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Product Review: Mantry- The October Box- “Beer & Bacon”


I was so excited to be asked by the folks at Mantry to review their latest box. Have you ever heard of Mantry (the modern man’s pantry)? It’s basically a food-of-the-month club with really wonderful artisanal American food items. Jellies, crackers, sauces, caramel, you name it. And don’t let the name fool you, it’s SO not just for men. You know I love local products. This box is like getting local goodies from all over the country. If you are a local company and you make something delicious, wouldn’t it be awesome if you made it into the Mantry box? I think yes!

You never know what you are going to get with Mantry. As they say, it’s all about the surprise and the experience. All I knew about this month’s box was that the theme celebrated their anniversary and was “Beer & Bacon,” a selection of independent products using craft brews. And yes, some bacon. I saw that little USPS box and I’ve never been so excited to get mail. Let’s check it out!

Standard USPS box. Already excited!

Priority USPS box. Already excited!

I’m telling you, I need to find some crates like these for gifts. They are the perfect size.

Products come in a small logo'd crate...part of the appeal :)

Products come in a small logo’d crate…part of the appeal 🙂

The top is stapled on so pry  carefully. Mr. foodie just pulled it off. He's so strong.

The top is stapled on so pry carefully. Mr. foodie just pulled it off. He’s so strong.

Once opened, you are greeted with the Mantry flyer and some words about the month’s theme and a brief and cool description of all the products and where they are made.


Image 1

Beer Flats Crackers ($8) : From Cincinnati, this is a combination of beer and grains to make a great little flatbread cracker. A fab, crunchy, cracker that was excellent with pimento cheese. In the box, was Pilsner, but these little yummies also come in Porter.


Beer Flats Crackers

SlantShack Jerky ($13.50): I LOVE jerky. We eat piles of it here at my house. This NYC jerky features Vermont grass-fed beef, then rubbed and loved on with Bronx Pale Ale and Tin Mustard. It was flavorful, maybe a little dry, compared to the jerky I’m used to. But it’s also not full of so many weird preservatives and I liked seeing the natural ingredients on the package. Although you can find SlantShack in some stores on the east coast, if you decide to order online, your jerky will be MADE TO ORDER (!!). You can customize the marinade and the rub. So cool.


SlantShack Jerky Bronx Pale Ale Beef Jerky

P & H Soda Co. Sarsaparilla Syrup ($10): I feel like I’ve seen this syrup listed in craft cocktail bars. From Brooklyn, (it seems like lots of good things are coming from NY) this is the stuff root beer is made of and belongs in an ice cream float. Or with some bourbon. Or on pancakes. Yum! You can check out their website for recipes and the Mantry site too for a Bourbon Sarsaparilla Float.


P & H Soda Co. Sarsaparilla Syrup

Anarchy In A Jar ($9): I love the name. A craft ale and NJ apples combined to make a one of a kind jelly laced with exotic spices and cardamom. THIS was the item I was most excited about. Actually, it was the only item I had an inkling about as my monthly email “teased” us with the beauty shots of this jelly from, you guessed it, Brooklyn. Enjoy with some sharp cheddar or swiss and the above beer flat and you’ve got a mighty tasty snack. Oh, and throw in a NC beer while you are at it :).


Anarchy In A Jar Spiced Beer Jelly

It wouldn’t be food of the month without a sweet treat, right?
Liddabit Sweet Beer & Pretzel Caramels ($8) : From Brooklyn (wow), five folks are blending Brooklyn Brewery Ale into butter from a local dairy. Then they throw in some PA-Amish pretzels and you’ve got a salty sweet snack that will make you forget you are PMSing…like I said, it ain’t just for the men. And this company makes lollipops, honeycomb, candy bars, etc. All with natural ingredients. Even their lollipops come on bamboos sticks!


Liddabit Sweet Beer & Pretzel Caramels

Oh and last but not least….
Broadbent’s Dry Cured Peppered Bacon ($7.50) : Yes, delicious, all-winning bacon. A WHOLE pack of it, even! Broadbent’s hails from Kentucky and is known for dry-curing their bacon the old-fashioned way. The belly is hand rubbed and the pack can stay out at room temperature. Just like my grandpa, Farmer Willie, would’ve loved. Oh and I haven’t tried this, but pepper bacon is one of my top faves, so I’m sure it’s delicious. Especially on a sandwich, with the beer jelly.


Broadbent’s Dry Cured Peppered Bacon


Crate of Happiness, I tell ya

So, a true crate of happiness. I mean, if I’m going to be given a gift, this would be one of my favorite ways to get it. Just a wonderful selection of some favorites (hint hint). You can check out the Mantry site for more information, recipes or to subscribe to get a box for $75/month.

Do you get a Mantry box? What’s your favorite item this month? What’s your favorite item EVER? Check out their site for more details and while you are there, register for their giveaway. I mean, nothing better than Mantry swag, right?