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A Review of Winston-Salem’s Newest Chicken Sandwiches

When last we visited the fair Camel City, we decided to check out two very different chicken sammies. One is huge and packs some heat and the other is also a good size, yet more traditional. Let’s take a stroll to 5th Street downtown…

Top: Timmy’s Hot Chicken’s The Tim Bottom: Skrimp Shack Chicken Samwich

Timmy’s Hot Chicken 237 W. Fifth Street

We flew in on Timmy’s Hot Chicken’s second day open. Not something I usually do, but it’s not Tim’s first rodeo. We ordered The Tim ($8) which is as “basic” as it gets: chicken, pickles and comeback sauce. Although I like spicy food, I ordered it medium because I was scared 🙂 …It’s GIANT with two good-sized perfectly crispy thighs that are super juicy on the inside, a light schmear of comeback sauce and a few pickles. Pic of size does not do it justice. I removed one of the thighs and still wasn’t able to finish the entire sandwich. The goal was to share it anyway, but my entire table wanted their own sandwich (only my husband could finish his). With medium. it still had a kick but wasn’t uncomfortable. I’d be willing to share the Hot with mr. foodie one day. You can get as many toppings as you want, all the way up to The Timothy ($10) which is basically loaded with slaw, bacon, cheese and sauce. Not into bread? You can also order chicken tenders, thighs or beyond chicken if you prefer a protein to go with a side.  A plethora of sides are available at Timmy’s and we especially enjoyed the mac & cheese. The slaw is a nice accompaniment to the rich chicken. We didn’t try the collard greens, but if you do, let us know what you think! All in all, the sandwich is a good value for the size. Sides are not included in the sandwich price.

I highly recommend the bread pudding as a dessert. It wasn’t full of layers like you are used to as it was really like pudding, but you could really taste the banana and it had a nice depth of flavor.

Oh and if you love a challenge and are so inclined, Timmy’s invites you to try the Hellfire wings and eat them in 10 minutes or less and you get your name on a plate! Note: Tim told me that hellfire is ridiculously spicy.

Across town at the Skrimp Shack (1103 Silas Creek Parkway)…we were invited to pop in and try their new Chicken Thigh Samwich which features their crispy signature breading, slaw, pickles and their own “sweet sauce” that was created just for the sandwich. The sauce will remind you of a comeback sauce or a bit like a white barbecue too, albeit less spicy than Timmy’s. 

Skrimp’s chicken samwich isn’t as huge as Timmy’s, which means you’ll likely be able to finish if you didn’t just eat half of The Tim, lol. This is the sandwich you’ll want when you want to eat local, fast, inexpensive and you want your chicken sandwich traditional. We don’t always need bells and whistles, y’all, right? The sandwich comes with slaw and feel free to get yours the way it comes, but I like to taste the main event in a sandwich so I ordered my slaw on the side. Skrimp Shack’s slaw is really good, I just ususally prefer slaw not on my sandwich. If you’re not in the mood for a sandwich or even chicken at Skrimp Shack, by all means order some freshly fried oysters, shrimp or fish as they never disappoint. They even have terrific fish tacos. Sides are too many to mention but we do love Skrimp Shack’s mac & cheese.

Chicken Thigh Samwich, slaw on the side and an order of mac & cheese

Fried Oysters…just a few to sample

Again, this is not a best or better review…simply a tell-all about chicken sandwiches, but if you love you some banana pudding, Skrimp Shack has it too and it’s a big one …big enough to share and it has the layers like you may know and love. It has more of a vanilla pudding base with bananas layered in. Super old school and yummy.

Oh and fun fact! If you can’t eat your whole sandwich and you happen to have an air fryer, these chicken thighs reheat incredibly well. I literally had 2 whole chicken thighs and 2 half sandwiches to eat when we got home and they made some delicious leftovers.

With that foodies, I send you out into the world to eat local and try some locally-owned chicken sandwiches. Where do you find your favorite non-chain chicken sandwiches? Let us know below or comment on our instagram post!

Chicken Schnitzel w/ Sweet Mustard Sauce

We’re really enjoying playing around with NC’s Lusty Monk Mustard. Keeping following along as we get creative with this delicious local condiment that can be used in so many ways. Head over to Instagram to enter a giveaway for a trio of their flavors, Original Sin, Sweet Temptation, and Burn in Hell.

I just love a crispy schnitzel. Be it chicken, veal or pork, if it’s fried perfectly crispy, I’m here for it. This schnitzel pairs perfectly with the creamy, slightly sweet and spicy mustard sauce and it’s like grown up chicken tendies wtih honey mustard dipping sauce and that my friends, is another blog post that is a throwback to a childhood favorite. In case you missed it, we have Corn Dog Minis here.
Note: I bread my schnitzel or fried cutlets a bit differently. Lately, I do not dredge in flour. It gets perfectly crispy without the flour and the crispy coating actually sticks better to the chicken if you don’t do it. But if you’re a diehard believer in the flouring first, by all means, you do you.


