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2520 Tavern


What do we call 2520 Tavern? New? Established? Yes, to both. What started over 30 years ago as the landmark Dockside Seafood in Clemmons has transformed into a new partnership that has generated quite a reputation in a short period of time.  Seafood still has a special place on the menu, but now you’ll find more mainstream as well as Greek influences on the menu.

2520 Tavern has become a venue for parties and rehearsal dinners, meetings and family get-togethers all the while maintaining steady restaurant business in a town where chain restaurants are on almost every corner. People come from all over to dine here and it’s not just to avoid Twin City traffic and crowds. It’s casual and comfortable but pretty enough to feel fancy if you are getting dolled up for a date. There’s also a large selection of steak, chicken, salads (lots do them!), sandwiches and other chef’s specialties to choose from. And plenty of great appetizers too. Check out the Spanakopita Roll. It’s Yia-yia’s recipe rolled into an egg roll and deep fried. It was kind of like a spinachy mozzarella stick, but bigger and served with marinara. Definitely a must get.  Also, try the lobster nachos or Duck wings.  Chicken livers, maybe? Yep, those are on the menu too. You can even enjoy their variation of Oysters Rockafeller.  So let’s get on with the fabulousness x 20 (because that’s how many people were in the private dining room).

Now I can only speak for my dish and Sister foodie’s spanakopita and I may have tried a bite of her steak. Other than that, we just have to take my Mama and Daddy’s, aunt, uncle and cousins’ words for it. Behold a lot of pics of food. Everyone said their food was delicious and no one walked away huffy, so I think it’s safe to assume it was a hit.
As an appetizer, I had to try the oyster stew. I hadn’t had it in years and years and this stew was rich and hearty with a puff pastry crouton. Yummy! For my main course, I had East Meets West–a sesame encrusted tuna topped with crab cream cheese, avocado and drizzled with an Asian plum and sweet chile sauce. It was served over their signature rice pilaf and sugar snap peas. The tuna was delicious as was the crab cream cheese, though I’m not sure the tuna NEEDED the topping as it was delicious on its own.

IMG_3127  Oyster Stew
IMG_3137   East Meets West
IMG_3128 Grilled Chicken Teriyaki

IMG_3131   Salmon Scampi

IMG_3130 Popcorn Shrimp

IMG_3132  Kid Burger with Fries

IMG_3134 A steak. Not sure which, sorry, Foodies!

IMG_3143  Another steak!

IMG_3144   Chicken Bowtie Pasta in a rose cream sauce

IMG_3142 IMG_3141  Salad with the ever famous “HOT PUPPIES”. A 30-year recipe from Dockside

IMG_3139 Marinated, grilled chicken w/ sweet potatoes

IMG_3138   Cran Apple Chop. Lovely chargrilled bone in chop with a spicy apple and cranberry chutney. Pretty, huh?

IMG_3136  More shrimp from The Dockside

IMG_3129  Fried Flounder

My family loves its fried seafood. Anybody got a cardiologist?

IMG_3133   Kids Chicken Fingers

Okay. That’s not totally 20 plates of food because some people got the same things.  There are lots to choose from. You can get your seafood fried or grilled or topped or plain. The variations are endless. And of course there’s a marvelous selection of desserts including the Greek classic Loukoumades…lightly fried dough dusted with cinnamon sugar and drizzled with honey on chocolate creme anglaise…might have to go back for that! My people brought in dessert, so I wasn’t able to test out any specialties, oh well. 2520 Tavern is also open for lunch as well as Sunday brunch from 11-4. The Gallins, Gianopoulos and Pappas families have a combined 100 years of experience as well as sister restaurant, Sammy G’s in High Point. So they pretty much have their act together. And opening soon, an Italian Steakhouse in the old Staley’s location on Reynolda Road in Winston-Salem. Both current locations offer catering and special event dining.

2520 Lewisville Clemmons Road, Clemmons
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