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Cheesecakes by Alex

You know a place is deeeelightful when the line can go out the door and it’s 32 degrees outside. On a blustery night a week and a half ago, that was the case as Mr. foodie and I topped off Undercurrent’s 1st Annual Oyster Roast with dessert at Cheesecakes by Alex. For a little more than 10 years, Chef Alex Amoroso has been “treating” visitors of Downtown Greensboro with the freshest cheesecakes of all varieties, not to mention a whole collection of confections and coffee and ice cream.


There’s something about the “after 8:00” craving for a piece of cheesecake. What is THAT all about? I never crave cheesecake in the middle of the day. For some reason, it’s the perfect cap to an already indulgent meal. And despite all of the great restaurants in Greensboro, no one can blame you for skipping dessert at your dinner location and getting dessert at Cheesecakes by Alex. The taste and texture of his cheesecake can’t be beat.



Look at all those almost gone, yet perfectly wrapped up and protected cheesecakes! There are 22 flavors from original, chocolate, white chocolate raspberry, peanut butter chocolate, key lime, espresso Kahlua, turtle…too many flavors to name…all made in house. My absolute favorite is the Creme Brûlée Cheesecake. It has a caramelized sugar top (like creme brûlée) with beautiful specks of vanilla bean throughout. I just can’t get anything else but that. After I had it once, I just get it EVERY TIME. I don’t get there enough so that’s my time to get it.

IMG_2494 IMG_2505

See how rich and pretty and see those little vanilla bean babies? MMMMM. My mouth is watering.

When I met Mr. foodie he did not like cheesecake. No likey the sweet cheese.  He actually likes Alex’s cheesecake. But on this day he wanted something with apples. He changed direction when he saw the Triple Threat. A chocolatey chocolate cake with fudgey chocolate icing. It was very rich and decadent but not overly sweet. It went perfectly with their freshly roasted, organic coffee.


Now, take a look at this next beautiful cake…this, foodies, is a BLUE VELVET cake. No one offered me a taste :(.  They let me take this photo though…


It’s made with real blueberries. He even had a cupcake version. He had Strawberry Red Velvet too.

IMG_2488 IMG_2481.

IMG_2486 IMG_2489

And pastries and bread.

Cheesecakes are available in 3 sizes and can be pre-ordered or you can just stop in. They keep a steady supply on hand. You can order by phone or online and have it shipped to you.  Cheesecakes by Alex’s delicious dairy products come from the local Homeland Creamery in Julian, NC. He’s buying local, foodies!
Awesome. As a matter of fact, Alex told me that the best mashed potatoes are made with Homeland Creamery’s buttermilk. “Makes them tastes like you put chives in them.” Sounds weird. I’d have to agree. Magical mashed potatoes. Thanks, Alex! I’d have thanked him in person but a man’s got to rest so he let his lovely staff in charge on this night.


So the next time you have a hankering for some cheesecake, do yourself a flavor and wait patiently while people peruse the case to decide what they want, order what YOU want, sit a spell and enjoy your cheesecake (or cake/pastry) and take in some live music (in warmer months). You can walk around downtown after if you feel you need to work it off some. You might even go dancing?

315 South Elm Street in Greensboro, NC

They are open 6 days a week, closed on MONDAY.
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