4 chicken cutlets, about 1/3 inch thick (or as many as you need). I took chicken breasts and sliced it through the middle horizontally along its equator.
1 egg
1 cup Italian or seasoned bread crumbs
1 cup panko bread crumbs
Italian seasoning, garlic, smoked paprika or favorite seasoning combo
2 tbs Lusty Monk Sweet Temptation Honey Mustard
1 clove grated garlic
1/4 -1/2 cup cream
1/4-1/2 cup broth
Brandy, sherry or white wine (optional)
Micro greens, parsley or chives for garnish

To prep the chicken, cut the chicken breasts into cutlets. You can even pound them with a mallet a bit to get them to about 1/3 inch thick. Whisk an egg in a shallow dish and place the breadcrumbs in two separate plates. Season the chicken with salt & pepper then dredge both sides in egg mixture, followed by the breadcrumbs then panko.

Heat a skillet with a good bit of olive oil. You’ll want enough oil for the chicken to sit in the oil and not be totally covered, but nearly. Once the oil shimmers, carefully place the chicken in the skillet, flipping once the bottom side is golden brown. Once completely golden on both sides, set aside on paper towel or wire rack and give it a sprinkle of salt.

For the sauce:
You can prepare the sauce before and keep warm or if you feel good about your multitasking skills while the chicken cooks, you can quickly bring it together. Add a touch of oil to a skillet, add garlic and stir a few minutes until fragrant but not browning. Next, add the mustard. Add your 1/4 cup brandy or wine, about half the broth and allow to cook down. Stir in the heavy cream and simmer until thickened. Do not let it boil too hard as I find that it can make a grainy mustard bitter. Loosen, if necessary, with additional broth.

To serve, plate the chicken and top with sauce. Garnish with micro greens, parsley or fresh chives. Serve with a beautiful veggie, spaetzle or mashed potatoes.

Staying at home…so enjoy Thai Chicken w/Sweet Potatoes & Peppers

It’s been a minute since I’ve been on, foodies.  There have been many things going on. A quick catch-up on all that, outside of the obvious of course.

Right around the time the CoVid-19 pandemic got super serious around here and they started shutting everything down, schools, restaurants, facilities,  etc, my father, who has battled Parkinson’s Disease for years, took a turn for the worse and he passed away on March. 19. This was made exponentially more difficult because his skilled care center was on lockdown and only end of life visits allowed.  On top of that, my mom, who had been in the hospital with a non-Covid illness (at least we think so as she tested negative) was just released from the hospital and moving into rehab and then back to HER assisted living facility, which was ALSO on lockdown. So we could visit him and so could she, but she has not been able to receive visitors at all in the past 2 weeks while she grieves. We had to settle for a private graveside service with no hugs, which was very difficult. But we shall celebrate my Daddy’s life in a few weeks, months, whenever it is safe to do so.

So…here we are.
I hope you are all doing well. After a hectic week and a half going back and forth to the Triad, I actually am so grateful for being at home with my family and cooking and only going out for essentials. As much as I like to eat out, I am a homebody. As you may know, I homeschool, so our schedule hasn’t changed too much other than we don’t go to our school co-op on Friday or church on Sunday. I like an excuse to stay home for sure.

I figure no time like the present to pop in for some recipes and what’s going on in the local restaurant world when I hear about it. For one, DO try to support local restaurants by ordering takeout occasionally. They need your support now more than ever. But since you can, enjoy cooking at home too.

So here’s the first of a few recipes I plan on posting that will hopefully get you out of the doldrums and pack your plates with flavor. I didn’t take a lot of photos because I was throwing it together, however it was just so pretty, I decided to snap one.

This dish turned out so great and was gone in a flash.  I cooked it in the Instant Pot but it can easily be done on the stove, you just need to cook longer until the potatoes are cooked through.


Thai Chicken w/ Peppers & Sweet Potatoes

1 1/2 pounds chicken, boneless thighs preferred here
1 red pepper, sliced in strips
1 sweet potato, peeled and cut into 2 inch chunks
1 bunch of arugula, kale, spinach (optional)
1 large knob of fresh ginger, divided
1/4 onion finely diced
2 cloves garlic, grated
2 Tbs. Thai red chili paste
1 Tbs. ground or fresh turmeric
1 cup chicken or vegetable broth
1 can coconut milk
1 Tbs. fish sauce
juice of one lime
Handful of cilantro (optional but really not)
red pepper flakes or cayenne to taste
green onions for garnish
2-3 Tbs. oil, sesame oil or ghee
salt/pepper to taste

Before you start cooking, rub the chicken with the turmeric and half of the ginger. Let it hang out overnight or a few hours but if you forget, it’ll be fine. Turn the IP to sauté and once hot, sear the chicken on both sides until lightly browned.

