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Undercurrent Restaurant’s 1st Annual Oyster Roast


This was a real nice oyster roast…we’re mighty glad we came….this song is as close to I can get to sum up our feelings about Undercurrent’s 1st Annual Oyster Roast. I’m not sure what has come over me but I’ve been loving some oysters lately. So when I saw this little party planned for Undercurrent’s patio, I scheduled myself a reservation. Mr. foodie does NOT appreciate oysters at all…he doesn’t see their real beauty so he opted for the Frogmore Stew that was held in the restaurant’s adjacent Wagner Room.  For an oyster roast, it was FREEZING, but oysters are supposed to be best in the cooleR months. So about 50 of us braved the chilly Saturday night, waited in line (so patiently) and piled high the oysters as fast as we could put them on our plates (without looking like a total glutton). There were just a few simple condiments to go with them. Some drawn butter, fresh lemon, a delicious citrus and garlic/herb sauce and house made cocktail sauce that was fantastic. And of course, hot sauce. I’m not sure what combo I like best…a little bit of everything? Some people actually ate outside. I followed the Mr. indoors to the Frogmore Stew zone where it was nice and cozy.


Owner Ben Roberts and his team, roasting away. And shucking and shucking. Hard work over a fire. He says it’s the best way to keep warm at a freezing cold oyster roast.


I’m so glad oysters taste better than they look, aren’t you?


I’m telling you there was not a moment when I saw a tray of oysters. People just grabbed and plated. So the spread was beautiful, but the oysters were being consumed. Fast. So was the Marooned on Hog Island Stout (brewed with Oyster Shells). Great beer!

IMG_2450 IMG_2445And just like that…700 oysters were gone. No, not ALL by me. I think I had 22 or someone told me 24, but who’s counting. The oysters were awesome…big, slurpy, salty ones from Virginia’s waters. The “enhanced” Frogmore (which was offered separately or as part of a stew/roast package deal) was fresh and chocked full of shrimp, clams, sausage, potatoes and herbs and on par with the low country stews you might be familiar with. I tasted half a shrimp. It was great. My husband’s only complaint was that he wished the stew was “all you can eat” like the oysters were. Hmmm…Ben?

IMG_2470 IMG_2466


Ben and Jonathan

Oysters are something that Ben, who hails from SC, knows a little about so this was so much fun he says he plans to have another roast again in the spring. When he does, we’ll be sure to let all the foodies know when and how to make your reservation. And I know one day soon, Undercurrent will be on the foodies “hit list” for a visit and an official post to the triadfoodies blog. Until then for more information about Undercurrent and their amazing menu click here.
Undercurrent Restaurant, 327 Battleground Avenue, Greensboro, NC


Have you heard about Summerfield Farms?

Can’t wait to learn more about this awesome farm #foodie #greeneats

Fresh.Local.Good. food group

As you may have heard we are opening an event venue out in Summerfield, the Barn at Summerfield Farms (post to come).  What you may not know is Summerfield Farms is a picturesque yet fully functioning farm the captures the essence of the beautiful Carolina countryside and we want to tell you a little more about it.

The Farm was started in an effort to bring health, responsibility and ethics back to farming and land management. They believe this is an important move as people take a greater interest in knowing what goes into our environment and into the production of our food. They care about the animals they raise and the land they grow on. Happier animals are in turn healthier animals from birth to harvest. They believe their model produces healthier beef and poultry that is flavorful.

Summerfield Farms is located at 3203 Pleasant Ridge Road in Summerfield…

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