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Old Europe Restaurant

Mr. Foodie got the choice for his birthday recently and he decided, with my full support, to do something very different. And it doesn’t get more different than eating at the only German restaurant in the Triad. Was für ein Geschenk es war! That’s German for “what a gift it was!” Mr.Foodie is basically half Austrian so this was a domestic visit to the Motherland. Old Europe has been open a little over a year. If you blink, you may miss their little white building near Hanes Mall on Stratford Road. So, don’t blink, you hear? It is filled with so many authentic choices for lunch, dinner and treats and beer that it’s almost essential that you take your Freunden (friends). We’ll touch on our dinner selections. First, the Sausage Platter. To me, this stuff is happy food. This appetizer features a selection of bratwurst, knockwurst and other wursts served alongside German potato salad, caramelized onions and mustard. We paired it with some potato pancakes and applesauce. Yum! Crispy potato cakes with just the right amount of sweetness in the applesauce.
I don’t have a pic of the potato cakes. They basically were inhaled. And daughter non-foodie took most of the applesauce. We really should have planned it better with our dining companions because Foodie Sarah got the same entree as me, Jagerschnitzel, and Mr. Foodie and Foodie Andy both got original Wiener Schnitzel. The Jagerschnitzel was fantastic. Tender veal, smothered in a savory and ever so sweet demi and wild mushroom ragout. It’s served with spaetzle and vegetables. Sarah and I traded veggies for red cabbage. It’s German, baby! The men’s wiener schnitzel was a perfectly sautéed and crispy pork steak with a pretty lemon garnier. It’s served with home fries and veggies but they went with spaetzle as well.




Original Wiener Schnitzel

There are many other choices as well like sauerbraten, beef rouladen, Hungarian goulash, beef stroganoff, schweinbraten. For lunch, it’s a plethora of sandwiches (try the famous Reuben)served on homemade breads, and salads and soup. For your sweet tooth, the desserts are handmade by the Chef Karl Wenzel. Chef Karl does it all here. He’s the chef, the baker and he’s had a long illustrious career that tells the story on the walls of this humble place.


Chef Karl Wenzel

The Sweets

German food is rich, flavorful, delicious (Lecker, in German), sometimes wonderfully weird. Old Europe is completely authentic. The only thing missing might be servers dressed like German beer girls, but it might not be Chef Karl’s style (I think he should go for it…it’s the city of Arts, after all). Chef Karl captures the tastes of his homeland magically. I cannot wait to go back. I even made my own sausage platter a few days later because the craving hit. It was good, but it was no Old Europe. This is a must do, foodies!
Old Europe Restaurant
1540 South Stratford Road
Winston-Salem, NC
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