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J. Pepper’s Southern Grille

We foodies want to make sure we share all the love so why not right in our own backyard here in Kvegas (Kernersville to all you outside of towners).  J.Pepper’s Southern Grille opened with much anticipation and CROWDS a little more than 15 months ago and they haven’t disappointed. Or let up….they actually added onto the space a few months back.  I’ve eaten there many times for brunch, lunch and dinner and it’s usually pretty fab.   J. Pepper’s is the type of restaurant that has a little something for everyone (as you’ll see from the beauty shots below), another local place that uses fresh local ingredients from local farmers and purveyors in our area.  The restaurant is spacious with a great bar complete with community table and a brilliant outdoor patio with umbrellas and a beautiful fireplace.  Perfect for dining al fresco.  And the menu changes to reflect seasonal offerings as well, on top of the great specials any given night.  Last night, I had dinner with my parents and sister’s family so we got to see and try many different dishes, which was super fun.  If you are ever there on the night when the Blackened Drum is offered, it is amazing with its spicy tarter sauce and tomato chutney.  And with TWO sides (I got the petite salad and grilled zucchini squash), it was plenty…um, yes I ate all of it.  Others at the table got the Kernersville Cobb (awesome and different with homemade pimento cheese and roasted beets), Salmon Patties (my Daddy says it was really good and he doesn’t compliment often), Meatloaf (liked and had plenty to take home) and the Filet (sis says OMG).  I can tell you their Mac-n-Cheese is delightful and then you can be real adult about it and ask for the Lobster Mac-n-Cheese…YUM.  My favorite appetizer by far is their Sweet Potato Guacamole.  That could be a meal, but don’t let it be…share it and save room for one of their awesome entrees, salads or sandwiches.  And they have amazing sides that are not just your every day stuff.  Oh and they have a fantastic brunch with these little biscuits that are so fluffy and perfect.  Definitely worth a try…right here in KVegas.  And we really needed a place like that in our little in-between town., 841 Old Winston Road, Kernersville


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I KNOW that the Competition Dining Series’ Fire in the Triad has their own blogger, but can I just tell you, I’d LOVE to be the OTHER blogger.  This past week must’ve been “KILLER-NARY” heaven.  This week’s winners were the great John Milner,Milner’s American Southern and Kristina Fuller, The Bistro at Adams Farm.

Last week’s Battle Bison has everybody talking as Undercurrent’s Michael Harkenreader (another Greensboro restaurant) eeked past Mozelle’s Janis Karanthanas. That was such a close battle, with just a point between the two.  Oh to have been a spoon in a dish….anyway, I’m daydreaming.  Not to be outdone, bring on this week’s last of the preliminary rounds.  I was just SICK when I realized I’d missed my opportunity to see one of my faves, John Milner (Milner’s American Southern) go head to head with one of my other faves, Taylor Brett of Bin 33.  Milner’s finally put a Winston-Salem restaurant in the running and joins Bistro B’s Tim as the only 2 winners from Forsyth County.  Those of us on western side of the county line know that we are surrounded by culinary genius so it’s nice to see a couple winners from over “h’ya.”  So happy for you, John Milner! You have a special place in our heart at Triadfoodies and you still hold the #1 best brunch I ever had (Pork tenderloin Benedict).  And your catering and service are top notch.  And, Bin 33…righteous.

The last of the prelim’s featured Kristina Fuller of The Bistro at Adams Farm (GSO) and Chris Russell of B. Christopher’s (Burlington).  This foodie has never eaten at either place.  A sin, I know…I’m but ONE person (on a budget, no less).  The battle: Poulet Rouge…loves me some chicken.  And they even managed to work in dessert courses with this French beast.  Fuller edged out Russell by another close point.  What I am finding interesting is, in some cases, the “public” vote differs from the “pro judge” vote.  But it’s weighted to be as fair as possible.  Really, they are all winners.  And we win by eating at their restaurants.  Check out and take a look at the results.


Bistro B v. Josephine’s

Southern Lights v 1618 West

Maybe someone will ask me to be a pro judge. That would be a dream come true 🙂


The Screaming Rooster’s motto is Refined Comfort Food and what is more comforting than breakfast.  I took the kidlets with me on my foodie research errand and the quaint decor took me straight back to my Grandma V’s kitchen table.  Not her dining room (that was off limits), her kitchen table.  Your grandma had one, right?  I decided on their Quiche of the Day, a deletable combination of caramelized onions, cheese and eggs.  I love my quiche just set, almost wiggly and this was great and fluffy with just the right amount of sweet onions.  Worked great with my simple little salad adorned with carrots, yellow grape tomatoes and balsamic vinaigrette (especially when a caramelized onion dropped in to party with it).  My non-foodie kids (I don’t know they get it) shared The Morning After Eggs….a simple 2 egg, bacon and toast plate.  Now accompanying that delicious whole wheat toast was a confounding jam.  It was a tomato jam but it tasted like apple butter.  It could’ve been my dessert, so sweet and delish.  And to take home, we had to try the homemade Tiramisu Cake. Yummy, moist and just the right amount of coffee flavor.  Manager, Eric, tells me their hours will change soon to include the actual breakfast time and their menu will change again so please keep an eye out and check their website for details. They are located at 301 Brookstown Avenue, Winston-Salem.  336-722-9090.

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I really don’t know where to begin with this extraordinary restaurant except DELIGHTFUL. Truly exquisite sushi awaits you here. Now, I and my dining partners have only ordered sushi rolls and sushi for the most part though my little ones shared a plate of chicken hibachi and it was delicious. And my friend, Heather, said it was the best ginger dressing she had ever eaten. But, Foodies, I’m telling you the sushi at Mizu is nothing short of genius. It is everything it should be: fresh, beautiful, inventive, fresh, creative, outstanding. Did I mention fresh? And it’s so beautifully plated you almost hate to eat it. I really could go on and on. It is the kind of place you could easily pass by. It doesn’t have a traditional exterior because it’s in a strip mall on Robinhood Road, albeit it is in good company with Burke Street Pizza and River Birch Lodge and is across the street from The Fresh Market. Blink and you miss it. But boy will you miss it if you do. Some of the more notable rolls are the Mizu Eel Baguette, Amazing Tuna and Peacehaven Roll. If you want, ask for the Sean-rise Roll. They made it up on the spot based on our friend Sean’s request. And last I heard they were adding it to the special menu. It has salmon and tuna topped with very thin pieces of lemon. Amazing and fresh and different. Unlike many places that stuff their rolls with cream cheese (which is fine but I opt away from it in my sushi), Mizu really makes an effort to create very different and wonderful plates of fusion sushi that can suit the tastes of even the less adventurous. I’ll be making another stop there soon and I promise to upload pics. Until then you can catch a peek of what I mean by visiting their website: Mizu Japanese Restaurant

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Fire in the Triad Keeps Heating Up

Here are some photos from Monday night’s edition of Fire in the Triad with 1618 West Seafood Grille taking on Spring House. I missed this event and just want to say boohoo because I bet the diners thought they’d died and gone to heaven. 1618 took this competition and will be facing Southern Lights in the next round. Green Valley Grille edged out Emerywood last night and will face tonight’s matchup between Undercurrent and Mozelle’s. Here are some pics provided by our friends at 1618 of their winning courses. For more info: