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There are few things that my beloved Boone, NC is lacking in. Where to eat is NOT one of them. I can’t say that was the case back (whenever it was) that I attended ASU. Of course, maybe I just didn’t appreciate the offerings back then. No, truly, things have definitely made a turn for the better, culinary speaking, in Boone. And if what you are seeking is a healthy, wholesome, sustainable meal, look no further than Melanie’s.

Melanie’s is very inviting on the exterior and kind of old school and organic on the inside. No muss, no fuss. Just a delightful brunch and wonderful lunch options that will have you leaving with practically no guilt, gut wise. On busy weekends, you may wait for a table on the patio as it sits in beautiful downtown Boone with a view of destinations like Mast General Store and Farmer’s Hardware. The menu is full of breakfast yumminess like omelettes, benedicts, and quiche but some come with tempeh and tofu. The pancakes are whole grain, waffles are Belgian (one of the few indulgent items …well, plus the biscuits) and the fruit is seasonal and organic. You can get oatmeal too. Plenty of choices for your first meal needs. Lunch brings around panini’s, wraps, sandwiches and a awesome selection of burgers. On the foodies’ recent trip, Mister chose a Butter Burger with a spicy southwestern butter, topped with sprouts and lettuce.

It was served with a side of their home fries. It was juicy, smokey, with just the right kick of heat. I made a huge departure and got a veggie burger. Melanie’s is made from scratch using potatoes, carrots, onions, squash, zucchini, flax seeds, bread crumbs. It’s topped with lettuce, tomato, and sprouts with a choice of aioli and cheese.

The veggie burger was delicious, nutty and filling. One step into Melanie’s and you know this is probably a signature item. The selection of paninis will have you in a decision dilemna. As will their sides as so many are appealing. I must suggest the Jamaican slaw though. Yummy! And breads are homemade.
So if you are visiting the High Country and you need a place for breakfast or lunch, you will be pleased with your healthy trip to Melanie’s…that is, if you choose to eat healthy there. If you want to be bad, they can accommodate. You can have a waffle with Canadian bacon or Soysage. I doubt you’ll leave like you’ve pigged out. And that’s a very good thing!
664 West King Street, Boone, NC
Breakfast and lunch only


The Screaming Rooster’s motto is Refined Comfort Food and what is more comforting than breakfast.  I took the kidlets with me on my foodie research errand and the quaint decor took me straight back to my Grandma V’s kitchen table.  Not her dining room (that was off limits), her kitchen table.  Your grandma had one, right?  I decided on their Quiche of the Day, a deletable combination of caramelized onions, cheese and eggs.  I love my quiche just set, almost wiggly and this was great and fluffy with just the right amount of sweet onions.  Worked great with my simple little salad adorned with carrots, yellow grape tomatoes and balsamic vinaigrette (especially when a caramelized onion dropped in to party with it).  My non-foodie kids (I don’t know they get it) shared The Morning After Eggs….a simple 2 egg, bacon and toast plate.  Now accompanying that delicious whole wheat toast was a confounding jam.  It was a tomato jam but it tasted like apple butter.  It could’ve been my dessert, so sweet and delish.  And to take home, we had to try the homemade Tiramisu Cake. Yummy, moist and just the right amount of coffee flavor.  Manager, Eric, tells me their hours will change soon to include the actual breakfast time and their menu will change again so please keep an eye out and check their website for details. They are located at 301 Brookstown Avenue, Winston-Salem.  336-722-9090.  http://www.wsrooster.com.

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