Add the onion, garlic, sweet potatoes, chili paste and cook for 3-5 minutes. Add garlic remaining ginger, broth, coconut milk, cayenne or red pepper and fish sauce if using. Here, you may add the red pepper but I like it a little crisper, so you can add it at the end if you prefer.

Turn the Instant Pot to manual pressure and cook on high for 8 minutes. Quick release the pressure, remove the lid, add the red pepper, greens, lime juice and season if needed.  Turn the heat to sauté and reduce the broth a bit, until peppers are tender crisp. This won’t take long. Stir and check for flavor, being careful not to bust up your sweet potatoes. Serve over rice. Top with fresh arugula or cilantro and or green onion.

Stove Top version:

In a dutch oven, heat oil of choice. Follow all the steps as above at medium heat, adding the peppers to the pot, but once you get to the pressure cooking part, turn the heat down to a light simmer and allow to cook partially covered for 20-30 minutes or until the potatoes are mostly tender (you don’t want them falling apart). Add some broth if it gets too thick. Once fully cooked, add your greens, lime juice and spices as necessary.  Top with cilantro or arugula and green onion and serve over rice.


the bird is the word: Slappy’s Chicken is slap yo mouth good!

Why did the chicken cross the road? To dive into Slappy sauce!

Why did YOU cross the road? To go get the Slappy’s chicken!

Slappy’s Chicken opened last week on Acadia Avenue in the former Acadia Grill location. Slappy’s is so brand new, that as I write this… it doesn’t even have a sign yet. It’s a hot chicken joint. But not Nashville hot. Slappy’s hot. And it is outstanding.

IMG_3206Owner Scott Brambleburg and his wife used to own a restaurant in Brevard before returning to Winston-Salem. She went into the wine business while he’s been doing stints at local restaurants…some of our faves, like Mary’s and Meridian. And he’s spent that time perfecting his recipe, which is a mixture of heat, spice and a touch of sweet. “I’ve been working on this recipe for several years now with the hopes of opening up a place,” he says.  Scott says he grew up eating chicken similar to this so his dream was to bring the amazing chicken to the Camel City. He says, “I just wanted a place where we basically just do one thing and do it well. And what we have here is a great set up because it’s like a food truck, but it’s an actual restaurant.” 

Plus, it’s super quick. We had our food in front of us in less than 5 minutes. The chicken? It was seriously slap yo mama good. The sides were …they’re getting there.  I ordered the Chees-Its mac n cheese and the collards. The chicken is the star though.  A steady stream of customers kept coming through the door right up until closing. Brambleburg said traffic has been busy since opening last week. “It’s been awesome. And it’s mostly my friends coming in and then spreading the word on social media.”

Owner and Slappy Chef, Scott Brambleburg

Owner and Slappy Chef, Scott Brambleburg

We expect the word to get out pretty quickly and this place may soon have a line out the door. It’s that kind of place. Just hole-in-the-wall enough yet so delicious.

So go check them out so you can say how you discovered them before they got so popular.

Props to Jordan Keiper of Tavern In Old Salem for the inspiration for the headline! 

Slappy’s is located at 200 W Acadia Avenue, Winston-Salem; Open Monday-Saturday 11:00-8:00pm.

IMG_3207 IMG_3210

Recipes and Review: Joyce Farms

I’m excited to let you know that Joyce Farms has an improved, customer-friendly website that you must check out. I’ve been on their site a few times before the new design and I was excited to see the changes that make it easier to navigate around the new version. Anything that saves time when shopping online is a bonus. What’s better though, is the lovely selection of poultry and other locally-raised meats using sustainable farming practices. And with this site, you know where your food is coming from and isn’t that what triadfoodies is always preachin’?

I’ve told many a friend..and my hubby knows for certain, that usually the last thing I want to cook is a roasted chicken. For something that’s such a “go-to” meal for many a home cook, it is just not my thing. Not because I can’t do it…I’m just sort of grossed out by chicken (sorry, poultry farmers). And lately, at the store, the chicken is just so…greasy and the skin is so thick. But I was very excited to try my hand at my very own Heritage Breed chicken…A Poulet Rouge Fermier by Joyce Farms. Poulet Rouge is a world-renowned French farm chicken…and the Joyce Farms breed is the Red Bro Cou Nu…or red feathered naked neck—here’s a pic!

