Daily Archives: August 22, 2012

Fire in the Triad Keeps Heating Up

Here are some photos from Monday night’s edition of Fire in the Triad with 1618 West Seafood Grille taking on Spring House. I missed this event and just want to say boohoo because I bet the diners thought they’d died and gone to heaven. 1618 took this competition and will be facing Southern Lights in the next round. Green Valley Grille edged out Emerywood last night and will face tonight’s matchup between Undercurrent and Mozelle’s. Here are some pics provided by our friends at 1618 of their winning courses. For more info: http://www.competitiondining.com


Breakfast of Course (Mary’s Too!)

What better way to soothe post First Grade drop-off at your little girl’s new school than a delicious breakfast. (No worries, she stayed at school). I will not need to eat all day. Wow! Breakfast of Course (Mary’s Too!) is a mostly breakfast establishment that prides itself on natural, farm to table, local ingredients. You pretty much know where your food is coming from no matter what you order on their incredible menu. We chose to dine on their super cool covered patio because the weather was perfection. The choices are endless and I decided to go with their Apple Butter Baby, a sandwich with smoked sausage, fried egg and apple butter on toasted honey wheat. The hubs has a Corn Meal Griddle Cakes platter. If you like grits, you’d love this dish. And you can’t go wrong getting a 3-year-old a pancake the size of a platter. Too bad the 1st-grader missed it. We definitely have an excuse to go back. Great service, great food and breakfast all the time, among other things. BOC does do dinner the 1st Friday of the month. Pics to come in the a.m.Breakfast Of Course
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