent and romantic than light, handmade pasta topped with a satisfying and rich pasta sauce passed down from generations? There’s just something about this simple Italian dish that says “romance.” And not because of Lady and the Tramp. But feel free to do that, when no one’s looking on your date night in.  Maybe it’s the twirling of the pasta. Of course it’s definitely the red. Granny Roselli’s pasta sauce is made in Surry County and inspired by Daisy Roselli, who owned Sunny Italy Restaurant in Wilkes County for years before her passing a few years ago. Now, her son, John, keeps the tradition alive. Pasta Wench All Natural Gourmet Pasta (formerly of Boone) is now made right here in the Triad, on site at Musten & Crutchfield in Kernersville. Our winner will enjoy Original flavor but when you see this pasta (available at locally-owned markets), check out their other flavors like Chocolate or Cabernet, Wild Chipotle or Black Pepper. It’s mostly available in noodle form but they are working on a ravioli to be available soon. Granny Roselli’s Pasta Sauce, Salad Dressing and her famous Seasoning Blend are available at area supermarkets, as well as Musten & Crutchfield.
For more info about Pasta Wench, visit the online store, pastawench.com

Tart Sweets Macarons

Photo Jan 31, 8 52 19 PM

Special for Valentine’s Day, Tart Sweets Boutique bakery and coffee shop created these lovely conversation hearts with messages of love for your sweetie. Why we love them? Have you seen them? They’re adorable. And crazy deliciously, crispy light and creamy. You’ll find all kinds of yummy confections at Tart Sweets, in addition to bourbon cherries, chocolate dipped stemmed berries, and other delights.  Not to mention rows of French macarons filled with flavors only limited by pastry chef, Chelsea Tart’s imagination. Our winner will love their gift card to customize their selection.
848 W. 5th Street, #110, Winston-Salem  tartsweets.com

As always, reach out to us if you know of a product that deserves to be loved and gifted, maybe you’ll see it in a future guide. If you want to get your hands on Valentine’s Day basket, follow the YES! Weekly Facebook page to learn how you can win! The winner will be announced on Friday, February 12. And be sure to watch WFMY’s Good Morning Show at 6:45am on Friday as I share this on live TV!

foodie b’eat: Celebrating the Centennial with Tasty Stuff Created in the “Dash”

Happy 100th Birthday, “DASH”!


As Winston-Salem celebrates its Centennial this weekend, we wanted to take a look at just some of our favorite foodie-liciousness created right here in Winston-Salem. Maybe you already know it. Maybe some of it will be news to you. But you can bet, it makes living in this innovative, artsy city that much tastier 🙂 and fun!

Texas Pete Hot Sauce:


Not made in Texas, but right in Winston-Salem. TW Garner Food Company actually began around the Great Depression as a family business and barbecue restaurant. A few years later they incorporated and brought us everything from BBQ sauce to chili. But we know it’s all about “the Texas Pete.” Folks around here know it’s really good on eggs, in wing sauce, Bloody Mary’s…well, heck..on just about anything.

Red Clay Gourmet


There are lots of gourmet pimiento cheese companies and many a restaurant can make some killer versions of it. But we love watching the excitement building over Red Clay Gourmet Pimiento Cheese. Launched by Lance Sawyer of First Street Draught House and his wife, Michele, these little 10 ounce babies come in 4 different flavors: Classic Sharp Cheddar, Flame Roasted Jalapeño, Hickory Smoked Cheddar and Goat Cheese and Sun-dried Tomato.

My sampling

My sampling

Goat cheese & Sun-dried tomato

Goat cheese & Sun-dried tomato

Flame Roasted Jalapeño

Flame Roasted Jalapeño

We still can’t decide what’s our favorite. Each cheesy version is made from Wisconsin Cheddar and local cage-free egg mayo, though the mayo is barely detectable. Then they pack it with other awesome all-natural ingredients like local jalapeños or Durham-based Chèvre goat cheese or local banana pepper. Look for it at a few Winston-Salem produce stands, Whole Foods, select Lowes Foods and of course First Street Draught House. Or click on their name above for a link to their website for other locations across our area and for more about this local company.

Dewey’s Bakery

Image 1

Pink Lemondade

Pink Lemondade

From the sugar cookies to the Moravian sugar cakes, the cake squares and especially the Pink Lemonade squares (nothing can compare really), Dewey’s has been a staple in Winston-Salem since it was started by Dewey Wilkerson during the Great Depression. Folks from all over know this is one of the top places for sweets for special occasions and now they even offer ice cream as Blue Ridge Ice Cream has taken up residence inside. Oh and Blue Ridge Ice Cream was also founded, right here in Winston-Salem 25 years ago.

Foothills Beer


From Carolina Strawberry to Carolina Blonde, People’s Porter, Hoppyum to the super popular and decadent Sexual Chocolate, Foothills has taken full possession of being a front-runner in the local craft beer industry. The list of beer options goes on and on. We can now find Foothills Beer in almost every store, restaurant and certainly, beverage shops. Did you know the brewery has a restaurant? Ha! Of course you did! They are making all kinds of efforts in getting the beer to even MORE out-of-state areas and you can bet that one day, Foothills will be a national name.

And last, but certainly not least:

Krispy Kreme


Yes, duh, of course.  All I can say is that if you are a citizen of this fine city and you don’t know that this is where Krispy Kreme has its roots, then you really don’t LIVE here at all. Started by Vernon Rudolph in 1937 in our beloved Old Salem, these delicious confections were asked for hot and served hot and they STILL are. Few things bring more awe and wonder than that conveyor belt loaded with fried dough. Our heart will always belong to the “HOT NOW” sign.

Of course these are just a FEW of the delicious awesomeness of Winston-Salem. But they are some of our down-home favorites and definitely worth the bragging rights. Maybe you can do a Centennial Crawl and hit or taste these spots this weekend and enjoy a little history, old and new! And check out all the Centennial events at www.ws100years.com.