Poulet Rouge Fermier  Photo courtesy of Joyce Farms

Poulet Rouge Fermier Photo courtesy of Joyce Farms

I first came to know about Poulet Rouge and Joyce Farms via Competition Dining, when it was a featured ingredient in one of the battles at Fire in the Triad. There was a lovely video with all these happy chickens running about on the farm, with an all-vegetarian, free-range, low-stress life. They actually do call them “happy” chickens. And Poulet Rouge is the choice of many a chef for the texture of the meat and the thin, crispy skin. I totally agree. The skin is so crispy and light, and we barely got any of it because that’s my son’s favorite part and he ate a LOT of it.

So here’s a look at my Poulet Rouge chicken, which eventually became chicken stock and Chicken and Rice Soup (sorry no pic) and my Poulet Rouge Griller (a mostly de-boned, smaller whole chicken with only the drummette remaining). Recipes are included.

Roasted Poulet Rouge Fermier

1 3-4 lb Joyce Farms Poulet Rouge Fermier chicken
1 T. Ghee or Olive oil
2-3 T. Fresh or Dried Herbs (I used a combo of Thyme, Lemon Thyme, Rosemary, Oregano, Lavender)
Lemon, halved
Instructions: Rinse/pat the chicken dry. Lavish that bird with oil or ghee, then the salt, pepper and herbs. Be sure to give it a good rubbing underneath the skin too. You can use any rub you want and stuff it with herbs or onion, garlic. I just stuck the lemon halves in there and that was it. Along with the chicken, I roasted carrots, onions and brussel sprouts.

Roast breast-side down in a preheated, 400-degree oven for 30 minutes, then flip over and finish roasting until the chicken is done (depending on the weight, total cooking time should be about 1 to 1 1/2 hours). My whole bird took an hour and 5 minutes.  The Joyce Farms website recipe page says to baste it midway and I did that as well. Here’s how it turned out.

Roasted Poulet Rouge Fermier

Roasted Poulet Rouge Fermier

Gorgeous right? So we pretty much devoured all but some dark meat so I took what was left, threw it in a stock pot with some onion, garlic, salt and simmered a stock out of it, took all the meat off the bones and a couple of days later used the stock and meat and some frozen soup veggie blend, herbs and rice to make a Chicken and Rice soup. There’s no recipe for that. I simply got it all hot and flavorful, then added some rice and simmered until the rice was soft.

Then on date night, we took another Poulet Rouge…this one, a Joyce Farms griller (seen here).

Poulet Rouge Griller

Poulet Rouge Griller…see that thin skin?


Kinda looks gross, but it smelled luscious!

We marinated it (for a couple of days as it turned out) and ended up with this magical feast…

Image 1

Here’s what you do…the key is Dijon mustard (with or without herbs) and that wonderful sweet Thai chili sauce that you get in the Asian food aisle…it kind of looks like marmalade in a tall bottle. You’ve probably had it with Calamari or a Spring Roll. The result is a sweet and tangy, herbaceous chicken.

Dijon & Sweet Chili Marinated Chicken
(Note: This marinade can be done with any cut of chicken, pork or meat..but it was super tasty with this skin-on griller)

1 Joyce Farms Griller (it’s enough for two people)
1 T. Dijon Mustard
2 T. Olive Oil or Ghee
1 T. Thai Sweet Chili Sauce
1 Clove garlic, smashed or chopped
1 T. Fresh Rosemary, chopped

Instructions: Sprinkle griller with salt and pepper, pour the remaining ingredients over chicken and rub it real good…make that happy chicken even happier. I marinated mine in a plastic bag, but you can use a shallow dish. Marinate at least four hours. On medium-high heat, grill  or sear flesh side down first until lightly browned, then flip over and grill skin-side down until cooked through and the skin is crispy. You can even finish off in the oven if you prefer.
Serve with your sides of choice. We used collards and herbed mashed potatoes. And there you have it, Date Night-In and no boring chicken either.

Joyce Farms has a whole selection of awesome Naked Chicken Sausages like Apple Raisin, Blueberry Maple and an awesome Chipotle just to name a few.  We seared the Chipotle the other night with some sauteed peppers and onions, and wrapped in a tortilla with salsa and guacamole. No pic…just close your eyes and imagine. Good! And it tasted fab! There’s also Naked Chicken breasts, thighs, Heritage Beef, Game–like duck and rabbit and some prepared items as well. Everything comes within a day or so of ordering in cooler with a dry ice pack.

Shopping Joyce Farms’ site is great way of an easy, no-hassle “Buy Local” experience from a company with a long history of working with small local farmers.

Joyce Farms

Disclosure: triadfoodies was compensated for an independent review of Joyce Farms’ website functionality as well as delivery and quality of Joyce Farms products. A blog review was not required nor even requested by Joyce Farms. triadfoodies only reviews products and businesses that we are passionate about and all opinions herein are our own.