Daily Archives: January 9, 2016

Your Restaurant Resolution List

Hey, foodies!

As we strike out in this New Year (can you believe it??) we wanted to share with you some really fun and different eateries that deserve your business in 2016. So let’s make some resolutions, shall we?

  • I will eat LOCAL as much as possible. Even coffee. You heard me, you Buckies addicts.
  • I will read triadfoodies every time I get a post!
  • And I will comment because engagement is good!
  • I will read YES! Weekly to get some of the other food news that might not make it to triadfoodies.
  • So, begin HERE. The list. And we’ll be posting again soon. Because MY resolution is to do better about posting 🙂

Happy New Year!

Read CHOW here! 


Resolution: I’ll have a London Fog Latte at least once while it’s cold.