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We’re on the Rock & a new Chef’s Table


We have moved.

We have followed our hearts and our dream of living in the absolutely stunning North Carolina mountains. Specifically right up near Banner Elk. And man oh man, is it beee-uuuu-teeee-ful!

And seriously, I’ll explain it all later but the most important thing right now is to let you know that we have jumped right in and we’re kicking off this new journey in life with another Chef’s Table...this one with Chef Sam Ratchford of Vidalia Restaurant and Wine Bar. 


I met Chef Sam a few years ago when he walked away with the coveted Red Chef’s Jacket at Competition Dining in Winston-Salem. I’ve eaten at his restaurant too, which is why it’s so obvious that we’d want to inaugural Rockfoodies Chef’s Table to be at Vidalia, where Sam and his wife, Alyce, do classic southern dishes with a twist. And their dedication to local farms is impressive.


Here’s where you can get your tickets! Seating is limited and we look forward to seeing you there!

PS: I promise a blog  post about the move and why we did it and the house that was supposed to be THE house and our kitchen update (which is about to happen, along with getting a pantry) is coming soon!



Get Food, Drinks and Music at the Carolina Jubilee

Nothing says you can’t take a mini-road trip on these early Fall days as the weather gets near perfection.

Fans of food, music and drinks will love the Carolina Jubilee in Harmony this Friday and Saturday. The two-day annual food and music festival will be held at VanHoy Farms in Harmony, which is about 35 minutes southwest of Winston-Salem. You can even camp if that’s what you’re into. This is what it’s all about. Take a blanket, bring the fam and chill. I’m homeschooling this year, ya’ll. So I’m going to take advantage when I can. They’ll learn something, right??

But back to the Jubilee…

Proceeds from the Carolina Jubilee benefit the Carolina Farm Trust, which protects farmland and fosters and ecosystem of sustainable farming. “We want every element of the festival to reflect our dedication to the farms and families of North and South Carolina,” said Zack Wyatt, Carolina Farm Trust and Jubilee founder. “This year, the Jubilee has two goals. First, we want to raise enough money to provide Mary L. Farm, an organic dairy farm, with a pasteurization system. Secondly, we would like to generate enough money to provide our organization with an operating budget so we can move forward with our goals.” 


You’ll hear and see local and national music acts like Shiloh Hill (they’re awesome…they performed at last year’s Community Table), The High Divers and Groove 8, just to name a few. Heirloom Restaurant of Charlotte as well as NC breweries, wineries and distilleries. Activities for the kids will begin on Friday at 4pm, provided by Discovery Place Kids. I, for one, am stoked about seeing what Heirloom has in store for the Jubilee. 

For the full line-up of restaurants and music, which starts Friday at 12:30, visit carolinajubilee.org. Tickets for one day are $35, both days $44. Children 12 and under are free. Parking is $10 per car. On-site camping available. Gates open at 10am.

Hope we see you there!

Happy 8th Birthday, Foothills Brewery


When your birthday is St. Patrick’s Day, there’s twice the reason to party. And by party, we mean drink beer and eat pub grub. That’s what the foodies did to celebrate the luck of the Irish. We recently found out that there was the tiniest bit of Irish in the mr.’s family so that is our excuse. We can’t imagine what everybody else’s reason is. Here’s a pictorial of our culinary adventures at Foothills Brewery big 8th birthday bash. I went off and left my nice camera on a chair in my house. No matter what the iPeople say, the iPhone camera is not the same, especially when taking pics of food, but you’ll get the idea of the vibe and fun at this party.

First off, a special, newly discovered keg of the famous from February Sexual Chocolate Stout. It’s so rich and delicious you almost don’t need dessert. It was a great aperitif. You can have yours next February when it’s available again.



A little jazz…not Irish, but talented! IMG_3822


(Above) Marketing manager, Ray Goodrich, and fellow foodie/blogger/personality Nikki Miller-Ka chatting away about social media.

IMG_3821  This is Chef Shane Moore who came over to talk with us about some of the slight changes that have been made to the menu. For instance, the baked brie app now has cranberries rather than sour cherries. You’ll also see a change to the Tuna entree which now features a steak rather than medallions. And the ribs now feature a traditional Carolina BBQ ale sauce rather than a mustard BBQ. Chef Shane also shared with us that as they brew their beer, they “recycle” their spent grain by donating to local farms. Paul’s Wagoner’s Ostrich Farm is raised on this spent grai is one of them. You’ll see Paul’s Ostrich burger on the menu. See? Sustainable both ways 🙂

There were a couple of features for the day as well. Earlier in the day, Kegs ‘n Eggs brunch had a whole slew of Irish and BEER inspired goodness. We got to sample the Corned Beef Dumplings. Think a rangoon, but Irish style!


