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beyond the triad: Cincinnati–Sharonville Depot Deli

One of the cool things mr. foodie gets to do is eat at cool places BEYOND the Triad…recently he was in Cincinnati and talked about his experience at a little place called Sharonville Depot Deli. Here’s is review from Yelp:

What a charming little deli! The ladies who run this joint are super sweet. I can’t believe this is their first Yelp review! The atmosphere of the deli is warm and inviting with a cozy dining room and a patio that is probably fantastic in warmer months. The deli is nestled in a village like area where other shops are easy to walk to.

On the way into the deli, I asked a guy, who was obviously heading to the deli as well, if it was any good. His reply… “Awesome!”. It’s one of those places where everyone seems to know each other on a first name basis and the friendships are obviously genuine. If I heard correctly, the fish that I’m eating today was caught and cleaned by one of the husbands, and by the taste of things, everything is fresh and local.

Speaking of my meal today, besides fresh-tasting, the fried fish is perfectly flakey and moist. The hush puppies are light and crisp. The smoked Mac n cheese is a savory adult variety but I’m pretty sure that kids would like it too. I’m not a huge cole slaw guy, but it seems to strike a great balance between a little sweetness and the savoriness that is expected. Overall, it’s a great deli that supersedes what you would expect from a deli. And the combination of people, atmosphere and menu would be welcome in any city or town in the country. Cincinnati should be proud to have Sharonville Depot Deli!
(Mark M.—aka mr. foodie)

So now you know of at least one place you can go that’s not all about the chili in Cincinnati.

Sharonville Depot Deli
3327 Creek Rd
Sharonville, OH 45241
Neighborhood: Evendale
(513) 769-1718


Foodie B’eat: Dishcrawl Greensboro is Having A Secret Supper!

We are so excited to be hosting a Secret Supper on behalf of Dishcrawl Greensboro next month! Click here to read all about our awesome chef, Chris Blackburn, his background and what’s in store for Dishcrawl’s first underground supper club in Greensboro. Follow me on Instagram at dishcrawlgreens for all the VIP hints…or check my facebook page for the URL that you really really want! I mean, it’s a SECRET supper…if you have trouble just email me 🙂

Here’s a blog post from Dishcrawl Greensboro…Click here!

Europa Bar & Cafe

If there’s one thing Mr. foodie and I can put down, it’s a bowl of fresh, hot steaming mussels. And we recently re-visited a Greensboro treasure that we hadn’t been to since we lived in downtown Greensboro. We were so hip back then!  One thing’s for sure, when it comes to mussels, Europa Bar & Cafe never disappoints.  And the patio is so beautiful and serene, it’s the happening place to be when the weather is right.

Image 1

The weather was SO right…

Europa has a menu that’s a bit European with enough items to make your non-foodie dining partners happy (see the pizza and pretzels below). But when I go, I get mussels. And a salad. Mr. foodie and I ordered Mussels Catalina with white wine, chorizo and cilantro AND we ordered Mussels Normandy with white wine, garlic, cream, mushrooms and…bacon. I’m telling you, these mussels were big, juicy and fabulous. And you get a big ol’ bowl of them and not just a half dozen of measly slices of toast. They give you an entire baguette. We didn’t know it and ordered extra bread, because we always need it. But in this case, we had EXTRA bread to take home. Ha! Go figure! Check it out.


Mussels Catalina…see the loaf??

Image 6

Mussels Normandy…see the loaf??

Image 2

Cobb Salad for sharing

Image 3

Appetizer of Soft Pretzels with Mustard for Dipping

Even if the weather isn’t all that great, you can enjoy the cozy bar and, in the colder months, there are heaters under the lighted, tree lined canopy. We are so happy we have rediscovered this awesome cafe. The large number of guests both inside and out was a good indication that Europa continues to be a Greensboro favorite.

Europa Bar & Cafe is open for lunch and dinner.
Cafe Europa on Urbanspoon