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foodie b’eat: Competition Dining is Back…with a Twist!

Here’s the latest from our friends at the Got To Be NC Competition Dining Series.

They’re back again this Spring and Summer with a slight twist. Here’s the latest and if you’re a chef, a link for building your team! What’s cool this year is a 3 night showdown in Winston-Salem AND then, two weeks later a similar showdown in Greensboro. The 6 winners will go on to face each other in brackets in October. Read on for info.

2016 Got To Be NC Competition Dining Series
The Year of the All-Star Dream Teams!

Build your team and apply now

Dear Chefs,

This year we are mixing it up, stirring the pot and putting a new spin on things with an exciting collaborative twist for North Carolina’s most competitive chefs!

Over the years through competition dining and various other events, you, the North Carolina culinary community, have come together to become a close knit family. You have collaborated on exciting theme dinners, charitable causes and disaster relief fundraisers just to mention a few. 

So, in the spirit of collaboration, and in keeping with Competition Dining’s #1 Rule – Have Fun, get together and create your All-Star Dream Team! 

Teams can comprise of 3 members from your own establishment, or from 3 separate establishments. Our only requirement is that team members are professionally employed by, or in business as, a foodservice establishment.

This concept will be less taxing on the labor force of any one given establishment by only requiring one member to be out of his/her kitchen to participate in a battle. Also, you’ve only got to win twice to get to the Battle of Champions!

2016 teams will be selected by March 10th so get your application in now! 

Call me if you have questions and we’ll see you on the Battlefield!

Jimmy Crippen 




Durham – 4 Team Bracket – April 18th, 19th & 21st

Winston-Salem – 4 Team Bracket – May 23rd, 24th & 26th

Greensboro – 4 Team Bracket – June 13th, 14th & 16th

Raleigh -Two 4 Team Brackets – First Bracket:July 11th, 12th, 14th & Second Bracket: July 18th, 19th, 21st, Final Battle July 24th (Winner gets bye in Battle of Champions)

Charlotte – Two 4 Team Brackets – First Bracket: August 15th, 16th, 18th & Second Bracket: August 22nd, 23rd, 25th Final Battle Aug 28th (Winner gets bye in Battle of Champions)

Wilmington – 4 Team Bracket – September 19th, 20th & 22nd

Battle of Champions – 6 Team Bracket – October dates TBA

Thank you for your ongoing support and enthusiasm for the 2016 Got To Be NC Competition Dining Series.  We look forward to seeing you! 

Click Here To Apply

Follow Competition Dining on Twitter @CompDiningNC, Facebook at Competition Dining and Instagram at @CompDiningNc for all of the delicious details and inside scoop on all the action – you can even join in on the fun and get in on the conversation – plate by plate, bite by bite.

Thai Harmony

From Chow in YES! Weekly.

It wasn’t so long ago that we were oh-so-excited about Pho and Sweet Chicken (no Sesame) …you can read that story here (if you feel it’s worth your time, ugh).  Then boom! The restaurant that we reviewed was gone. Oh…and just for fun (not), here’s what my little one thought about the closing.

Without missing a beat, enter in Thai Harmony & Sushi, which has taken up residence in the former Xia Asian Fusion in the Sharpe building at 102 West 3rd Street in downtown Winston- Salem. To say we were shocked by Xia’s closing is an understatement. We have an office very near there and we visited a lot. For the sweet chicken (really Sesame chicken, no sesame) and the Pho. So good. My little one was truly devastated. And I questioned the need for yet one more Thai restaurant in Winston-Salem, particularly downtown.


Thai Harmony is definitely different than its predecessor. No pho.

Okay here’s where this blog post gets different than the article.  I asked if  there was pho and I swear and was told not yet. I looked and looked on the menu on my 3rd visit and could not find the words pho and I am not an expert, but noodle soup is not always pho, or am I crazy?) Anyway in the above linked article, I said there’s wasn’t pho, but there IS! That’s good news. I love love love pho. So stay tuned soon for an update pho sho! 

There’s a good amount of curry. Much more noodles. And we still have sushi. And fortunately for the under four-feet in my crowd, we still have sweet chicken. And it’s pretty great. Dare I say better?

Thai Harmony has pretty decent sushi from what I’ve tried. They offer an incredible deal of two rolls for $9.99 for lunch and it includes the soup of the day. Actually all lunch items include the soup. The sushi offerings on the lunch deal are quite simple, but fresh.


2 sushi rolls for $9.99

I recommend some curry dishes or noodle dishes such as Pad Thai or Drunken Noodles. They are pleasantly spicy with plenty of flavor. There’s an item on the menu called American Pad Thai. And described as “Our favorite Pad Thai but with a flavor you are familiar with.”

“What’s American about it,” we asked.

“It has ketchup in it,” was the reply. Hmmm …as an American, I am slightly offended that to make it “American” it needed ketchup.We’ll give them a pass this time. I didn’t ask if they sell a lot of it and I pray that they don’t.


Drunken Noodles w/ Chicken 


Chicken Pad Thai

Mr. foodie ordered the curry and he said the flavor was on par with some of his favorite curry, but Thai Harmony’s version is packed with crispy, colorful vegetables which make it more filling. And beautiful. It looks like a small bowl, but you actually get a nice portion.

About that sweet chicken? We just get sesame without the sesame and all is right in our little ones’ worlds. The lunch version comes with rice, spring roll, salad and soup. Plenty of food. You like spicy? Order General Tso. It’s lightly fried with that great rich sauce and with just the right amount of heat. The sauce isn’t too sweet and the breading isn’t too thick.


Sesame Chicken w/ no Sesame aka Sweet Chicken to a microfoodie


Service is excellent and speedy. The bar is still there. The servers are polite but be mindful of that possible language barrier. Use the numbers if needed on the menu.

Speaking of the menu, it’s pretty extensive and we’ve only had a chance to try a few things. And only at lunch. But so far, everything has been stellar enough to give it a thumbs up. Now for the pho!

What’s your favorite Thai restaurant? ThaiHarmonysign

Thai Harmony 
102 W. 3rd Street
Winston-Salem, NC