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Table 16

Table 16 is an award winning restaurant focused on New World Cuisine. Chef Graham Heaton brings us a 12 season approach to maximize what is fresh and readily available. A surprise invite found the foodies here and after a brief chat with Chef Graham Heaton, we had a sweet table with a view of the kitchen and downtown Greensboro…which, come to think of it, all the tables have. What a welcome treat it was. A few fellow foodies suggested we try the Tasting Menu, as did the server, so 3 of the 4 of us decided on the tasting. The great thing about the tasting menu is that you are basically at the whim and desire of the chef and his team. It may have a sampling of what is on the menu but also a few surprises. I’ll provide a brief description of what we had and some pics but as we are entering into October, you can be assured that your tasting will not be our tasting. Also, I have to suggest absolutely that entire table do the tasting. If one decides on an entree, as was our case, that person may be waiting and that may not add to the experience.

Course 1: She Crab Soup


Hands down the BEST She Crab Soup I’ve ever had. Deliciously rich, full of flavor, with bits of corn, crab, candied lemon, the slightest bit of goat cheese and crispy prosciutto.

Course 2: Spinach Salad with peaches, red onion, feta, sunflower seeds in a peach honey dressing

Delicious light salad, great after the soup. Simple and fresh.

Course 3: Blue crab cake with roasted fingerling potato salad with crispy onions

My second favorite dish of the night. A crabby fried puff of deliciousness on a thai chili mayo with an awesome potato salad.

Course 4: Scallop on spaghetti squash with roasted baby carrot

Isn’t it cute? A perfect little bite on one of my faves…spaghetti squash.

Course 5: Mr. Foodie decided to stick with savory so he got duck. I wanted sweet so I got a little apple twist with caramelized fruit on marscapone. A delicate, yummy treat that was just enough.


So that’s our tasting. Here’s the pic of the lonely entree that was ordered and finished way before we were finished “tasting.”

That’s the Angus tenderloin. It looked fab.

By the time the night ended, we each had 5 delicious, carefully selected tastings and an entree. We figured each course averaged around $9-10 so do keep that in mind if you are on a budget. And keep in mind the time. The pace was way more leisurely than a typical experience. That may be because we were among a packed house or it could just be the way a tasting is. I might try an entree next time. And I hope to enjoy a chat with talented Chef Heaton. Too busy for him to even leave the kitchen. But, he was there (blurry pic below of him and his “home”). I can see why Table 16 is so highly recommended by foodies and critics alike.




Table 16, 600 South Elm Street, Greensboro
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