The special for the day was Corned Beef and Cabbage….very satisfying…

IMG_3838 I mean you can’t go wrong with meat and taters (and cabbage).

IMG_3839 By far the winner will always be this beauty. Ale battered fish and chips. Perfectly breaded, stays with the meat and those wonderful hand cut fries. Party in my mouth. The tarter sauce with the malt vinegar make this a standout.

Miss Nik Snacks got the French Dip and mac & cheese… IMG_3840

Kidlet got a grilled cheese IMG_3837 Fries fries fries!

They go through so many potatoes a week, it’s incredible. It’s no wonder. Those fries are the bomb. Chef Moore also was kind enough to bring back some spare Car Bomb Brownies with Irish cream sauce and Stout Brownies with Jameson Whiskey glaze (they kind of tasted like doughnut holes, but drunker).


Also when you go to Foothills, you must get the Pretzel appetizer. Those are so hot and delicious. Dip in the beer cheese sauce. Save the cheese sauce for your fries. Order extra cheese if you need it. No pic. Trust me.

IMG_3841 And use this delightful mustard for your sammies and their homemade beer ketchup for your fries and burger and whatever else you need to put it on. This is grown up ketchup. Maybe your kids will like it, but mine prefer the boring stuff. If your taste buds like beer, you will love this ketchup.

We had such a great time, just being leisurely and enjoying a few brews and tasting how beer is incorporated into many of the dishes at Foothills. Be sure to check out their menu next month for an April 6th beer class. You can take away a little knowledge and taste a bit too.

And click here for the Foothills Brewing website to see all the latest happenings for March.

Green Valley Grill

header2The foodies love love to tell you about hidden treasures in the Triad, but sometimes the big ol’ extended fam likes to gather at a place that is tried and true and big enough to accommodate 14 of us right after church on Sunday. One place that fits that bill is Greensboro’s own treasure, Green Valley Grill. Located adjacent to Quaintance-Weaver’s O’Henry Hotel, GVG has a huge following because it is consistently great and it is definitely one of the popular spots in town. So for you foodies, who’ve been there and done that, please keep reading. If you’ve never been to GVG, well you are going to see many reasons why you should go. Why, just the other day I spoke with a nice lady who’d NEVER eaten there. Maybe by now, she’s taken my advice :).

What we affectionately call the United Nations of the Green Valley Grill

What we affectionately call the United Nations of the Green Valley Grill

First of all, the foodies love that Green Valley Grill boasts lots of local flavor each season. The menu changes often for that reason, plus Executive Chef Leigh Hesling (GVG and sister restaurant Print Works Bistro) has become a bit of a local celeb with his local television appearances with cooking segments and interviews, along with his recent foyer into the Fire in the Triad cooking competition. Perhaps you’ve even seen Chef Hesling driving his London “Farm to Fork” Taxi after a run to the local farmer’s market.  His mantra is the closer to the farm, the better the flavor.


Brunch is quite fun at GVG. There are a good number of creative choices, a few Benedict’s, a special French toast, a chef’s special (you’ll know when you get there) and generally not your run of the mill breakfast items. Plus if you are against brunch, you’ll find delicious appetizers, flat breads, sandwiches, salads and entrees.

The menu has already changed since I visited but the following pics should give you a pretty good idea about the choices at brunch.

Truffle Fries w/ Parmesan Garlic Aioli

Truffle Fries w/ Parmesan Garlic Aioli

I have to stop right here. Those truffle fries are banging. So is the aioli. It is difficult to share. And I had to share with my niece because she’s so cute. And she loves them too…way to much. I went to GVG one night for dessert and Mr. foodie got dessert and I got these. I’d rather have these than chocolate or wine or even chocolate AND wine together.

Fresh Multigrain Bread (there's white bread too)

Fresh Multigrain Bread (there’s white bread too)

Parmesan Crusted Chicken

Parmesan Crusted Chicken

Bananas Foster French Toast

Bananas Foster French Toast

Short Rib Sliders (appetizer as entree)

Short Rib Sliders (appetizer as entree)

Grilled Chicken Salad

Grilled Chicken Salad

Beer & Gruyere Souffle

Beer & Gruyere Souffle


I have no idea what this is? It might scrambled eggs and sausage a la mr. Foodie

Another Benedict, this one with Black Forest Ham

A Benedict, this one with Black Forest Ham

Toad in a Hole

Toad in a Hole

Everyone seemed to like their dishes. I loved my soufflé. It was delicious with a couple slices of bacon on top. Everything was in one dish. For some reason I don’t have a pic of one favorite items at GVG’s lunch an that’s the salmon cakes. They are served with poached eggs, hollandaise and the famous GVG home fries. I’ve had the Parmesan crusted chicken before and it’s always a top seller. Yumminess all around.

And there was more food than this to see, but the kidlets basically shared eggs and bacon and there were a couple of duplicates, such as the sliders. And I didn’t take pics of dessert because everyone messed it up before I could get a shot off.

Now, in addition to brunch, which is undoubtedly a popular time, Green Valley Grill also serves lunch and dinner and they never disappoint. Those truffle fries better stay on the menu if Chef Hesling knows what’s good for him. Definitely amazing. The housemade savory pies, aka beef turnovers, are also awesome. Their salads are always fresh with wonderful, creative features. And the entrees are always top notch, once again mostly seasonal and procuring what they can from local farms and sources. The wine list is extensive. I highly recommend a glass (or bottle) of their own Kew Double Ewe (get it?) Merlot or Pinot Noir. The bar is always elegant but casual and the patio is where everybody wants to be.

The foodies hold a special place for the O’Henry and the kitchen that is the Green Valley Grill. I had my rehearsal dinner and wedding reception there and it was the last place Mr. foodie and I ate before we dragged ourself to Women’s Center to have our first baby. So the hotel and restaurant have been there for us during some momentous occasions.

Whether your occasion is momentous or you just have a hot date or you’re hanging with friends or family, it’s definitely a spot that has earned its rightful place as gem among Greensboro’s best.

622 Green Valley Road, Greensboro, NC
Green Valley Grill on Urbanspoon

Undercurrent Restaurant’s 1st Annual Oyster Roast


This was a real nice oyster roast…we’re mighty glad we came….this song is as close to I can get to sum up our feelings about Undercurrent’s 1st Annual Oyster Roast. I’m not sure what has come over me but I’ve been loving some oysters lately. So when I saw this little party planned for Undercurrent’s patio, I scheduled myself a reservation. Mr. foodie does NOT appreciate oysters at all…he doesn’t see their real beauty so he opted for the Frogmore Stew that was held in the restaurant’s adjacent Wagner Room.  For an oyster roast, it was FREEZING, but oysters are supposed to be best in the cooleR months. So about 50 of us braved the chilly Saturday night, waited in line (so patiently) and piled high the oysters as fast as we could put them on our plates (without looking like a total glutton). There were just a few simple condiments to go with them. Some drawn butter, fresh lemon, a delicious citrus and garlic/herb sauce and house made cocktail sauce that was fantastic. And of course, hot sauce. I’m not sure what combo I like best…a little bit of everything? Some people actually ate outside. I followed the Mr. indoors to the Frogmore Stew zone where it was nice and cozy.


Owner Ben Roberts and his team, roasting away. And shucking and shucking. Hard work over a fire. He says it’s the best way to keep warm at a freezing cold oyster roast.


I’m so glad oysters taste better than they look, aren’t you?


I’m telling you there was not a moment when I saw a tray of oysters. People just grabbed and plated. So the spread was beautiful, but the oysters were being consumed. Fast. So was the Marooned on Hog Island Stout (brewed with Oyster Shells). Great beer!

IMG_2450 IMG_2445And just like that…700 oysters were gone. No, not ALL by me. I think I had 22 or someone told me 24, but who’s counting. The oysters were awesome…big, slurpy, salty ones from Virginia’s waters. The “enhanced” Frogmore (which was offered separately or as part of a stew/roast package deal) was fresh and chocked full of shrimp, clams, sausage, potatoes and herbs and on par with the low country stews you might be familiar with. I tasted half a shrimp. It was great. My husband’s only complaint was that he wished the stew was “all you can eat” like the oysters were. Hmmm…Ben?

IMG_2470 IMG_2466


Ben and Jonathan

Oysters are something that Ben, who hails from SC, knows a little about so this was so much fun he says he plans to have another roast again in the spring. When he does, we’ll be sure to let all the foodies know when and how to make your reservation. And I know one day soon, Undercurrent will be on the foodies “hit list” for a visit and an official post to the triadfoodies blog. Until then for more information about Undercurrent and their amazing menu click here.
Undercurrent Restaurant, 327 Battleground Avenue, Greensboro, NC